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Being a feminist and a submissive female

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LisaLix​(switch female){Leashed}
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 02:49:56 AM IST

Being a feminist and a submissive female

LisaLix​(switch female){Leashed} • Mon 04 Feb 2019 02:49:56 AM IST
I consider myself to be a feminist. I am all about equal rights and against the exploitation of women. I have always hated the idea of the man expecting the women to have supper ready at 5 while looking like a pin up girl. But as I've grown I see it differently.

If a man expects me on my knees because I am a female and that's all I'm good for, then fuck you. But if he was a man of respect, pride and confidence....treated me as a person in life and protected, guided and honored me......I give him permission to be rough, I'll have supper ready, and try to be a good sub.

I'm just wondering how other female subs feel about maintaining feminist beliefs while enjoying being submissive.
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MasterBear​(other butch)
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 03:16:19 AM IST
MasterBear​(other butch) • Mon 04 Feb 2019 03:16:19 AM IST
The two are not in conflict.

The essence of feminism is the ability for women to have choices.

If your CHOICE is to embrace your submission.

Then you are a feminist.
Kara​(sub female){Enslaved}
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 03:28:05 AM IST
Kara​(sub female){Enslaved} • Mon 04 Feb 2019 03:28:05 AM IST
I don’t have a problem. I am submissive to men who I am involved with. Anyone else gets told to use their entitlement as a butt plug.

I submit because I want to. I am a slave to a master by my choice. He knows that I do as I please as long as I please.

There’s no conflict with being a feminist. I am respected, treated as an equal, and loved. A secretary is not inferior to her boss, even if she works to make his life easier. Sometimes she’s more competent than him at doing things.
Jayy146​(sub female){FarSide}
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 06:49:00 AM IST
Jayy146​(sub female){FarSide} • Mon 04 Feb 2019 06:49:00 AM IST
Love love love this forum I’m all about this. I’ve struggled with being both as well but realized that they can go hand in hand and I absolutely love being submissive. But I’m a huge feminist as well icon_smile.gif if anyone wants to message me and be my friend that would be cool I wanna talk to more sub females!
Asteria​(sub female)
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 10:52:06 PM IST
Asteria​(sub female) • Mon 04 Feb 2019 10:52:06 PM IST
I am a submissive, yes. But - before that and anything else - I am a human being.

What I do is my choice (but also my responsibility). If I choose to kneel at a Dominant's feet, I do so because I want to, and because it was my own, independent decision, not because I feel worse or inferior. And definitely not because someone wants me to kneel.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){collared}
2 months ago • Mon 04 Feb 2019 11:08:08 PM IST
AKittenforSir​(sub female){collared} • Mon 04 Feb 2019 11:08:08 PM IST
I agree with your initial post 100%.

I hold a high level management position in which I have several male subordinates at work and I have no problem taking the lead when necessary. I worked twice as hard as any man would have to in order to get where I am in my career. I consider myself a feminist as well as an activist for all human rights.

But in a relationship, especially in the bedroom, I prefer to hand over complete control to my Sir. I know that it's in part because I'm tired of having to make all the tough decisions all day and I want to defer to someone else in my home life. But also, his dominance and my kneeling (literally or figuratively) is what gets my panties wet.

I love to take care of what I consider to be mine. I just prefer to care for my partner from the bottom. Maybe that means cooking him dinner, maybe it means trusting him to make the tough choices, maybe it means being a white round bum for him to whip... regardless, I enjoy it all.
Lotus​(sub female)
2 months ago • Tue 05 Feb 2019 05:44:46 AM IST
Lotus​(sub female) • Tue 05 Feb 2019 05:44:46 AM IST
I think in general feminism is often misunderstood. Being a feminist means to want equal choices and opportunities for women. Freedom to choose anything in life, including our sex life. I think if someone were to disagree with submission or to think that it in some way it is degrading or conflicting with feminist viewpoints, I would argue to say that their perspective of feminism is not fully evolved.

I am a feminist, as we all should be. I have a button I wear on my coat shaped like female reproductive system/ovaries that says “grow a pair”. lol.

Thanks for posting this, I have often wondered what others viewpoints were on the topic!
Sayne​(dom male)
2 months ago • Tue 05 Feb 2019 12:26:41 PM IST
Sayne​(dom male) • Tue 05 Feb 2019 12:26:41 PM IST
I have the utmost respect for any group of human beings who band together and fight back against the part of society they feel is oppressing them. There have been several minority groups in the US alone who have pushed the standard for their kind far from where it orginally stood. Lisa Lix, i wish you nothing but the best in your quest to define that fine line between pleasure and degradation.

That being said, please believe my vanilla self absolutely, 100% stsnds by my above statement. If I'm not mistaken, within reasonable guidelines this site, and many others like it, encourage us to be whomever our vile, disgusting, diabolical selves choose to be. I am first a sadist, then a degrader, and lastly a Dominant man. Ill double check prior to hosting this reply, but I'm fairly confident the category was submissive women for dominant men. Lo and behold, the very first subject that I see is a by woman who claims she's not actually a submissive, per se, but a feminist, by definition, the polar opposite od a sumbissive. Curiously confrontational, it seems to me. Now, even the Kink side of me agrees with one thing I said previously, I do believe every group, including sadistic rabble-rousing degraders, should be allowed to have their opinions expressed without oppression. I hope this is a shared belief, and my comments will be respected. My Kink side likes to do one thing to his submissive women at the opening of a session, and I wish this allowed for photos, and that is to have my second rate, waste of human skin take a permanent marker, or branding tool, and mark all over her beautiful, proud woman body, "SAYNE'S WORTHLESS FEMINIST **T**" until either the marker runs out of ink or she can no longer find Space to brand herself. I then proceeded to attach my leash to her collar, and walk her around on all fours making sure she barks periodically and repeats a set statement that I've given them. I walked her 2 the dog bowl, which also says feminist, and have her beg to eat from the superior man's Bowl, before I allow her to eat its contents. This includes three current strongly opinionated active feminist who tell me this is their favorite, and most erotic task that I give them. Lisa licks, I generally would like to get your feedback on my reply, help me be the best dominant man I can be. Thanks in advance
Sayne​(dom male)
2 months ago • Tue 05 Feb 2019 12:48:22 PM IST
Sayne​(dom male) • Tue 05 Feb 2019 12:48:22 PM IST
To be clear, I meant, how do you view my act of degradation from your feminist, in contrast to your submissive side?