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A woman's right to choose

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Thorny Prick​(dom male)
1 year ago • 05/19/2019 7:33 am

A woman's right to choose

Thorny Prick​(dom male) • 05/19/2019 7:33 am
I am getting on my bandwagon for a moment. I usually would not bring a political topic to here, but I feel this is critical for all of us.

When I was a small child I heard about girls getting abortions. That they were "butchered" in back alleys or "Mexico". That some had used coat hangers. That many had bled to death or been seriously hurt. I was too young to understand. As I got older I understood.

A woman's right to control her health and to allow her to make her own medical decisions is being threatened around the country. Whether you are Pro or Anti-abortion makes no difference. You need to stop Congressional men, and I am a man, from dictating what a woman can do with her body and her health.

Abortion is not something that I would want a loved one to turn to. But I do understand that often times it is the best alternative to having young women bleed to death or made sterile by some amateur.

Regardless on your opinion of abortion, Roe V. Wade was a godsend to women throughout our nation.

I wonder how many women on this site who have had children, or other women that you know, could say that they knew they were pregnant within 6 to 8 weeks of conception. Or how many were pregnant victim's of non-consensual sexual assault.

Why should those of us in the lifestyle care about this?

I am a Dom/Master and I can be a cruel S.O.B. when it is consensual. Regardless of your feelings about women we all have a responsibility to those we have relationships with. But when it comes to my subs/slaves god help the person that tries to harm them.

Please take a few minutes to write, email or call your Congressional Representatives and ask them not to allow states to take control of a woman's right to choose. You might also ask them to name one thing that they control about a man's health and sexual reproductive system.

Thank you for reading this.
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1 year ago • 05/19/2019 1:31 pm
Bunnie • 05/19/2019 1:31 pm
“You might also ask them to name one thing that they control about a man's health and sexual reproductive system.“

Male circumcision.

Not political, yet still deemed acceptable.
Lotus​(sub female)
1 year ago • 05/19/2019 2:16 pm
Lotus​(sub female) • 05/19/2019 2:16 pm
I appreciate you posting on the topic.
Has history taught us nothing?! I find it appalling. I really hope this is not going to sweep into other states 😬. I’ll be attending the protest rally in my state!
rosethorn​(sub female)
1 year ago • 05/19/2019 7:51 pm
rosethorn​(sub female) • 05/19/2019 7:51 pm
I am in the UK not the USA however i feel its important to share this. There are women who can get pregnant but not successfully carry a child through pregnancy to birth. I am one of them. No contraceptive is 100%. If i become pregnant it would put my health at serious risk. To then carry a child you know wouldn't make it and make me seriously unwell just seems cruel to my mind. This doesn't seem to be talked about so i thought i would put it out there. There are instances in many places where women have died during birth. Giving birth is still dangerous today, is easy to forget that sometimes.
NoOneofConsequence​(dom male){Taken}
1 year ago • 05/19/2019 9:54 pm
My perspective is bit different and a bit odd. I am the result of a pair of kids doing a little experimenting and the plumbing working as intended. Obviously, they didn't abort me. But, that was an option.

The thing is, if they had chosen to slice me up into chunks and flush me, then I don't see what point or purpose would have possibly been served by my egg donor being placed at risk by having to go somewhere less than reputable. Sacrifice two lives because you don't believe in sacrificing one? I know that maths are hard for some people, but I don't think it takes a savant to be able to figure out that one.


Long story short, speaking as one who could very easily have been one aborted, "keep your filthy laws off her body, ya damn dirty apes."
Thorny Prick​(dom male)
1 year ago • 05/19/2019 10:04 pm
Thorny Prick​(dom male) • 05/19/2019 10:04 pm
I understand what you are saying, possibly more than you realize.

I was not aborted either. I was just put up for adoption and was adopted by two abusive alcoholics. I have actually wished that I had been aborted. It would have savd me from a lot of fear and pain.
minxilicious​(sub female)
1 year ago • 05/20/2019 5:41 am
minxilicious​(sub female) • 05/20/2019 5:41 am
sometimes the most loving thing you can do is let go. i found that out when i ended my wanted pregnancy at 20 weeks which is when i found out my son had severe and lethal defects. i chose to end my son's pain. the bans on abortion are sickening and terrifying because the assholes who passed them don't care about women, if we live or die. if they did they would provide women with free contraception and clinics and educate kids on sex. realistically educate them assuming that they are having sex. personally i think parents should teach their kids about sex but that's just me.
ControllingDom​(dom male)
1 year ago • 05/20/2019 6:59 am
ControllingDom​(dom male) • 05/20/2019 6:59 am
I am not one to post on forums and typically just read to get people's opinions as something to think about. That being said as I see there were no opinions of the restricting abortions side, I felt that I should.

If you guys are referring to Alabama then I agree that they have gone too far. For those saying that they don't care about women's health that is a boldfaced lie. Alabama made abortions illegal unless the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. They screwed up by not allowing abortions for instances of rape and incest.

My question is at what point is the child considered alive? It is true that in some instances symptoms do not show and therefore the mother has no idea about the growing fetus. I cannot personally agree with late-term abortions as I consider it a living person after so long and therefore has the right to life as well as the pursuit of happiness. I can also agree that accidents happen, but the current idea that abortions are a form of contraception is terrible. Abortions do have an effect on some women mentally, not all but some.

I do believe that the adoption system is completely screwed up needs to be reformed. I think that is a better place to focus to help the current children there and ones yet to come.

This is just a short response to a bunch of the messages I read and I hope it is read and thought about as I have done with theirs.
sweet november​(sub female)
1 year ago • 05/20/2019 10:25 am
sweet november​(sub female) • 05/20/2019 10:25 am
My child was born early. I sat in the NICU with BABIES that were sick and tiny and helpless. And they were cared for and loved.

My baby did not make it. He died in my arms. I was honored to know him for 5 months.

My sister had a high risk pregnancy that could Jane killed her, actually, should have, pressured to bet an abortion, she did not, both are alive and well.

I believe that adoption laws should be easier to afford and that adoptive parents should be screened thoroughly.

If a women's health is at risk it is called preterm delivery. Much much safer than an abortion.

The Alabama bill will not punish mothers that have been raped or victims of incest. People should actually read the bill. A physician or psychiatrist can deem these reasons of abortion, or, morning after pill.

If you don't agree and use ugly towards me then you did not. Want a discussion.

I didn't see a discussion on here when people in certain states were ok with aborting up to a full term pregnancy.

Also, the dad has no choice to keep the baby but mom does. And if she does, guess Dad is FORCED to pay child support. How is that for choice?

Stay out of my womb until I need things and money.