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The deffinition game!

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6 days ago • 09/12/2020 8:33 pm

The deffinition game!

MissKittenPaws • 09/12/2020 8:33 pm
Hello, so I'm somewhat new to the BDSM scene, and I want to become more educated about how people in the community view the community. There's nothing worse than thinking you're on the same page with someone only to find out they define the same terms you use in very different ways. So let's straighten some things out in our communication!

Let's play a game. Take however many kink terms you use or have heard other people use, and define it according to how you believe it should be defined! I'll start:

Fetish: A sexual attraction to a particular object, especially a part of the body, that arouses the individual just by observing it, reading about it, hearing about it, or thinking about it.

If you have a different definition than someone else, please politely post your definition! Thanks!
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KinkyLittleMommyAce​(switch female){Daddy's Ki}
6 days ago • 09/12/2020 8:48 pm
Ageplay: when an individula acts as either a big or a little in cgl type dynamic; may be sexual, but actually usually is not sexual.

Big: the caregiver type person in a cgl relationship that cares for and protects the little when they are in littlespace. This person may be a Daddy, Mommy, Caregiver, Babysitter, or just Big.

Little: An individual that regresses into a state of childlike behavior. Favorite activities may be coloring, cuddling, playing with stuffies, playing with blocks, watching cartoons, dressing up cute, going to the park, ect; THIS CAN TOTALLY JUST BE A COPING MECHANISM FOR TRAUMA, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, OR OTHER MENTAL ILLNESSES AND DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SEXUAL!

Middle: an older little who behaves more like an adolescent. Usually mistaken for someone just being immature or needing to "grow up," but is a totally valid thing and is NOT just someone being annoying or immature.

Dark ageplay: This is a CGL type relationship that is sexual.

ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover): These are two differnt things rolled into one. An Adult Baby is a little that is so little they act morelike a baby. They may wear onesies, use pacifiers, drink from bottles, sleep in giant cribs, and take naps with lots of stuffies. They may also crawl because they are just babies and do not know how to walk yet. THIS IS NOT SEXUALIZING CHILDREN! THIS IS AN ADULT THAT HAS THE MINDSET OF A CHILD.
Diaper Lovers are often adult babies, but not all adult babies are diaper lovers. A diaper lover is simply someone who enjoys wearing diapers. This can be for comfort reasons, they may enjoy wetting in them, or something else. It's really not anyone's business to judge.

Littlespace: Littlespace is a lot like subspace. It is the headspace that an individual enters where they feel comfortable being little. Sometime there are words, actions, situations, or people that can trigger a little to enter littlespace.

Check out my blog for more in depth definitions of some of these terms! Those posts were a bit older though, so you may have to dig.
tallslenderguy​(sub male)
6 days ago • 09/12/2020 9:17 pm
tallslenderguy​(sub male) • 09/12/2020 9:17 pm
"kink": a personal sexual need/desire that falls outside 'the norm.' (and everybody's "norm" is different, so just using a term is not enough, we have to learn to communicate and share our personal stuff)
hank submissive male​(sub male)
2 days ago • 09/16/2020 8:53 am
hank submissive male​(sub male) • 09/16/2020 8:53 am
cuckhold sorry if I spelled wrong means a man who watches while his domme or mistress screws someone else while he is tied where he is unable to screw the mistress but may be odered to suck cock or lick her ass I guess tell me if I am wrong on this one