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Song that describes you or your feelings

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1 week ago • 05/04/2021 11:09 pm
MzSavvage • 05/04/2021 11:09 pm
Mine are “Bad Romance “by Lady Gaga and “Dear Yessie” by Jesse Reyes, this one starts with “This is the realest I’ve ever been...” later says “I like to fuck with the lights on , I like to fuck kinda violent”
1 week ago • 05/05/2021 12:21 am

Realest . .

SageFlame • 05/05/2021 12:21 am
I think that word resonates with a core aspect of bdsm.

Getting real


1 week ago • 05/05/2021 12:38 am
FatherLuke • 05/05/2021 12:38 am
Come On Up to the House - Tom Waits
Aquilla​(dom male)
1 week ago • 05/05/2021 1:01 am
Aquilla​(dom male) • 05/05/2021 1:01 am
Just my imagination. Temptations or Rolling Stones. My all-time favorite song. I love Jimmie Cliff's by ct ct
Gonna Walk and Don't Look Back. then there is the Jimmy Rodgers classic Long Tall Woman with the classic lines: she rub my back with alcohol, just to clear my cough, I done likely broke my neck, trying to lick the alcohol off."
Tail Spin{working on}
6 days ago • 05/06/2021 1:10 pm
Tail Spin{working on} • 05/06/2021 1:10 pm
If you could read my mind by Gordon Lightfoot