Musings from a sensual dominant man

Just a random thoughts
That I like to compose of things I have seen or experienced
5 days ago. Thu 16 Nov 2017 10:01:03 PM IST


Imagine this...
A very tocca candle scented bedroom, softy jazz music playing, chilled white wine for you - Port in a snifter for me.
ur wearing sheer black panties black high heels and one of my Armani black shirts.ur hair is out, a sexy mess,i have u standing in the doorway of the bedroom

I am standing before u,unbuttoning ur shirt, reaching inside to squeeze MY/ur nipples, enjoying the sensations it gives you.
I see you squeeze ur legs together, feeling your clit throb with pleasure.
I then move behind u, whispering in ur ear what I have in mind for u this evening.
In exquisite detail I tell you.

Look at me - as we kiss

then as our lips part - your eyes again meet mine as i say softly yet with deep sexy authority

"First I will have you suck my cock princess"
"Then before i cum, I will spank you, while you stand in front of me,MY LOVE" You do not reply. U know what is expected of you, Then you silently nod your head and kneel in front of me.
My hands are in ur hair, tugging u not too gently, pulling ur head closer to my body, my beautiful swollen cock working its way into your mouth, as u eagerly accept it. I am slowly,but forcefully inserting my manhood in and out of your perfectly outlined ruby red lips. You know how much i want to drive your cock deep into your mouth.
But I have control, that will happen later.
Abruptly I pull my cock out of your mouth,leaving your mouth hungry.
You stand again and i pull ur shirt up so that your ass is uncovered, I tie the shirt in front of you and reach into your thong panties to touch your pussy, which is so wet it is dripping down the inside of your thigh, we both feel how wet you are, it is like sliding my finger into a bowl of very warm chocolate pudding. You clench the muscles of your cunt tightly around my fingers,you see me smile a bit.I then remove my fingers and stick them in my mouth savoring the aroma and creamy goo. you watch as i suck on them..hearing you sigh....knowing I too love that which is mine!
I then stand behind you and pull down ur panties, i see you close ur eyes as you feel them sliding down ur legs,you step out of them,and I pick them up off of the floor and put them on the bed.
"Are you ready for me princess?" you ask you. You nod,and breathe deeply yessss sssssssirrrrrrr getting ready for what is to come.
I then begin to spank you, not hard, just to get a feel of what you can accept as i see the pale turn to pink
You know it will get harder, i know it will be intense.

I switch between both cheeks, making sure that they both receive equal
smacks. You can feel your ass getting harder, you can feel the heat coming up.I stop and stand back to look at my work. I are pleased...i tell you
I step to u and kiss you on ur forehead, and cheek.
You look up to me and say "R.. My daddy I am happy that i have pleased you so."

Your pussy is so wet, your ass so sore it is burning. You have to cum for me, u ask for your permission, pleading.."please R..please Daddy
I tell you no not yet - no pouting.... I stand behind you and spread ur legs, sling two fingers into your cunt, wetting them and then sliding them slowly then three in and out so you can feel my girth later on...
You have to bend from the waist so that u can accommodate my fingers.
I finger fuck you  until u cannot hold back, before u plead for my permission to cum, then i can hear toy ask i have always taught you to do."R,please can i cumm..please sir ...please daddy..please....!!!! I kiss you can you can see my lips whisper YES!!! i can feel you cumm hard, ur pussing squirtung, shooting,
it is like a faucet was turned on inside you and i cannot turn it off.
Your juices hit the floor, a puddle forming in between your legs. It looks as if you've actually peed on the floor.
"Good girl" i can see you whimper. Almost crying..not tears of pain or sorrow..but tears of like joy..having NEVER come that close to the edge..without going sensual..between a man and his loving surrendering submissive.
I then make you relax onto me and hold you close,You begin crying, the release you have given you has been so intense, You can hardly stand.
I lead you to the bed, where you sit down and force you to your knees.
You know what you have to do...dont you..Yes say and I do it gladly." Taking my hard cock into your mouth, tasting my pre cum. I hear you moan with pleasure. I love the way you taste daddy.., the way you feel in my mouth.
You then begin to hear me moan with pleasure. Thrusting my cock deeper into your mouth, faster, finally exploding, forcing every drop of my sweet nectar  down ur throat. You lie back on the bed and tell you to lie next to me. You rest yr head on my shoulder and You thank me for everything.
As we kiss..i see you drift to a loving sleep..sighing as i feel you against me holding me tight..feeling the wetness of your pussy on my legs as we lie on your side your left leg over mine..rubbing still against me….as you know how much I love your curvy body beside me
With your eyes closed..i hear you almost as if in a dream..daddy you whisper...daddy..take me...take me again my love...

