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Highly decorated former Army Special Forces Branch Major and Tier-1 Special Operations Community combat veteran and now a Senior IT Operations Management Executive & Private Advisory Consultant in the Large Enterprise Global Banking and Financial Services Industr

ighly intelligent, well educated (B.A./ MBA), very well-read, a quick witted fast thinker with a very dry sense of humor that is almost always being used, athletic, and - *chuckling* extremely "well-traveled" - far - FAR - beyond any possible ordinary expectations. I've visited so many different unique and "off the beaten path" locations around our "Lonely Planet" that even I can't count them all. However, unlike your everyday tourist, I - and the team of exceptionally skilled professional operators that I led  - did not arrive at an airport and go through customs and baggage claim. *wry chuckle* 

Instead we would arrive by jumping out of perfectly good airplaines by night from an altitude of
0K feet ( 6.5 miles, 9 km, or 9K meters if you prefer) wearing O2 tanks in the balmy -40 degrees night sky at a military freefall velocity of +/-200 MPH or say
(+/- 50 meters per second per second if you prefer) executing a H
igh Altitude Low Opening (HALO) landing.

We would perform a High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) freefall jump when we needed to travel several KM before crossing the borders and into the air space of un-welcoming and rather....violent and extremely inhospitable...countries. But those days are long gone for me. Now adays I travel by commercial jet airliner and go through customs and baggage claim...just like everybody else. *LOL*

My home is a few blocks up from the ocean here in Maine. The ocean has always been deeply symbolic for me and being near it soothes my soul and mind. Not sure how much longer I want to stay where its this cold in the winters anymore though, so have been giving more and more thought to heading south to warmer climes.

As might expect from a former Green Beret Major, I am a very take charge kind of man who has a strong bias for action. I am also highly self-disciplined, and very rarely allow my emotions get the better of me. This has made me well suited and extremely comfortable as both a long-time Dom and Master within the BDSM community.

I’m half-Cherokee which is the source of my darker skin that quickly tans into a deep copper color in summer. I have brown hair and very dark, brown eyes. I’m 5’8” tall and weigh 155lbs. I am in good physical condition. Currently I have a well trimmed black goatee, but most times I am without facial hair. Most Native Americans have very little facial or body hair and I’m no exception.

My Dad was a career Naval Aviator and Squadron Commanding Officer. My Mom met my Dad while she was one of his instructors at Flight School. So I basically grew up being raised by parents who were from the same generation and about the same age as many of the grandparents of my friends and classmates.

Because of this I was instilled from an early age wth what are now very old-fashioned values such as a strong work ethic, a sense of duty, honor, etiquette and courtesy, a code of conduct, personal accountability for my actions, and that once given, my Word is my Bond.  I consider myself to be a “Gentleman of the Old School” and continue striving to become a true “Renaissance Man” - but I've still got a ways to go before I reach that goal. 

BDSM and me
I have been part of the BDSM community for over 2 decades. I am a natural Dom, and received an extensive training lasting close to two years as a Master in what was called “The Old Guard” philosophy and approach to engaging with slaves and submissives.  My years as a Special Forces Officer only served to further refine and enhance what was already there.

I am a highly erotic being and a sensualist at heart - so a strongly intimate and sexual relationship with my sub or slave is a “must have” for me. I will push your boundaries and test your limits, but that is just part of who and what I am.

Despite my doing this, I am still a Master and I live and act as one would expect.
Believe me - “50 Shades of Gray” - I’m not, nor ever will be.  

But If you have that certain special need - and you know the one I’m talking about - that constant, unstoppable, whisper in the back of your mind you simply can’t ignore that brings an intense and deeply felt and sometimes an inexplicably strong feelings of longing or sadness and sense of living a life unfulfilled.

These sensations go hand in hand with an often overwhelming, sometimes constant state of sexual arousal and strong emotional need. As you’ve probably discovered by now this state is increasingly fueled by an ever growing sense of desire o many levels that burns bright and hot at the very core of your feminine self.  

If you know what < exactly >  what I’m talking about and you get all...emmm....tingly inside....just thinking about having a Master who is truly is the “Real Deal  ” - well - I’m may well be the One you’ve been yearning for.

At times, I can be strict and I can be stern. I offer no apologies for having high expectations. 


                                                                 SO IN PLAIN ENGLISH:


I fully expect that you will most likely have little  - IF ANY BDSM experience when you come to me.  That is NOTHING for you to be ebarrassed - or worried - about.   As a trainer it can at times even make my job easier if I do not have to "un-train" somoene else's bad habits.

I  > already < know you will need to be helped, guided, trained, disciplined,show, taught, and even used - in ways that keep you
firmly grounded and very secure in the knowledge and understanding that I WILL NEVER LET YOU FAIL BECAUSE I FAILED TO DO MY JOB!

I will train you, care for you, cherish you, treasure you, and use you the way you were meant to be used. But above all else, I will be your steadfast rock and your anchor in all weathers and stormy seas. I will be the bulwark and fortress that protects you from any fears, doubt, cares, or conerns.  




an Old Guard Master is not about a lifestyle choice  -  Being an Old Guard Master is about a Way of Life.

"Doms are Born, but Masters are Made"

I have - ALWAYS - held to a strict policy of discussing limits - and desires - directly with one another. I feel this is a deeply sensitive, very personal, and singularly private issue that is unique to every woman. It is my belief this should be treated with the utmost level of respect, dignity, and due consideration. I also keep in mind that she will have her own particular needs and kinks that she would like to have met.
What's new
I'm finally diving back into the BDSM D/s lifestyle after a long - long -  break in action. I’ve missed it greatly.

Since my divorce back in 2016, I have wanted to feel that special love and desire again that can only come from a willingly submissive woman.  This time, I will keep going until I get what I really need and return to being who and what I truly am.

Busy with work and some home improvement projects but I’ve finally hit that point where its time to shake things up in my life.  I really need to start truly living again instead of simply “existing” .... day to day, week to week, month to month - and year after year.

In short, I’m in very serious need of a sub or slave to come to my rescue!!! *grin* And I’m hoping you'll be brave enough - and with a need that is great enough - that you will seek me out and find me here.  I'm pretty old school so I don't chase after submissives like some guy in a romantic comedy chick-flick.  I believe that a submissive should get to me to state her interest and not the other way around... 

So come on and start hunting all you little she-tigers, she-panthers, and she-leopards out there!!  It's not like I'm THAT hard to find, now, surely!!  *grin*

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72% Exhibitionist
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58% Non-monogamist
57% Voyeur
41% Brat tamer
39% Switch
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24% Sadist 
16% Submissive
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10% Brat
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5% Masochist
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2% Slave
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