Bondage whore​{Sometimes }
sub female

Seattle, Washington, United States
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Sub seeking dom female or female couple.
I know what I need. I need a dom female to punish my pussy , degrade, humiliate, and make me do their bidding. I have a big clit and it is always out there and ultra sensitive. When pumped it is enormous. I can see myself in a bdsm, bondage situation with a lesbien couple. Both must be doms though. I like some pain before I have permission to cum. I need a dom that really enjoys edging and forcing me to orgsm. Orgasm control is the best. I I like all of my holes to be filled. A butt fucking forced is the best. Right now my cunt is throbbing just thinking about how you might treat me. I have few inhibitions. I am bi, but really open to a lesbien relationship. I have always craved women. Especially the cruel ones. So, if you are interested in pics, vids, and a subservient whore then I might be the gal for you. I am an older women but if you are interested then I will be open to age. Really like role play and cumming online for you.
Personal Ad
Your cum slut will perform for you. I will act out what you will have me do and record it.
I am a very submissive slut that needs an experienced master to use and abuse me.. I can be bi and will act out for you and a female as long as both are dom over me. I'm an older cunt with a horrendous sex drive. I have a big clt which gets me into trouble. I'm attractive and willing to meet in person if things go well. Painb is something I crave. I can not orgasm without it. I love to have my pussy pumped.. makes the pain and pleasure more intense.. I like bdsm, bondage, humiliation, public degradation, incest, (no kids), gangs,water play. I am Inerested in experimenting with urethral sounding. I luv orgasm control and can come many times in a session. I scream, beg, moan and groan. I aim to please you. I'm sweet, relatively naive, and ready to test my limits. I live in Washington state and need for you to come to me. I'm married to a man that is ill. No sex for 15 years. I need someone flexible. On line and in person ok. Let me know if you interested. Nos are, scatt, blood, perm marks,kids, drinking piss. Open to all else. Xo
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In a monogamous relationship
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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Friday, January 13, 2017
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