Yes I as you close your eyes as I mount you ………look at me princess i say as we kiss...and you feel my gorgeous dark tool enter into you - all swollen again --- as you flinch as you utter yyyyyyyyyyyyyes


6 days ago. Wed 15 Nov 2017 05:08:38 PM IST

He could feel her warm mouth gently caressing the lower side of his cock with her tongue. My God I love that feeling, he thought to himself. She continued to run her tongue up-and-down the underside right at that little spot where the head connects to the shaft and it sent these amazing feelings into his groin.

He was amazed at how quickly and eagerly her lips devoured him. This was where she belonged... In front of him, serving him, worshiping his dark cuban cock.

His hands lay at his side while he immersed himself in that erotically feeling, not thinking about anything else Except the animalistic urges he was having right now! Damn she was good! She then started touching him with little gentle butterfly touches on his shaft, her mouth still wrapped around the head of his cock while she was just playing with it, her little toy, not wanting to rush. She was truly enjoying the slow sensation of worshiping his cock.

She ran her sexy fingernails down his inner thighs and back up caressing and just tickling his balls but not in a way that it was uncomfortable. The feeling she was giving him was soothing and affectionate and loving.

He could tell that he didn't need to rush; he could just lay back and enjoy this. she truly, honestly loved what she was doing. You can tell the difference, he thought. A woman who wants to please you can give good head. But a woman who truly enjoys sucking cock gives you outstanding head. So far, he realized quickly, she loved what she was doing.

She hadn't even put the entire thing in her mouth yet or even tried. Suddenly she started nuzzling and licking his balls. His toes started to curl and his fists clenched. He resisted the urge to grab her by the hair. He wanted to see what she would do. He wanted to see what she was capable of.

Starting From the balls, she started licking up his shaft back to the tip and just raised her heavy lidded eyes and looked at him and smiled and started to go down on him deeply. When she got 3/4 of the way down she just sat there with it in her mouth, almost taking away her air. She pulled back slowly never Taking her lips off of him. the feelings were rushing into his stomach, down his legs and he could feel his mind start to spin. It was very unusual for him to be passive like this. But he had to admit that he was enjoying this incredibly.

She then backed up a little off the bed, taking her mouth off of his cock just for a moment and reached under the bed and grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair up into a cute pony tail and looked at him with a smile again… this one looking a bit devious. She lay back between his legs grabed his cock, making it extremely wet with her saliva and started to suck in earnest. She would go down all the way to the base And backup to the tip of his cock, run her tongue around the head and come back down...this, with no hands. He thought to himself that he had to admit, holding back and keeping his composure were getting more difficult in every suck and every lick she placed.

She then brought her hands back to his thighs caressing the tops of them gently with her nails and bringing her hands to cup his balls and gently massage them as she continued to suck and stroke his cock in perfect rhythm.

She started to increase speed just a little bit, almost barely noticablely… and then, all of a sudden took the entire cock in her mouth till it rammed the back of her throat and just sat there running her tongue around it swallowing so that he could feel the massaging of the tip

He was loving this but he knew that he had no way of keeping still much longer. He began to caress her hair he could tell by her movements that it excited her. He wasn't dumb. he easily got that hint. He gripped her hair in his hands and proceeded to shove her head hard onto his black cock.... Now she started to moan and he knew by that sound this was getting extremely exciting for her... he could imagine the juices flowing Down her legs onto the bed. This spurned him on even further. Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore He pulled his hands away with them still tightly gripped in her hair

She looked up innocently and asked with a sad face, did I do something wrong daddy?

