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Just here and there looking to chat. I was here before and lost my call signs because a friend wiped my lap top. I am back but not sure who I am any more. I do not want anything more than chat till I find out who I am and what it is I need and can give. Last year of school then we see if it was all worth it or if I juat bought into the hype.
Oh and yes I asked to get my names back but the internet gods are silent. So we will stick with this one. If you need or want to know just ask but remember you asked for the other name.

There are things about me that are not true and being poly is one. I was with my ex wife but that was her and her girlfriend not me. I love getting to know your body and tracing out the road map that is your desires wants and needs. This takes time and lots of exploring. Some can do it with two me I prefer one on one. If it is your choice three can be fun as long as you know it is just two who will be starting a new day together. Hopefully I will be one of those two.
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I woke up with a pulse! Is this a good thing?
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Sep 26, 2021
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