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Tasks rewards punishments

1 week ago • Jul 29, 2022

Tasks rewards punishments

MissTee • Jul 29, 2022
I’m new on here but I’ve been in this life for a while. I have a sub whom I’ve been with for years. For a long time everything was great. Then we had a break from it all. (Real life surprised us with a family) Since starting back i feel there is a block. I can’t come up with anything besides the basic punishments and rewards. Which can get boring pretty quickly. Mostly because we’re pretty extreme. So I need IDEAS.

I know everyone is different but what do you do? What tasks do you give/have? What punishments do you find work best on you? What funishments do you enjoy most? What rewards do you get for small tasks? Big tasks?

About us and our limits:
-We’re both bisexual
-Both into anal play/stretching, pegging, strap on, etc.
-Orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, edging, etc.
-he loves being degraded and humiliated
-we also do cuckolding
-making him be a sissy is good.
-pain levels are pretty high. Only thing that’s a no, is sounding.
-both like forced stuff

Y’all the only thing I can really think of we definitely won’t do is poo play & sounding. So please if you have any ideas, even if you don’t think it’ll help, let me know. I just need something.
1 week ago • Jul 31, 2022
I'mME • Jul 31, 2022
Playing with orgasm denial, time wise? Days, week [s], month 😳

Sending him to buy some sissie clothes?

I can get creative, if you like?
Solace​(dom male)
1 week ago • Aug 2, 2022
Solace​(dom male) • Aug 2, 2022
Hello MissTee,

My condolences for your troubles starting back up, but at the same time I'm very happy that you and yours ARE starting back up.

There's actually a wonderful forum post going on right now about punishments, that a number of people have contributed to. I believe its posted by (who is currently) LilMinx. While I encourage others to also post punishments here, the other article may be worth your time if you haven't viewed it already.

I believe rewards are significantly more challenging than punishments because in general I feel they're less universal. Inside of kink, rewards are typically some sexual or subservient act that the other enjoys and it requires you to know that they enjoy it. If...your having trouble recalling the kink your partner enjoys (slash are struggling with the perfection of it) , or they just don't seem as affected you may have to re-explore kink with them on a thorough level.

Alternatively... my impression is that you are still serving as a family unit... a reward could be something as simple as doing a chore which they would typically do. Do it once or a few times. It could be a nice dinner, a nice outing, or you could do something as extravagant as a points system that builds to a nice vacation. Also, they may enjoy some form of massage from you, or having you wash them thoroughly and lovingly in the shower. It might be as simple as letting them choose the next TV series you watch together, or letting then play dj in the car. It can even be as petty as letting them set the thermostat. Just connect the two, i.e. "Because you did X so well, you can do Y just this once".

Really though, the most compelling reward I have ever found for any girl I've been honored to call a sub, is showing them I care. About them, about their well being, about their aspirations, and about us. A nice cuddle session on the couch or watching the stars close together while sipping hot chocolate you made...can go along way.

I apologize if i sound vague. My stance however is that we call them dynamics for a very good reason.