He looked at her with the most affectionate grin and said no princess you were doing it too right!!!

He told her to bend over the bed again legs spread wide and he reached into her pussy pulling out that tasty juice and rubbing it on his swollen manhood. He put the head of his cock against her hole and just slid in until the head was inside her lotus and she stop tensing

As she began to relax he slid in a little more as she begged him for the rest of it just by the movement of her hips pressing against him. He slid into her and heard her gasp loudly. He asked her simply, are you ready princess? She yelled yes daddy I'm ready for you please daddy fuck my pussy I want to feel you inside of me.

He was so excited by now that nothing could stop him. He began to slowly slide in-and-out putting more of her juices on it making sure that he was fully lubricated so as not to hurt her. He was deep inside her pussy yet once more and she was fucking loving it! His eyes rolled back as he hammered into her holding her hips with one hand and playing with her ass hole with his finger. She was starting to go she was starting to get to that point of surrender as he felt his body shake and his cock swell.

He slapped her on the ass several times with hard deliberate stinging swats. This made her buck even longer and harder He knew he wasn't going to last long so he said to her, baby girl my princess my slut I want you to come with me. Be my fucking whore show me what a fucking princess you are. This was the point of no return. She yelled yes daddy may I .........what Princess he asked ...again now she corrected herself --- Daddy can i BLESS you with my come? Daddy please I want to honor you and bless you with my cum please daddy please please fucking please may I come?

As his balls started to swell and his cock throb he started to shoot inside of her deeply and said to her, come princess - yes show me love - cum for me! I want you to soak me with your come!!!

She lost herself and exploded all over him gushing against his thighs soaking the bed screaming pounding exhilarating orgasm one right after the other. And he in turn came inside of her hard and deliberate. When He was finished coming he pulled out of her and just watched his cum dripped down her slidded opening onto the sheet on the she saw a pool of orgasmic nectar.

He went to the bathroom ran some hot water and grabbed 2 cloths and towels. He began to clean her up And to wipe off all of the residue , all of the come that had run down her legs in colors of white. When she was cleaned up he handed her the other washcloth and sat on the chair and said now clean me clean your daddy ...your master

She quickly took the washcloth and watched him carefully and gently, From the waist to his knees taking extra care and extra time with his big black cuban cock that she was so in love with.

She sat in front of him, head laying on his thighs just relaxing while he caressed her hair and talked to her sweetly and told her how proud he was of her and what a good girl she was.

The only words she could muster were, thank you daddy.

Thank you


1 week ago. Tue 14 Nov 2017 06:08:42 PM IST

Finally, the day had come.

After all the time of e mails / calls / texts.

yes she knew - and TRUST was estaablished.

She even had a safety contact - to call again Just in case.

He knew she was nervous to a fault. but...he also knew her trigger points. He knew exactly what words, movements and caresses would make her relax.
They had played numerous time on the phone and he tallied in his head .....everything...every reaction. every sigh and squeal. her voice, damn, that voice got him hard.
she had a subtle innocence that he KNEW was natural. She was by no means pure. Hell, she had experiences many women had not even thought of.
But the one thing she never had.....was him! His sensual dominance had her mesmerized and, she had not even felt his BBC yet. She was in for a treat.

he knew by the time he got to the hotel...she would be bathed, dressed in a skirt and sexy top...but not slutty. he liked his women to look sexy while carrying themselves well.
he wondered if she would be wearing heels. GGGGRRRRRR, those heels got him going. she didn't even need to walk in them....just have them on.

enough...he had to pay attention to the road. if he kept zoning out like this, he may not make it there alive.

as he pulled into the hotel he could already feel his hardness pressing against his finely tailored slacks...he gripped it and squeezed.
she was going to be in so much trouble!!!

