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D/s and M/s contracts

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MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED}
1 year ago • 05/16/2019 4:57 pm

Re: A very interesting take on a contract

[quote="DomAnt"]The website called dominantguide (no www) has a contract outline where the Dom is the Employer and the sub the Emlployee.
It's very outlined including vehicle and hotel/lodging expenses.
I can see adding parts of this into a contract.[/quote

I still have a copy of my 1st and only contract. It's long but good covers so much. No room for any ambiguity.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
1 year ago • 05/16/2019 6:22 pm
BabyGirlFL wrote:
My Dom and I don’t have a contract (and I am not collared) but we have been exclusive for over 6 months and have plans for the future. I think a contract would help me because I have a hard time following the rules/expectations if I don’t know them, and if I don’t know them, I will break them, and if I break them, I will severely disappoint Sir and/or be punished. Granted we are getting to know each other and I am learning about His expectations, but I am really a list girl. It’s often subject to interpretation if it’s not in black and white. And I don’t like the consequences for the gray area stuff. Doesn’t feel fair.

You should ask your Sir for a list of rules and correlating punishments. Let him know it would help you immensely in understanding what he wants and expects. If you’re clear with him about your need for clarity and the underlying desire to please, he should be willing to provide you with that. You don’t have to wait for a contract to have written rules.
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED}
1 year ago • 05/16/2019 7:17 pm
As I was told it's for safety of both. To me yes it was long but it was about accountability. We both were adults but it still felt like something of protection. Even though not legal you had something to fall back on. I think they are okay in a way but it all boils down to the dynamic of the relationship
DaddyAnt​(dom male)
1 year ago • 05/16/2019 10:36 pm
DaddyAnt​(dom male) • 05/16/2019 10:36 pm
The link does not work. It apparently had added a second http on the front of the address.
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED}
1 year ago • 05/16/2019 11:02 pm
DomAnt wrote:
The link does not work. It apparently had added a second http on the front of the address.

OK I will go see if I can change it. I may not be able to but will loom for it only.

I know alot of Doms don't like contracts but I had a Master very high protocols. But it's a good contract those who do.
Moonstruck​(sub female)
1 year ago • 05/17/2019 5:24 am
Moonstruck​(sub female) • 05/17/2019 5:24 am
I can see where, even if you're not going to use it or sign it as a "contract," there would be great benefit in the act of composing one. It's a time when you MUST address the expectations of and responsibilities to both yourself and your partner. You bring things out in the open, things that you may not have communicated because you may not have really thought about them or had the opportunity to address them. This is a time when you get on the same page, so to speak. I can't see where knowing each other's expectations and recognizing the fact that you are both open and aware of those requirements could be a bad thing.