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Hi Are you looking for your next submissive? Have you ever thought about a fairly new inexperienced, mature, bbw submissive could be the right one for you? With inexperienced comes none of those old habits from other Doms to break. The fact that alot is new to them also reignites that passion. Getting to explore new things together to deepen the connection. If any of that sounds interesting I invite you to read my profile. If you like what you read, send me a message to chat.
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About me
My size is  BBW  
56 yrs old
blonde /grey
Hazel / gray eyes

i have a dry sense of humor and can sometimes to be a little sarcastic.  I like going to concerts and live theater.  Enjoy sitting by the water and  having a picnic. Listening to music, reading, or cuddling while watching a movie. 

I don't  smoke, drink occasionally/social, no drugs, no std

I am a plus size women who has a tummy,  thick thighs and ass, as well as stretch marks from her wonderful child.  If this is not something you like, then I'm not your girl 
BDSM and me
I am fairly new to this lifestyle.  I am a nuture by nature and submissive at my core, however, I am not a doormat either.

I am looking for a Dom who wants a submissive to be his one and only. To be his rock, his nurture, his partner in life . I am
 looking for a Dom, who is single,  who wants to be in a  monogamous relationship 

With the world  being so big,  we sometimes need to look outside of our bubble area to find our other half.   If you are in the USA vs Canada, that is fine.  We may have to start out on line first prior to meeting.  We can talk , text and video to get to know each other.  Once we have established a trust, a connection, we will arrange a meeting.  Then take things from there afterwards on how often, where, etc.

I am looking for a long term relationship that is a monogamous one .  I am  also hoping for it to turn into a 24/7 live in D/s relationship.

As for my kinks those will be discussed between my Dominant and myself only. 

My inbox is open for honest conversation in getting to know each other. 

** If you have no picture on your profile please be prepared to share one.**
My current NO limits are ( always subject to change)

Personal limits:
Liars, Fake Doms, Cheating, Ghosting  
Being ignored, No contact rules or
Married men, Disrespect of any kind

nothing illegal,  knives, blood, needles, scat,  no bathroom stuff, drugs, permanent marks, children, animals,  feet fetish, fire, electro, latex ( allergy), exhibitionist
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Same old thing unfortunately. 
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Nov 27, 2023
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Jun 6, 2022
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