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Deep Throat Advice and Technique

5 months ago • Dec 8, 2023
I'mME • Dec 8, 2023
Sweetlydepraved wrote:
I agree with Bunnie, embrace the gag. It’s hot! I just gag right on through it and if I puke well eventually it all comes up and no more puking. Breathe around it by opening the sides of your mouth, that takes more practice than anything. Your headspace is very important, try some interaction with your D before or during. I have been known to have no hands orgasms from throat fucking, that’s wild! Remember the entire thing is fun and enjoyable and there is no benchmark to attain, just immerse!


Ditto on what you wrote. Fun.
5 months ago • Dec 8, 2023
lambsone • Dec 8, 2023
Thanks everyone. I will put all of your suggestions into practice. I downloaded the deep throat training from Aquarious's blog as well. I have not spent time with my Master in person yet, we've been communicating via text messages and phone. So right now a dildo is my only option. I have experience pleasuring a man's cock from my first Master 23 years ago, but have not deep throated it. I want to be ready for my current Master when we meet at some point down the line. He does enjoy hearing the gagging of subs he's owned so I have gagged over the phone for him with a dildo. I intend to practice at least twice daily for 30 min each time. I've been doing this for several days now. I hope to get better with all of your suggestions. I want my Master to be a happy one.
Beautiful eyes​(sub female){Taken}
5 months ago • Dec 13, 2023
I was really thinking about this and I had a discussion on what I could add to this tread.
Here are some of my tips.
Firstly I don't have a gag reflex at the back of my throat. However I would say to try not to practice with anything to ridget. Try with two fingers flat against your tounge.
Try keeping your tounge flat. I found the best and easiest position is being on your back. With him above basically the 69 position.
Take it slow, keep relaxed. Breath through your nose.
If you are able to take it all and it it reaches where your vocal cords and larynx you may gag again.
You will not be able to breath as your throat is pushing against your windpipe, so stay calm and think of it as holding your breath. You will need to take breath breaks. It will be a bit easier to take again as it will be well lubricated.

I hope this helps xxx
5 months ago • Dec 13, 2023
lambsone • Dec 13, 2023
Thanks for your advice Beautifuleyes. I did notice that the further down the dildo went, the less I could breath and wasn't sure if that was normal. Thanks for confirming that.