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What's your addiction?

11 months ago • Feb 20, 2022
simplegirl • Feb 20, 2022
Thecage is my addiction.,
From the morning,
I wake.
11 months ago • Feb 20, 2022
JJGIR • Feb 20, 2022
Skyrim is my addiction. I love to start the game over and create new characters. It's my go to game when I don't know what to play and I will always love it.
scarlet rose
11 months ago • Feb 22, 2022
scarlet rose • Feb 22, 2022
I absolutely love tea of all kinds!!!!!!!!!
11 months ago • Feb 22, 2022
cynthiajoy • Feb 22, 2022
i am pretty simple with my addiction. i just need to eat pussy regardless of what kind of scenario is joined to it.
Nomad Huzdom​(dom male)
11 months ago • Feb 23, 2022
Nomad Huzdom​(dom male) • Feb 23, 2022
One of my addictions is Coffee,
not even the quantity that make it addiction,
but i need to drink it all day continuously, like making a cup, drinking slowly or not, once done i get another cup (same goes with sex).
when i'm tired i still sleep.
like all what i do, it need to be all in.
Achelois​(sub female)
11 months ago • Feb 23, 2022
Achelois​(sub female) • Feb 23, 2022
Lip balm.

And I am picky about what kind. I have work lip balm ( a package of several in my locker), car lip balm, purse lip balm, lunch bag lip balm, bedside table lip balm, one in the other vehicle and a random in my kitchen. They are all the same kind, not a particular one for every situation. I don’t always carry a purse or work bag etc so I have backups in the other places.

You know it didn’t sound so excessive in my head but typing it out….. I may need lip balm rehab.

But my lips are always soft and never ever chapped or dry.