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I've been interested for years in BDSM and have a very close friend that has been in the lifestyle and have always been intrigued, but have been too shy, embarrassed, uncomfortable....to do anything. It's taken years, but I am finally ready to figure out what my likes/dislikes really are and simply enjoy exploring. I am not sure if I am a submissive, bottom, possible a bit of a switch, so there is a lot to try.  

I have discovered that I do enjoy rope a lot.  Going to workshops has been amazing!  In that setting I have been the artist (rigger) and the bunny and I have been focusing primarily on being the rigger.  Rigging isn't sexual for me, the best way I can describe is that its an art.  I am looking forward to seeing my human rope sculptures that are in my head come to life.  I am very much a beginner, but so far I am enjoying it immensely.  Don't get me wrong, being tied is one of my fantasies, is a huge turn on , but I have yet to meet someone that I trust enough to truss me up.  

Getting out into my local community is very important to me.  I enjoy attending workshops and munches and meeting others.  
BDSM and me
This is a work in progress.  I have learned in my limited experience, that everyone has their own definition of what a sub and/or bottom is and its important that all parties involved have the same definition.  Playing to explore and learn is great, but i cannot do that to myself.  Having a connection a requirement of mine.  Definitely looking forward to experiencing my fantasies in real life.  
This is a bit of an unknown territory. I'm hesitant on a lot of pain, willing to explore, but not sure. Blood, feces, branding, needles are definitely hard limits.
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