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About me
I'm a crazy girl with a brain. I'm a mother of 3 children, who mean the world to me. Music is the biggest piece of who I am, but I love to read books, play video games, talk philosophy, religion, physics, and sex; All around I'm just a nerdy girl with a smart mouth. I tend to speak in movie quotes and song lyrics. Been through some traumatic things in my life..they are a part of my wisdom and experience, and how I act towards people in general. I am very empathetic, I can spot a fake person really easily, as my empathy tends to shut me down around those people. I hold love and the notion of it in high regard, and it is core to who I am. That is why if you are around me and you are different online than who you are in person, I will know it, and I will react. I'm very bluntly honest, this has been good and bad for me. I have a very fast moving brain, my thoughts are faster than my ability to speak them, and so I need intelligent empathetic people around me who get me. I keep to those people who are like me.

I cannot stand ghosting. If you do this, DO NOT even attempt to talk to me. I will not tolerate disengaging as a punishment, or your shitty way of dealing with adversity. If there is violence, I get it. If not, FACE. YOUR. SHIT. Obviously, communication is key to me trusting anyone.
BDSM and me
I am a pansexual polyamorous kitten. I enjoy pet play, dressing up, roleplay (not cybersex, lol), and domestics. I'm a 24/7 sub still learning things everyday about myself.
I love to be hunted, mentally and physically (primal prey), and I love the animalistic tendencies of an alpha(wolves, tigers, dragons, etc). I am also a bit of a masochist. I enjoy pain (although I'm not quite sure of my limits yet, still learning). I talked to someone on here who was able to condense the chaos of words I said into "I like the right combination of sadist and love (Daddy). I am into age regression, I love being able to feel innocent and vulnerable. I am into Dd/lg (no, this is NOT pedophilia), however I'm not a diaper wearing person. I'm more of a kitten, or a middle. I can be bratty at times, but people have different concepts of what a brat is, so take that as you will.

I have a dark side like anyone else, but it's very deep, and very dark. I don't tend to project it in public (some people do and that is fine), it does come out once I get comfortable with someone though. I am very yandere, and my mentality is just as important to my sexuality as physicality. Some would say I'm a sapiosexual, but apparently that means something different to everyone as well, but stupidity and willful ignorance are my pet peeves and a total turn off.
Scat, beastiality, pedophilia, and anything that puts my children's lifestyle or privacy at risk.
What's new
New to the site, not new to bdsm, but haven't ever had a niche online until now. Looking forward to making friends, and learning. Always learning.
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Saturday, December 22, 2018
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