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The In Between Times

Steellover​(sub male)
2 weeks ago • Feb 9, 2024
Steellover​(sub male) • Feb 9, 2024
I've tried the erotic fiction angle as well. If nothing else, it is cathartic; and a way to live vicariously through the characters in your story. I've tried blogg posting about certain scenes and recurring fantasies of mine on this site, but these posts are not generally well received, so I stick with a niche audience who is into these things, on the erotic literature site that I contribute to.
2 weeks ago • Feb 9, 2024
lambsone • Feb 9, 2024
Good thoughts SAXMANIAC.
Sammy45​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • Feb 11, 2024
Sammy45​(sub female) • Feb 11, 2024
Interesting question
Over the years like others I have always educated myself - I have enjoyed platonic learning and conversations online with both Dominants and submissives alike or attending in persons gatherings

Online munches during Covid were fantastic discussing different topics and meeting new people

Personally I don’t continue with any kind of training …. Each Dominant is so different and have different needs wants desires and expectations - so no doubt they will train in a way to suit their needs when you reach that point them

I keep active with my lifestyle friends as a support , I remember somone once said to me a sub without a Dominant is like a ship without a captain and can easily drift of course - I’m very lucky to have friends who will keep me on track particularly if they see unwise decisions being made lol

I keep active with every day activities and hobbies again I’ve seen many subs over the years go into frenzy type behaviour when they are not owned and everyday life can be neglected

They are so lost without a guiding hand they hunt and often engage with D types that they wouldn’t normally as they need to have that routine and structure in their life

Many submissive while in a dynamic often have routines around food , drinking and sleep if this was put in place for health reasons or as a supportive measure I would strongly advise that a sub continues with such

It can be a difficult period and my parting line is be kind to yourself … don’t over think and do
I should have
I would have
I could have
Don’t beat yourself up over decisions you made while in the dynamic
Learn from it by all means
But be kind to yourself
2 weeks ago • Feb 11, 2024
lambsone • Feb 11, 2024
Thanks for sharing Sammy45. Some great thoughts.
2 weeks ago • Feb 11, 2024
lambsone • Feb 11, 2024
Very cool Steellover. The erotic fiction keeps the possibilities alive at least. I'm sorry that your writings are not well received here, but that you've found a place where they are.
2 weeks ago • Feb 12, 2024
Miki • Feb 12, 2024
Not much help pertaining to your topic, but I never had "in between time" because I never did and won't do relationships of any kind.

However, more to the point, don't fixate on not having someone. There's plenty to do out there, things you can just enjoy on your own.

In between time is nothing to be frustrated about. Keep busy, be yourself, and when you're ready to have a go at getting into a relationship--- you'll know.
2 weeks ago • Feb 12, 2024
lambsone • Feb 12, 2024
Although not an advice thread but a sharing one, I think your thoughts are good ones for all of us Miki.

Today I found myself very irritable because I had no Dom to talk to. But once I began to do chores around the house, it calmed me down and took that situation off my mind. Sanity has returned and I feel good about accomplishing something today.
Sir Don​(dom male){Considerin}
2 weeks ago • Feb 13, 2024
Having a person or people to bounce things off. As LL stated" league of gentlemen " . I will take the take to reflect, on what worked and what didn't. Learning from mistakes made , to help me with what may come my way. Learning to a better version and what can do to help my future partner (s). Research and talking with others in the community/ lifestyle. If the opportunity arises to go to munches. Having done in the past can help fill the void and you can meet local like minded real people.
2 weeks ago • Feb 13, 2024
lambsone • Feb 13, 2024
Good ideas Sir Don. Thanks for sharing.
stairwaytoheaven​(dom male)
1 week ago • Feb 16, 2024
I continue to write poetry. Romantic, Passion and B/D, I continue to keep myself (as best possible) groomed and well spoken, I continue to listen to music that moves my sensual being and I continue to believe that there is someone out there who will appreciate that I did all of this to finally find them.

And I continue to try to find venues, REAL venues to keep in touch with like minded people. I AM SO GLAD I found this place!!! Thank you.