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Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States
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In a polyamorous relationship
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We are a healthy, lifestyle D/s couple looking to incorporate another female submissive or slave into our loving relationship. Our relationship is infinitely more about meaningful growth than it is about kinky sex. We are open to a spectrum of interactions, although, our primary interest is to build a closed poly relationship that possesses vulnerability, genuine bonding and eagerness to further personal development together. We are looking for someone empathy driven, sensitive, motivated to learn, self aware, passionate, intuitive, intelligent, communicative (or willing to work on it), and physically fit.

My partner is confident, secure, rigorously self-reflecting, possesses deep maturity and huge amounts of resilience. He is a natural leader, revolutionary, and teacher who shows love by pouring abundant time, work, and wisdom into who and what He cares for. He has a lot to offer people, and I have full confidence in His ability to healthily and steadily maintain a relationship with another woman alongside me, whether I were to be romantic with this woman or not.

As for myself, I emanate softness and wholesome sensitivity, and I and am very appreciative of these qualities in another woman, as well. I am very sincere in my empathy, affectionate, introspective, and an excellent listener towards those who I hold close to me. I want us to read books to each other, play with each other’s hair, hold hands, and be the reason we smile. I want someone to be my equal. I’m very appreciative of nature, animals, music, and I’m interested in creative pursuits like making healthy foods and snacks, natural home and skincare products, and hopefully one day illustrating and writing pet/animal comics. It would mean a lot if another woman was genuinely enthusiastic about doing some of these things with me.

My intention is to find a lifelong companion or partner to bond, grow, work, and laugh with. I enjoy being cared for, listened to, feeling that I am loved dearly by someone, and making those I’m in a relationship with feel the same way. Another woman and I could happily exist as close, intimate companions, but I’m enthusiastic about romantic potential, as well. You and I don’t have to fall in love, necessarily, but it is important to me that we cherish each other for the loving, healing forces we are in each other’s lives. (We are not going to be seeing the same man, separately. We are going to be seeing Him TOGETHER, as a family. That is important to me.)

We are open to more casual dynamics as well, but we are primarily seeking women who are interested in becoming a part of our relationship. If you think you could potentially thrive in the dynamic described above, don’t hesitate to message me. I will definitely respond if we think you may be a compatible fit.
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May 23, 2022
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Jun 28, 2020
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