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goonmother​(dom female)
1 week ago • Jun 3, 2024
goonmother​(dom female) • Jun 3, 2024
hi everyone, i'm a new user on thecage. was on That Other Site for many years, from like 2011 onward. i've been involved with kink for a long time. i'm a pretty "femme"-y trans Domme with an intersex condition who used to be a sex worker so it's pretty hard to shock me, lol. i travel a lot and actually have an academic background in addition to whatever other talents i may have. 5'3" tall, a tiny bit of pale girl pudge, i stay physically fit though. i live in east Asia and am in the USA for the next two weeks visiting friends and attending pride. i'd be happy to find other friends or play/dating but i am a lesbian who does not date dudes, so please no men. i am in an open relationship with my partner back in asia.

cheers! this site is cool so far -- with the exception of one random nutcase it's been just fine.

1 week ago • Jun 4, 2024
Eloraa • Jun 4, 2024
Hi all, I'm Elora, I am just here to try to find someone to talk to and maybe provide some insight and experience. I'm new with this and i have no experiece whatsoever, literally in nothing. This world is too appealing to me (and Im too curious for my own good, that's why I'm here but maybe tomorrow i will delete the account sorry) and i would like to learn but I'm shy.
heykitten​(sub female)
5 days ago • Jun 9, 2024
heykitten​(sub female) • Jun 9, 2024
Hey everyone, I’m new. I’m here for…I don’t even know. You can’t know what you’re looking for when you don’t know what’s there to be found. I guess I’ll just see what happens.
matthmi​(dom male)
3 days ago • Jun 12, 2024
matthmi​(dom male) • Jun 12, 2024
Hi everyone, I am new on thecage.
I'd like to find someone and while I am seeking I like looking around me in any direction but keeping my focus in my kinky souls. I guess that kind of need and curiosity bring me here.
1 day ago • Jun 14, 2024
juliankay • Jun 14, 2024
Hello everyone!
Sensual NYC Dom - new to The Cage but not necessarily new to this sensual lifestyle (over 10yrs). You can be intrigued by reading my profile. I’m pretty dominant in my professional life, but I chose to befriend a woman who submits to her partner sexually because SHE wants to as an act of obedience. Open to discuss, but only if you are truly trying to be helpful 😊 I would like to make new friends and connect with like-minded submissive women, so please feel free to send me a message. Look forward to chatting with you!