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*WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

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1 year ago • Wed 18 Apr 2018 07:52:18 PM IDT

*WELCOME to THE CAGE!* Introduce Yourself Here

Villanelle​(staff) • Wed 18 Apr 2018 07:52:18 PM IDT
It's time for a new introduction thread here at THE CAGE. Whether you are new, kind of new, or been here for a while, please take a moment to say hello and tell us a bit about yourself if you haven't already.

We look forward to seeing you all inside THE CAGE!

Oh and if you're really new make sure to check out our magazine articles for info, tips, and tricks.

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gentledom​(dom male)
1 year ago • Thu 19 Apr 2018 06:46:10 PM IDT
gentledom​(dom male) • Thu 19 Apr 2018 06:46:10 PM IDT
Hi folks,

As my screen name implies I'm a dom who is into the interaction of minds rather than pain and humiliation. I see BDSM as a way of enhancing the sexual experience rather than a way of asserting authority.

What I'm trying to do is liberate through bondage, if that doesn't sound too strange. When a sub gives up control to me they also give up anxiety and worry, because they have no decisions left to make. Once a sub is in restraint I can say "Because you can do nothing, you can do nothing wrong. Let yourself go, struggle or lie still. Relax or try to scream through the gag. It is all one."

From that a sub can learn trust, and from there go on to more exciting forms of submission and play, scenes where she can work out her fantasies, or accept surprises I can contrive for her. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be sold as a slave, or be a princess who is captured in battle?

Surprise me, and I will make you very happy.

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1 year ago • Thu 19 Apr 2018 07:40:08 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Thu 19 Apr 2018 07:40:08 PM IDT
Welcome Robert. All the best wishes for your explorations here at THE CAGE.
NiccyKitten​(sub female){Owned}
1 year ago • Mon 23 Apr 2018 07:12:41 AM IDT
NiccyKitten​(sub female){Owned} • Mon 23 Apr 2018 07:12:41 AM IDT
I'm NiccyKitten, and I'm new here at The Cage, but I've been submissive and into bondage since the beginning of my sex life. I live with my loving girlfriend, and even though she's a switch, I think she's the best Domme ever (for me anyways.) I'm here at the cage to share meaningful real-life stories with other people, and maybe perhaps get advice here and there, and pitch in my two cents to give thoughts and offer advice where it may be needed.
It's hard to find people to talk about BDSM out there in everyday life, and even online it can be dangerous in the wrong places. I've liked what I've seen so far on The Cage so I decided to make myself a profile and try it out. Looking forward to being a member of this community! ☺️
FabSeverus​(dom male)
1 year ago • Mon 23 Apr 2018 11:35:29 AM IDT
FabSeverus​(dom male) • Mon 23 Apr 2018 11:35:29 AM IDT
Hi kinksters

Well this place is full of surprise, good and bad, good stories and advices. Some real peoples and some fakes too, I have chat with people from around the globe so theCage reach out far.

But I only want someone near me, I am not interested at all in online submission, it doesnt do anything for me. While I undersatnd some might like it or prefer it in some case, its far from my kink. I like the contact and the feeling of the hot flesh under my hand and hear the "more please, Sir!".

Anyway this is not a dangerous place like someone mention here, just dont be stupid by giving your real name of anything that could identify you in vanilla world, until you are comfortable with that person. Dont get bullied, if you feel that person is a bit too pushy, just take a few step back and stop communicating for few days. Difference between a real and an abuser , the real dom is patient.
And for Dom, you will get messages from subs who want to be yours, will message you for days then one day they will disappeared. They are a bit like fleas jump from one dom to another not knowing what they really want except for some attention, it will happen !

so enjoy the ride.....
1 year ago • Mon 23 Apr 2018 12:11:07 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Mon 23 Apr 2018 12:11:07 PM IDT
Welcome Niccy and Fab! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions or suggestions.

FabSeverus - great advice. Further to that please know you don't have to tolerate being harassed or abused here at The Cage. Use the "report" button on a user's profile and don't forget the handy "ignore" button too icon_smile.gif
Sterenda​(other female){{owned}}
1 year ago • Tue 24 Apr 2018 02:33:44 AM IDT
Sterenda​(other female){{owned}} • Tue 24 Apr 2018 02:33:44 AM IDT
Hello everyone on this lovely website! I stumbled upon this place while trying to find a 24/7 live in sub for my dom and I and have been surprised to see that it seems like a genuine community instead of a trash heap. Certainly a refreshing change, So any who I am part of a older couple mtf/female My doms probably never gonna bother doing anything past reading messages and telling me what to say till we meet someone that said there is a picture of each of us on the profile I believe.

She is very much a dominant 24/7 her dominance does not end or only start in the bedroom the sub we find will have to be approved by her as well as me and frankly I am semi indifferent as long as she approves of you so yeah i'm kinda just a proxy for her. Both of us enjoy gaming both electronic and things like table top or card games. neither of us are interested in anyone who is unable to interact outside of presenting a hole to use between the two of us we have about 44 years of lifestyle experience 14 of that together.

If i am frank tbh I'm a pretty bad sub and yet she hasn't killed me yet and used me for fertilizer so as long as you show respect are interesting and like to travel you are already ahead of the game.

I am always looking for more friends to play with on warframe vermin tide or dark souls 3 both of us love comics manga anime tons of genres of movies. Her personal interests are traveling panning for gold and gems and using her metal detector she also enjoys shows like supernatural. There is of course tons more I could type but then what would there be to talk about in direct messages.

Hope to hear from people soon
1 year ago • Wed 25 Apr 2018 05:08:09 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Wed 25 Apr 2018 05:08:09 PM IDT
Welcome Sterenda! Careful about the fertilizer bit - it is gardening season!

Give us a shout if you need anything icon_smile.gif
Liliac​(sub female)
1 year ago • Thu 26 Apr 2018 10:36:02 AM IDT
Liliac​(sub female) • Thu 26 Apr 2018 10:36:02 AM IDT
Oh well, I just joined today and despite my naivety that led me into almost dangerous situations, I find myself enjoying this site very much. I am a very new submissive who has little or no experience and while there are many sharks circling around to take me as prey, I have talked to some very experienced Momma submissives who have taken me under their wings to teach me the ways of bdsm. I know. It's a lot for the first day at school but I am really happy I took the step to be here. Hoping to learn more!
1 year ago • Thu 26 Apr 2018 01:06:17 PM IDT
Villanelle​(staff) • Thu 26 Apr 2018 01:06:17 PM IDT
Welcome Swinn and Lilac! Great to see you here. If you need help you can always send me a message (mail is best - it won't get lost). Don't forget you can ignore and report anyone who gives you a hard time. You don't have to tolerate being harassed just because we are a BDSM site. And I think you'll find we have a lovely core community here who will welcome and support you.

See you inside THE CAGE!