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A place for me to share the inner workings of my twisted mind and plans to rule the world.
3 years ago. January 25, 2021 at 6:57 PM

I dissemble, evade, prevaricate, confound, confuse, distract, obscure, subtly misrepresent and willfully misunderstand with what often appears to be a positively gleeful relish and am perfectly capable of contriving to give one an utterly unambiguous impression of my future course of action while in fact intending to do exactly the opposite. But I never lie!

The Kinky Poet​(other male) - Great piece, I'm telling the truth honest lol
Loved it
Love and light
Ron x
3 years ago
Balthezor - 🌻🌷💐
3 years ago
Ingénue{VK} - Smiles
3 years ago
Jack in the box -
Never? 🤔
3 years ago
Johnny slave sub​(sub male){I'd most w} - In view of this. ..I too....never lie. ☺
3 years ago
Lokisgodhi - I never lie. You can piss people much more by telling the truth.
2 years ago

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