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Rome, Lazio, Italy
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Hiya! I go by Clem online, and I am a 18 year old newbie who finds a wide variety of kinks extremely interesting, but I have never acted out on any of them in person. I absolutely adore listening to music, being around other people (and animals!), reading, cooking, and so much more!

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BDSM and me
I’m looking to learn more about different kinks, continuing educating myself, and maybe find somebody to help mentor me and help me explore? I am a virgin in every sense of the word, and whilst that may send some raring to immediately corrupt me, I am looking for connection before all else. I will not give myself up to someone I have just met, and you should not be searching for that either.
Extreme blood and gore, scat, vomit.
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Aug 31, 2023
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May 13, 2023
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