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I don’t believe the realm bdsmIs for me.

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1 month ago • 12/03/2020 8:10 pm

I don’t believe the realm bdsmIs for me.

feathersonapond • 12/03/2020 8:10 pm
It’s been utterly disappointing.

Perhaps my standards/expectations are at a high altitude.

Yet, I’m glad about it, too many scenarios have come and gone where I lowered them for different reasons. Making exceptions for where I felt it would be beneficial for both involved.

I’ve been told that BDSM will allow you to feel comfortable wit yourself and your kinks, exploring and swimming through their depths with great ease and enjoyment.

It’s been nothin but a walk through the Sahara,
Filled with mirages of pleasure .Empty conversations and conversations leading to more conversations rather than physically exchanging energy.

I feel on an island as I’m sure most people do but not because of our worlds current state. My life is quarantine icon_wink.gif

this community hasn’t made Me feel empowered but VERY APPREHENSIVE about my kinks. Yikes.
You get that answer that lets you know your kinks made them uncomfortable. HahaThe energy completely changes and the spark has been extinguished.

I feel As if I’ll be enjoying them by myself for my remaining years.

So now the thrill of sharing what I enjoy must be jet away. As I’ve been the only one to deliver on my own pleasures.

My vanilla life resembles much of what BDSM has been. I do like that these forums are here. For matters such as this. I do know I desire intimacy , companionship and the sheer thrill of the human experience with sexual activity.

I absolutely love feet and the woman’s body as whole. But the enjoyment Is truly only had when connection occurs.

I hope to give myself to someone in full.
I know it’s out there, and I’m fine slow cooking.

But this had to be said.

We shall smile, take a California Kush hit, and keep rollin.
1 month ago • 12/04/2020 1:46 am
RedKat{MidlifeMan} • 12/04/2020 1:46 am
Quarantine sucks for a lot of us, I understand completely as many would agree. As far as bdsm, one thing I learned was patience, yes it was difficult and I made mistakes. One thing I know now is, just sit back and reach out to folks and wait. Vanilla life is so easy because it is so puppet like to me, going through the motions. Kink takes time and a lot of patience but the rewards are so much better in the end, for both partners.

(Take a hit of that Kush for me)
1 month ago • 12/04/2020 2:02 am
feathersonapond • 12/04/2020 2:02 am
I would contend that the vanilla is just as brutal as I’m someone who can feel and experience life from my couch.

Say a free fall from a high view point down into a lagoon with magnificent swimming beasts.

A even outside of kink I crave cosmic larger than life connection. And it has evaded me.

But I have gotten a slight graze of its bliss.

And it’s truly magnificent.
House Talion​(dom male)
3 days ago • 01/13/2021 2:17 am
House Talion​(dom male) • 01/13/2021 2:17 am
Chat with more ppl on your lvl that share similar roles
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Miki​(masochist female)
2 days ago • 01/13/2021 5:23 pm
Miki​(masochist female) • 01/13/2021 5:23 pm

When you have time, jot me line... Not for contradiction but to compare notes: I admire your mind.

(some would read otherwise but what I wrote... is literal.)