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2 years ago. January 11, 2021 at 4:57 AM

The Pigeon


I was taken aback

When she said

She loved pigeons

Of all things.


Since I'm a jerk

I shared with her a poem

I once wrote about how much

I fucking hate pigeons.


She was disappointed but

Still laughed. A loud gorgeous sound

Filling the makeshift bar patio

We were sharing our first

Drinks together on. She hit me

With a coy smile and evil eyes.


"Now every time you see a pigeon

You'll think of me." She said.


The next day

One of those apathetic feathered rats

Crossed my path. I saw it and suddenly heard

That laugh of hers. I saw her luscious

Red hair and those multicolored 

Eyes. I saw her drunkenly reciting 

Shakespeare and telling me

I need to read Tolstoy and Jane Austen.


I saw the one thing in New York City

I've always been disgusted with

And it was now so beautiful. 

K y i v{ Walking } - Life can be beautiful....or even terrifying...through the eyes of our muse.
2 years ago
Johnny slave sub​(sub male){I'd most w} - So often, when we are able to associate something displeasing to us...with some sort of fond memory or event, then that which was disgusting, no longer remains to be so. It becomes as you said...beautiful.☺
2 years ago
Jack in the box -
I have yet to find my beautiful - until which time, they shall remain - "rats with wings" . . .
2 years ago

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