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Wave of Doms in my inbox

IbelongtoSir​(sub female)
11 months ago • Jun 22, 2022

Wave of Doms in my inbox

IbelongtoSir​(sub female) • Jun 22, 2022
How do you go about sorting out the massive influx of messages from Doms filling up your inbox. Some can be sorted pretty quickly while others seem to take some back and forth before discarding. Is there a trick to stream line the whole process?
SassyinCali​(sub female)
11 months ago • Jun 22, 2022
SassyinCali​(sub female) • Jun 22, 2022
It can be overwhelming. I finally decided what was important to me in their initial message and in their profile. For instance, if you are looking for "in person" and their profile says they are on the other side of the world or that they are only interested in online.

It does take time. I also had to stop replying to every, "Hi, how are you?" I narrowed it to those that put some effort in their message. I especially like if they mention something from my profile so it feels like they read it.

When their first question is answered in the first line of my profile, I feel they did not take the time to read about me and are just sending a message because I am a female sub (in my opinion).

But I found it move more quickly when I decided what was important to me and adjusted my own profile to help address the most common questions.

Those things helped me personally. I hope that helps you.
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Lady Char​(sub female)
11 months ago • Jun 23, 2022
Lady Char​(sub female) • Jun 23, 2022
*Looks at the desert that is my inbox*

Now I can't decide if that means I'm doing it right or wrong lol
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female)
11 months ago • Jun 23, 2022
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female) • Jun 23, 2022
Hehehe@desert that is my inbox.

Mine comes in waves, but I've not had any new ones lately.

For me, I put questions in my profile at various points. If they make an attempt at answering them, I make an attempt at replying. 🤣🤣

I've seen other subs put colors in their profile, a different color to put in the header depending on how far down they have read.

ALWAYS, ALLLLLLWAYS read their profile first! If it's blank or limited, just ignore them. If they have a detailed profile but no blogs or forum posts, be wary. They may just be looking for some ass.

If they list blogs that they follow, look through them. You'll know what they are interested in. If those blogs are not recent, you know that they don't come here often so may be on the rebound. Use caution.

Check out WHEN they joined as well. If they are an old timer (2018 or older), and they don't have a blog, you know that they probably found someone and now it's over, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean they are on a rebound. They are USUALLY experienced enough to know better. I think the site started in 2016 and those members have a lifetime premium membership. Treat them with respect for being the founding fathers/mother's.
11 months ago • Jun 23, 2022
Miki • Jun 23, 2022
That happened to me when I first signed up. The waves would come and go, as the turnover in here can be frequent, but what works (most of the time) is I simply state "Not Looking" .

Other options are "Friendly Talk Only" and so-forth... There will still be some who will write, hoping to change your mind, and who knows one might, but this way the Insta Doms and assorted horn-dogs might think before typing.

They're overall not bad dudes, just a good portion don't want to take "No thanks" or "Maybe Later" for an answer.

Another idea is "If I decide to start looking, I'll look in the personals."

Just some thoughts. Trust me, the deser of an inbox as for Post #2.. Not a bad thing.