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Kinkopoly, Battle Kink, Yahtzee!

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AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
6 months ago • 11/07/2019 10:52 pm

Kinkopoly, Battle Kink, Yahtzee!

AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond} • 11/07/2019 10:52 pm
Sir and I were introduced not too long ago to a few rope games. One being that the bottom gets to sit/kneel/bend into any unique position of their choice and the Top gets one hank of rope to tie the bottom into the position they’ve chosen. When the Top is done, the bottom gets a chance to try to escape the tie. If they get out, they win. If they’re unable to escape, the Top wins. We’ve played a couple times and it was a lot of fun.

I’ve also played “Master May I” in the past, which is where the bottom has to ask the Top, “Master May I...” before doing ANYTHING. The Top must give permission before the bottom can do whatever it is. Sometimes it’s done in the bedroom where permission is needed to remove articles of clothing, move their body, touch the Top, cum, etc. Sometimes it’s done outside of the bedroom with permission needed to eat, use the restroom, speak to anyone else, etc. If the bottom forgets to ask “Master May I” before acting, there is an agreed upon funishment.

I’m sure there are TONS of games that you all have played or come up with over the years. I’d like to hear about them. I’m especially interested in the games that aren’t necessarily explicitly sexual, but incorporate BDSM in some way, like the rope game.
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SirsBabyDoll​(sub female)
6 months ago • 11/08/2019 9:36 pm
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female) • 11/08/2019 9:36 pm

You and your Sir sound like a blast! I've got to follow this one.

As for the rope game, when I was little, I used to have my male cousins tie me up to see how fast I could get out.

Now I'm with a about ironic!
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
6 months ago • 11/08/2019 11:12 pm
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 11/08/2019 11:12 pm
when I was much younger I created an S/M card game. I created a deck of Goddess, and another of maid. However, I created the game to be 50/50. I beta tested the game. It turned out to be successfully 50/50. I was never able to successfully add to it, nor did I discover a way to properly mark it the cards. After a year I scrapped the project.
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond}
6 months ago • 11/08/2019 11:22 pm
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond} • 11/08/2019 11:22 pm
Did the cards have acts to be performed on them? I’m curious about what it entailed. Were the Goddess cards the fun/pampered sub cards and the maid cards the difficult/boring ones?
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
6 months ago • 11/09/2019 1:27 am
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 11/09/2019 1:27 am
No, more like two switches playing for dominance. Literally a card game sorry.

It's simple. Goddess cards fell on an Aphrodite format. Most of them were designed on a 10 pt system. Once the reach 10 you won or lost. Most of the cards fell into three formats Beauty/humiliation/bondage. Each player was attempting to dom the other. Goddess worked by putting clothes on themselves to reach a max beauty she was a dom card. Corset, heels, makeup. etc. Other players had counter measures like strip. They could remove one article of clothing at a time. Then the Goddess gets humiliation pts. or bondage, and she can't put on more sexy clothes. However, she could pull a key to escape bondage, or put on more cloths to remove humiliation. Maid was the opposite. The clothes and bondage fell on the opposing player. You would put on maid clothing, and once the maid dress was on. Then the player could use task or bondage cards to keep the dress on. For example bondage tray, or gag. Task like fetch, serve, kneel.

The would look something like this. Everyone starts at 0 on all three levels. Goddess goes first due to coin toss. She puts on coreset. Beauty 1 bondage 1. Dom plays maid card. Dress goes over corset humiliation 1 beauty 1. The Goddess now has 2 beauty 1 humiliation 1bondage. Dom humiliation 0 bondage 0, beauty 0. Goddess plays armbinders bondage 1 dom can't play card until key found in deck. (1 key ) per player. Dom looks for key (failure). Goddess plays strip. maid dress removed. Beauty 1 humiliation 0 bondage 1. Dom looks for key (fail). Goddess draws sexy dress. beauty 2. Dom looks for key (failure) Goddess plays heels beauty 3. Dom looks for key (failure). Goddess plays necklace beauty 4. Dom looks of key (failure). Goddess plays tiara beauty 5. Dom looks for key (success) armbinder removed card placed at bottom of deck. Goddess plays bondage hood Dom bondage 1. Unable to attack Goddess until removed. Dom plays strip hood removed. Goddess plays ankle cuffs. Dom can play a card once every other turn until key found. Dom lost turn bondage 1. Goddess draws earrings beauty 6. Dom key search (failure). Goddess plays gag bondage 2. Dom looses turn. Goddess draws plays make up beauty 7. Dom plays key. ankle cuffs removed. Goddess plays bracelets of power bondage 2 beauty 8. Dom unable to strip dress due to bracelets must have key to remove. Dom strip gag bondage 0. Goddess plays bondage mittens. loss of turn can be removed by key or ungagged mouth. Dom loss of turn. Goddess gag harness bondage 2. Dom no key found. Goddess ankle cuffs bondage 3. loss of turn every other. Goddess plays bleach beauty 9. Dom loss of turn. Goddess plays ambrosia breast enhancement beauty 10. Victory GODDESS.
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
6 months ago • 11/09/2019 3:06 am
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 11/09/2019 3:06 am
It is more fun to play then to talk about. However, I prefer the Master may I game better. It is more interactive and relationship building. Have you ever played the full mouth game. I didn't invent it, but you can play it anywhere.

Dom puts something pleasing in subs mouth tablespoon max. candy, jelly, honey, sugar, etc. The sub is not allowed to swallow or speak until the Dom snaps there fingers. They are also required to smile the entire time. This can be done at home, mall, museum. When the finger snap happens sub swallows speaks mind positively supporting dom while speaking their opinion. Trains in obedience, listening, silence, and endurance.
Duke Montefort​(dom male)
6 months ago • 11/10/2019 5:51 am
Duke Montefort​(dom male) • 11/10/2019 5:51 am
Here is another game. The sub has a remote control plug in her. Then they go to the mall. She picks outfits to try on. If the dom approves she gets buzzed. If he pinches her cheeks she puts it back. If neither she tries it on and the answer happens when she comes out. It helps the dom express his tastes.