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Florida, United States
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I'm an older  widowed Dom looking primarily for in person D/s sessions with a new or curious submissive woman, preferably a successful professional, older the better.  My approach is firmly respectful, curious about you, both as an individual and sub.   I seek to bring you new sensations.  I will never judge anything you bring to our interaction.

In another life I drove big ships, so I am used to being in control, and experienced in power exchange dynamics.  I relate most to a moderately 'Sensual Dom' approach. I've also been a Daddy and  can maybe enjoy that as well.

For those interested in such things, I test as an ESTP-A Entrepreneur .  I am also politically liberal.  Culture warrior conservatives won't be a fit.
BDSM and me
Focused on working toward in person encounters, and I can travel within reason.  If that isn't possible for you,  I have had both in person and online D/s relationships for many years and believe I know what you crave--discreetly, safely, no strings attached (though probably ropes used!). I will never cause you physical harm, and do my best to avoid emotional damage as well.
   My goal is seeking consensual control to bring you new sensations and experiences through tasks and mutual sharing.  My pleasure will come from licking your mind before your body.  In return, I want you to feel cherished, calm and freed from past inhibitions.

    I know as a woman exploring submission or private fetishes, you probably do not have any close friend or even a bestie to share you adventures in submission with.  I'd happily become that non-judging discreet supportive ear you crave for your forbidden thoughts.

    I am also a spanker, perhaps  available for maintenance spanking sessions, apart from D/s. Ask.

    Should not be necessary to mention between adults, but I have never ghosted anyone, and won't ghost you.
Your limits will be OUR limits, always!  This is best discussed privately.  Safe Sane Consensual certainly.
What's new
I'm fortunate to have recently found an special submissive, and we are exploring together.  So, I am not seeking any sub now.  However, if you want to just chat, or need a mentor, I might be open for those connections.   Every note will be respectfully answered.   However, I am out of the "in person" available market.  Sorry!
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Aug 2, 2023
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Dec 8, 2017
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