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You there!

2 months ago • Nov 21, 2022
Miki • Nov 21, 2022

... and the purpose of this post? Maybe I'm missing something. For Best Results, try the Personals section.
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kaoh​(switch male)
2 months ago • Nov 21, 2022
kaoh​(switch male) • Nov 21, 2022
Oops! she didn't😯now you've lost all of your leverageπŸ˜†hope you like pegging🀣
TheProdigy​(dom male)
2 months ago • Nov 21, 2022
TheProdigy​(dom male) • Nov 21, 2022
Danmit!!!! that’s not how the Instruction Manuel says it’s supposed to go πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ§
BrittanyD​(switch female){yes}
2 months ago • Nov 22, 2022
lmao.. try getting to know someone. trust them. learn them and earn the title of dominant..
without the willing consent of a sub, that has chosen of their free will to submit to you.. you are just a man.. not a Dom..
kaoh​(switch male)
2 months ago • Nov 23, 2022
kaoh​(switch male) • Nov 23, 2022
Yeah, you could go the whole get to know them, respect route. But I bought one of those shaky-floors at auction out of an old Fun-House they were tearing down. When I'm done counting down I hit the button and she usually ends up on her knees or her ass. Mission accomplished! But by that time we are usually laughing so hard that nothing erotic is gonna happen. Win the battle lose the war.
MasterBear​(other butch)
2 months ago • Nov 26, 2022
MasterBear​(other butch) • Nov 26, 2022
Thank you for letting EVERYONE here know that consent doesnt matter to you.

When I am done laughing at how ridiculous you have come across- I will quickly forget you as insignificant.
kaoh​(switch male)
2 months ago • Nov 26, 2022
kaoh​(switch male) • Nov 26, 2022
Skipped school the day they were reviewing humor and irony did we? Enough with the "but I respect you" grandstanding. I don't know if I'm insignificant or the the original poster (spoiler alert, it is every single one of us). If it's me, consider the sheer ridiculousness, expense and impracticality of installing a fun-house floor in a residence. Think maybe that did not happen? And in the end of my little imaginary scenario my imaginary partner and I are laughing so hard together that the scene is abandoned and we go off to cuddle on the couch. If the OP is ridiculous (and I assure you he is because we all are) consider his self-deprecating humor in his second post when it was clear that not everyone got the joke. And even if his original post was to be taken completely seriously, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the dialog if it is with an established playmate. There are a thousand different scenarios he could be playing out, brat play, impossible task, etc, etc, but if the partner is in on it there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just be prepared to break down into giggles if you or your partner can't hold character (at least in my experience). If you aren't having fun why are you doing it? and your self-righteous stance on consent is sure to earn you another trip back to the friend-zone at best. Consent does not need to be established in his 5 second scenario - it can and should ideally be established over a long relationship. There will always be a place for one an dones but they won't have the depth of experience be it vanilla sex of fetish. If you cannot recognize your own insignificance and stand on high judging the insignificance of others, you are the most insignificance. (feel free to point out the irony of that little bit of soapbox)
Steellover​(sub male)
2 months ago • Nov 26, 2022

Re: You there!

Steellover​(sub male) • Nov 26, 2022
TheProdigy wrote:
Get on your knees. You have 5 seconds and four of them are past x

Awaiting Orders!

Yessh milord...

For the Alliance!
Defending Your Honor.