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Managing Your Expectations

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SensualSubGirl​(sub female)
2 weeks ago • 06/25/2020 12:47 am

Managing Your Expectations

SensualSubGirl​(sub female) • 06/25/2020 12:47 am
I follow the YouTube channel "Loving BDSM."

I recommend both sides of the slash watch/listen to this podcast.

Managing Your Expectations of Your D/s Relationship

The actual podcast begins at the 11:36 minutes mark.

There is A LOT of great information on this channel. I highly recommend it as a regular resource. I know many of our members follow this very knowledgeable couple.
tallslenderguy​(sub male)
2 weeks ago • 06/25/2020 1:56 am
tallslenderguy​(sub male) • 06/25/2020 1:56 am
Thanks for posting the link. Took me a few to get into it, but i think they had some great discussion. Particularly enjoyed their discussion of presumption around the 36m mark (they didn't call it "presumption," my word for what they were discussing). They start out with the caveat that pretty much all of it comes down to communication, so i automatically loved them.
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