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This is the joint account of Dan & dawn! We are known for stuff like...

Erotic Awakening Podcast
We co-host the internet radio show Erotic Awakening, an exploration of all things erotic, including BDSM, power exchange, polyamory, and more. We are actively engaged in these communities and appreciate the support from our wonderful patrons to keep the podcast going. As of February 2019 we hit 10 years!

We are the authors of a couple of books like
- The Polyamory Toolkit
- Living M/s: A book for Masters and slaves and their relationships
- Sex, Stories, and Power Exchange

We are creators of Kinkstarter Negotiation Cards as well

We are very passionate (and fortunate) about travel and do a variety of presentations, for Polyamory, BDSM, M/s and Sacred Sexuality groups.
BDSM and me
We are fans of BDSM! bdansarani is a bottom and a slut; bdanielbelum is a top, dom, and a vulnerability fan.

We are also in a full time power exchange relationship. Our language is...
Belum (benevolent leader)- leads a power exchange relationship, including responsible for the actions and words of those that follow. There is no title + name format. Instead, the formal term for those in service to use is simply Belum. If part of a name, it is positioned after the name (such as Daniel Belum). Sir is acceptable for simpler or more intimate situations. There is no suggestion of any title of any sort being required unless you are a follower of Belum.

belet (beloved servant, right hand of Belum) - follows Belum in a power exchange relationship. This term is a title (such as belet dawn) and is also hierarchical; there would never be more than one belet within the domain of a Belum. It is an earned title, never granted lighty, and bears the responsibility of not only the servant of Belum but also a reflection of the relationship itself. No limitations; thus, service is administrative, sexual, and an active extension of Belum’s leadership, and anything else desired by Belum.
Keep it legal, honest, consensual, and we are set to go. 
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Looking forward to getting involved here at Cage.co! 
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