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Three Little Words - challenge part 2

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Confident​(dom male)
2 months ago • 06/09/2020 4:08 pm

Three Little Words - challenge part 2

Confident​(dom male) • 06/09/2020 4:08 pm
I must tap into those wonderful, imaginative kinky minds out there some more. So here is a continuation of my Three Little Words post from before...

Choose an outfit.

What would you have your submissive wear for you?
or -
What would you choose to wear for your Dominant?

Only three items allowed.

Let me start with my choice:

Very high black heels, very short black mini skirt, handcuffs (behind her back).
Moongirl​(sub female)
2 months ago • 06/09/2020 4:33 pm
Moongirl​(sub female) • 06/09/2020 4:33 pm
This reminds me of a time when I lost a bet with my previous dom.

It was set out as a three tiered win. I lost all three (shakes head, it was a set up!).

Tier one: footwear of choice
Tier two: clothes of choice
Tier Three: underwear of choice

I was hoping he would pick nice underwear, a jumper, wide leg trousers and vans..... I ended up wearing 3.5 inch strappy heels, a body con dress and no underwear for an evening with friends.

Sufficed to say we did not make it home before needing to do something about the erm 'dress'.
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LostGirl Aria​(sub female){♡G.W.N.♡}
2 months ago • 06/09/2020 4:42 pm
🤔... Allow me to tweak my answer...

He would wear... Jeans, belt(undone) & boots


He would wear... Tie, dress slacks & slick dress shoes

*preferably as long as His chest & arms are visible, 🤩

I would wear whatever is chosen for me... If left to me,

I'd prefer to wear a sundress, sandles or jellies (yes, they still do exist)
Marchioness​(sub female)
1 month ago • 06/24/2020 7:18 pm
Marchioness​(sub female) • 06/24/2020 7:18 pm
Oh fun.
If choose to wear a crotch rope and leg harnesess under one of my tight LBDs.
(very high heels go without saying, I always wear heels)
rosethorn​(sub female)
1 month ago • 06/29/2020 3:22 am
rosethorn​(sub female) • 06/29/2020 3:22 am
Body stocking in black lace, black high heels with red soles and black and red leather collar with 5 D loops with matching hand and leg cuffs on my knees and implementats laid out in front of me.
1 month ago • 06/29/2020 5:10 am
GirlBlue • 06/29/2020 5:10 am
Little black dress
4 in black heel
Red lipstick