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An interesting thought about the male mind

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submissive woman​(switch female){Unavailabl}
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 4:46 am

An interesting thought about the male mind

So tonight, like most nights, when I get to take a look over the cage I take a peek at the little tab that shows who's logged in right now and I noticed a few guys who said they were Doms had pictures of their cocks, or some other form of a penis picture. All were large to HUGE, and it got me to thinking... Why? Why are they so cocky? LoL pun intended. icon_wink.gif Does the size of a cock have something to do with how dominant or submissive a man thinks? I've often heard the saying...
"You can tell he wasn't thinking his head, or at least not the one between his shoulders."
So does the size really have anything to do with how a man might think? Or... Could the thoughts be influenced by things like, how porn shows men? I mean think about it, men of a smaller penis size tend to be shown as the subs or slaves while men with bigger then average ones are shown as the Doms. Is this purely due to the porn industry? Are these actors being told the roles to "play" based purely on their measurements or are they really like that in real life? Would some men with a smaller penis take on the role of a domnet if given the chance or would they shy away thinking that solely based on their size they couldn't handle the role? How would a man with a huge cock feel if he was dominated by a woman?
Zedland​(dom male)
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 5:18 am
Zedland​(dom male) • 10/11/2019 5:18 am
Establishing dominance takes confidences, if your dick doubles as a paddle its a lot easier to be confident. Sometimes its that simple.

Also why I would never suggest this myself I've heard that certain people use sites like these for women under the mistaken impression that subs are easy pickings. Such a hypothetical person might also believe of photo of a large penis might further attract a woman.
Bigandtall​(other male)
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 6:29 am
Bigandtall​(other male) • 10/11/2019 6:29 am
The same is on many sites! Some guys think it is a turn on to women to show their penis! Unfortunately, porn promotes this way of thinking by showing women being excited about a big cock.
Personal, I am of the thought of not showing unless asked!
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 6:57 am
Bunnie • 10/11/2019 6:57 am
@ submissive woman... interesting question. I’m curious to see what pops up around this topic... pun intended also ;b lol

Oddly I have found that in my experiences so far, the dominant men I have met have had rather large cocks. I hadn’t thought too much into it except from recognising it as perhaps coincidental somehow (and well... as one who loves cock worship... as being rather a lucky girl icon_biggrin.gif)... but perhaps not (?)... perhaps there is more to it.
MissBonnie​(dom female){<oz>}
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 7:20 am
MissBonnie​(dom female){<oz>} • 10/11/2019 7:20 am
I treat dick pics online, the same as I do when my cat brings me a mouse...I'm glad your proud of it but I'm still going to throw in the bin without even looking at it .
I once read, mens lizard brains are hard wired to be competitive, that's its a survival of the species thing.
Hard to know for sure of the reasons. As a female looking it does somethings leaving me wondering WHY? Dick pics more often than not, seem to have the reverse effect on women...they stay away
I also just finished this article about size that others might find interesting
Yes, I know *rolls eyes* I read weird stuff LOL
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MasterBear​(other butch)
9 months ago • 10/11/2019 7:29 am
MasterBear​(other butch) • 10/11/2019 7:29 am
Repeat after me:

The cage is a fetish site.

It is more appropriate to have a dick pic here then on Facebook.

Its a fetish site.

Its a place where people get to proudly share nudes.

Its a fetish site.

Its not appropriate to put happy kinky nudes on linkedin.
LOCKANKEYED​(neither male)
9 months ago • 10/12/2019 1:28 am
LOCKANKEYED​(neither male) • 10/12/2019 1:28 am
It doesn't matter ( to most women anyway) if you're hung like a bull, there's always someone BIGGER! Got a fast car? someones always faster. Are you an athlete? someone 's always better. yadda yadda yadda. I USED to be just over 8" long. I had a nice cock but I think I was the only one impressed. I'm 66 now, when I was in my 30's, a submissive/bondage scene resulted in my left testicle being ruptured and removed.
OMG!!! My dominant partner freaked out and she left me from the guilt. From a loss of testesterone, (and testerone therapy really doesn't help) and alot of feeling inferior to what Doms want, I'm smaller now. embarassed? ashamed?, humiliated? my condition only encouraged my submissive nature.
My point is, I've been married and divorced and with other women. I've had kids. I'm single now but it has nothing to do with how BIG I am. WOMEN don't seem to be impressed by your size. I'm really into chastity now, and I still have trouble finding devices I can fit into. I've never been told "YES, I'll be your GF/WIFE/ DOM because you have such a BIG cock!" IT AIN'T WHAT YOU GOT, IT'S WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT!
I don't care and I think women don't either, you got a 12" cock? What are you going to do with it? Doesn't make you smarter, stronger, a better lover because you can only use about half of it!!!
How would a man with an enormous cock feel if he were dominated? Probably humiliated because he would realize the only one impressed by his size was HIM!
MasterBear​(other butch)
9 months ago • 10/12/2019 1:55 am
MasterBear​(other butch) • 10/12/2019 1:55 am

Size does matter. To a lot of people.

We are however, encouraged to say that is doesnt, or say that "what they do with it matters".

So, I hate to break it to you but size matters.

Whether its to big or to small.
And not just to women.
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
9 months ago • 10/12/2019 8:01 am
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 10/12/2019 8:01 am
I recognize that this is a fetish site, and I don't hold it against someone for having it on their profile. I however, am a great deal more conservative. I don't care about size, shape or color. It is a body part, and a tool to procreate. Body parts do not define me. What defines me is the responsibilities I take on. My likes and dislikes are based on my experience and knowledge and no one else. Whomever, I partner with should love and respect me not for my body, but entire collection of body, mind, and soul. They together are me, and I shall do the same for her. Only then will we truly grow into the people we were meant to be.
LaceCorset​(sub female){Not lookin}
9 months ago • 10/12/2019 8:27 am
LaceCorset​(sub female){Not lookin} • 10/12/2019 8:27 am
I agree with MissBonnie (as usual) and I’m a sub.
Penis size isn’t going to make me scream THIS IS MY DOM!

While I can’t disagreed with Bear —a profile penis pic is perhaps fine here, but when I see a penis profile pic I move on quickly. That’s not my type of man. This is my personal opinion. If/when I want to see a man’s penis he will know it.