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Florida, United States
About me
I'm an empath and even I can't stand you. I'm the Dom of doms. That must be why people call me dom dom. I'm not looking for a sub, which explains why I keep tripping over them.
I'm 57. I have a ravenous ego and I eat less pie than you might imagine.  That isn't a metaphor, you sick twist.

In my vanilla world I am a serial stalker and enjoy jacking off in Home Depot parking lots. And long walks on the beach.

I've been through a lot, learned a few things, forgot most of them. That's why I write things down now. One thing I remember is that being a dom is exhausting. No one likes to talk about it, but it's true. I am faithful to a fault, but I also love women. So, you know, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...

I expect honesty and enthuasism from my partner. If you don't have these qualitiies, I'm not interested, unless, you know, you're really good at faking it.
I'm not looking for a RL partner. I have one of those. Everything else is fair game.

By the way, I just finished watching Boardwalk Empire. Have you seen this show. Great show. But (SPOILER ALERT), what the hell happened to Arnold Rothstein. He's everywhere in season 4 and then first show in season 5, it's "Oh, last time I saw you was at AR's funeral." What the fuck? I hate when a series kills a storyline like that. I liked that character. I saw the actor on another show. I can't remember which one. Maybe the last season of FARGO? I keep thinking it was something a little more sci-fi ish, but I can't recall. It's driving me crazy.

Any way, to quote John Wick, "i'm thinking I'm back."

Don't be shy. See you in the chatrooms.

P.S. It was FARGO! I remember now.
Later gators.
P.P.S. Oh yeah, and "Your Honor" with the Breaking Bad guy. I was really enjoying that series but stopped watching it for some reason. So, not in any sci-fi thing at all, I guess. Although I could picture him as an android in Blade Runner. Or a hologram or something in Altered Carbon. He would have been good as the Poe sidekick I heard they cancelled that series. Just goes to show you, never take life for granted.

Ok, that's it. Reallly.
BDSM and me
I enjoy the the control that my submissive surrenders to me. It's a gift I don't take lightly. 
Also, I like the sound my hand makes when it hits a. nice ass. 

I became a sadist after I accidentally hit an old gypsy woman with my car. She cursed me with her dying breath. 

I take this stuff very seriously and don't appreciate people who make jokes or try to be funnier than me.
Speed, City, Time.
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