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AGE GAP - Do you have a limit???

Sasa​(dom female)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
Sasa​(dom female) • Jan 22, 2022
My last partner was 16 years younger. We are still friends who care deeply and it worked for over 25 years. Well, we had a special arrangement ... he is Vanilla, I am not. It depends on the bond you can build. Today ... I like men around my age but not more than 15 years younger. I agree with Grey Eyes ... we also age slowly in my family and I want something lasting.

What others decide is up to them. I have seen wonderful May-December relationships with a deep bond, Vanilla or lifestyle doesn't matter. It was kind of disgusting how some people celebrated their gossip and judged them. That many thought it could be only about money, manipulation, or whatever. Sadly often women I have known tried to split those relationships, to keep one of the partners "safe". Well, these prejudices are pretty common and not easy when a relationship has to navigate through deeper water. At the latest then all the gossipers have always known.
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
FunCouple{.-Couple-.} • Jan 22, 2022
Good evening
I suppose I should share a few thoughts being that I am 61 and Kitty is about to hit 37.
There is a 25 year gap and I comment only on older guy with younger gal.

In a short term, play, D/s dynamic I have found that age is just a number and I’ll explain why I say this.

In the past, I have had no problem meeting women of any legal age who wanted to experience a short term D/s dynamic, as long as there was an attraction (physical and mental).
These meetings, I suppose, would be called Play Dates (or ‘hook ups’ in vanilla.)

Speaking from experience, as an older (sadistic) D-type I have rarely been in a rush to shoot my load/empty my balls … unlike when I was a young-gun.
As I got older it became more fun and pleasurable to us both to let there be a slow burn.
Restraints, spanking, flogging, edging are great big ticket sensations ….. something not to be rushed .

In a D/s dynamic, during play when young masochist and older sadist meet, a play session goes on for hours and hours.
Both are there for fun.
The older D-type would (I believe) have a boost to his ego and The sub gets her (hopefully) safe, enjoyable experience.
These meetings are not intended for long term committed relationships.
(For me I suppose it helped that I have been able to keep a pretty good physical appearance during the aging processes).

Now, for a long term, committed D/s dynamic/relationship my thoughts are different and contrary.
On the one hand, 10 years of a loving/caring relationship is better than 20 years of not I feel…. BUT ….. not a day go past where I don’t get sad because I know that I’m going to be gone and will leave Kitty …. she’ll be on her own and upset.
I would not change anything as the past has been written, but if asked “What do I think” I would say ….. “If it’s just for fun, go for it. If it’s a committed relationship/dynamic, don’t go too far out of your age difference”.

Does this makes sense?
If you have questions please call 555-2121-13579 and ask for Jimmy.
Or write your question on the back of a sealed envelope (yes they do still exist) and Mail to:
FC. c/o Government House.

NB. These are just my rambling thoughts and not aligned to any political party … alive or dead.
chattel​(sub female)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
chattel​(sub female) • Jan 22, 2022
My first Master was 30 years older than I (he liked to point out it was 29 yrs 9 months, not 30 yrs, lol) it worked for us largely becahae he didnt have the attitude of a typical 50something.

The attitude is more important than the age
Master Raf​(dom male)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
Master Raf​(dom male) • Jan 22, 2022
Yeah it sure is the attitude and some people here a miserable attitude and think that they're better than other people and ignore them. As to those people age doesn't matter it's their attitude that does.

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Master Raf​(dom male)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
Master Raf​(dom male) • Jan 22, 2022
Yeah it sure is the attitude and some people here has a miserable attitude with a think that better than other people and ignore them.
BikerDan​(other male)
1 year ago • Jan 22, 2022
BikerDan​(other male) • Jan 22, 2022
My only age limit is legally set one.
My husband is of similar age to me, but I have 'played' consentually with all ranges from legal minimum to over 70s.
Definitely attitude is more important than age, size, shape, etc......