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Less attractive?

Bigjik​(dom male)
2 years ago • Sep 7, 2021
Bigjik​(dom male) • Sep 7, 2021
I dont think it makes you less attractive. but the question is incredibly subjective. for instance to a younger female or male it make seem less attractive at they are usually more attracted to the outside and skin deep fascination. where as older or more mature people will be able to look past your physical appearance.
No Body​(dom male)
2 years ago • Sep 12, 2021
No Body​(dom male) • Sep 12, 2021
We all have scars some outside for others to see (or not) most inside where no one will ever know they are there. You see ugly someone else will see the beauty of a birth the time and love it took to bring a life into this world. The other scars can be seen as strength to live through an accident and keep going on. Just little reminders about how strong you are and how far you have come. What you see and what I see are different but they are scares and they tell a story of love and strength few will know.
Brooklyn Not Looking
2 years ago • Sep 14, 2021
Brooklyn Not Looking • Sep 14, 2021
Hi ShyDawn

I completely understand where you are coming from. I have stretch marks from West to East and North to South. The flab that hangs ugghh.

Everyone has given great insight and should be reflected upon.

However, from personal experience as long as it doesnt control how I live Im okay with not loving every single thing about my body. I think its normal to not like something and feel awkward when someone does, yet as long as your not in danger that uncomfortable feeling you may get with your Dom touching and kneading a part you dont like...breathe deeply and know that its a gift as well. To still please your Dom even though you dont like that part is really special. At the end you realize that you are okay and your Dom still adores you and you still dont like the marks and flab and thats perfectly okay.

Dont let it rule your life. Its there to stay and you dont have to love it but dont give it true power.

Thank you.
Just curious me
2 years ago • Sep 14, 2021

Less attractive

Just curious me • Sep 14, 2021
I have 4 babies. My last was a c-section. Not a pretty scar it got infected during the healing process. I also have a scar where my bellybutton is supposed to be. I was born with my intestines outside my body. I do dislike those things about myself. The thing I do is when I start overthinking it is I remind myself what I like/love about my self. Those way outweigh the doubts. If there are those that choose to not continue with your relationship or friendship or whatever because of a few flaws (that are probably gorgeous) they are not worth the time you spend with your thought on them.
2 years ago • Sep 17, 2021
undtaxis • Sep 17, 2021
I think the real question is does the marks of having a child make you unattractive. Some men are not attracted to women with children, no matter how good they look. And others perhaps are. Indeed, there is a whole genre of prego "stuff" out there for individuals who have this fetish. As to your looks:

Most of us are strangers. Getting our opinion, although helpful, should mean little to you. Do you have a close group of 2-3 friends or family members who are non-judgmental and love you to death. My suggestion: ask them. Because no matter what we say, if you are self conscious about your marks then you are self conscious about your marks. Thus, you must fix that FOR YOU not for US. Now, if you are trying to go deeper and don't want to be self still must ask your friends because none of us know you well enough to get into that headspace of yours.
2 years ago • Sep 17, 2021

No, your sex seems pretty much hardwired to judge each other

I'mME • Sep 17, 2021
[quote="Zedland"]No, your sex seems pretty much hardwired to judge each other harshly. It drives me insane.

All females do not judge other females harshly. I prefer to straighten a crown in private.
No Body​(dom male)
2 years ago • Sep 17, 2021
No Body​(dom male) • Sep 17, 2021
OMG no when she gave me my daughter she just got more beautiful to me. Now when I found her cheating she lost the look.