As he valeted the car - into the Ritz - he called her from the lobby as expected - to have her be ready - door unlocked .

he walked thru the lobby - as he stopped bt a mirror - to look - no flakes - pocket square - excellent - as he viewee his dark double brested suit.

and took the elevator up to the 3rd floor ....and saw the safety off on room #322

as he pushed door swung slowly open...he smelled the vanilla jasmine candles as instructed - and he waked into the one bedroom suite - there she stood.

That feisty yet curvy and sexy woman...

she walked over to the wall, facing away from him...legs open slightly...waiting for him to....inspect!

She had on a simple black ann taylor skirt, which stopped just below the knee. Her top was black and lacey on the shoulders. Simple and kind of young for her age but, she could wear that well.
Her hair was blown out and done well ....make up was perfectlly applied - He wanted his woman to be SEXY from the INSIDE so that was perfectly fine with him.
As he looked lower, he saw she had on hose. He truly hoped they were the thigh hi kind so he wouldn't have to rip them off of her.

He loved her legs - loved to see them in very sheer hose
And finally, yes.....she had worn the black heels aknle srrap closed toed . He smiled in approval. So far, so good. She definitely paid attention.

He walked up behind her....without a word...and reached under her was so wet. She was slick from clit to hole...her body enticing him...silently.

She gasped...ahhhhh rrrooooooalnnn as he touched her. He could tell how anxious she was but he could also feel how excited she was becoming. He leaned over her shoulder and with his hot breath whispered into her ear, Good girl my baby

Good girl princess - as she felt his lips on her neck - the smell of his bespoke cologne.

He could feel the tension leaving her body. Those words always made her smile. He turned her around held her hands above her head and gently, Gave her sweet kiss on her lips. Nice to see you beautiful, he said. Now I want you bent forward over the end of the bed, arms straight out , Skirt lifted just so I can see your behind. As she did so, she could hear his leather belt being pulled from the loops of his pants. She tensed in anticipation.

He asked her, Are you ready? She whispered yes ..yes Sir in response. She immediately felt a hand slap her ass hard. Let's try this again he said. Are you ready? Yes sir she replied. Another hand came down hard. One last time he retorted. Yes daddy she quivered. Much much better baby girl. He gave her a quick swat just as an additional reminder.

And now sweetheart I think it's time I give you a little warm up he chuckled. He sat on the edge of the bed right next to her and with his opposing hand gave her several hard little slaps on each side of her already reddening ass. Much to his delight, she was squealing she was seriously enjoying this. He thought to himself, I think you better take this up a notch . As he rubbed her hot inflamed ass he could hear her Sighs of contentment.

Without warning he swung his belt and it Connected With a hard Sting. Ouch she yelled. He quickly laid out another and another and another yet. Each time the belt made Contact she would Yelp of little louder with a few more tears in her voice. He could see the determination on her, he could tell that she was not one to give in quickly and that only Increased his excitement. Honey before I continue I just need to hear that you remember your safe word. Yes daddy. She was almost crying at this point but these were not tears of pain these were tears of release. He laid one after another hard belt cracks on each side treating the cheeks equally. He loved the sight of those red welts especially the ones he knew which she would feel for days, Every single time she sat down.

To feel is LOVE - as he would sensually put it

Just to make sure that she was truly responding the way he needed her to, you gently inserted 2 then 3 fingers inside of her, feeling the juices , those unbelievably flowing juices running down his hand. It looked like she might be ready for some hardcore fun. Spread your legs wider. She immediately took a much broader stance. He was extremely impressed with their responsiveness. He laughed to himself, Let's see how she responds to this....he started sliding those 3 fingers in-and-out of her pussy. To allow her to acturately feel the girth of his swollen manhood ...Now she was moaning instead of crying.

And then She was squeezing his fingers, contracting her pussy muscles So that he could feel how tight she could make herself. He could tell by her reaction the she knew exactly what was coming and as she tensed he said to her, do you want me to stop? It wasn't as much a question as a simple statement, giving her the opportunity to change her mind. No daddy she whispered. I didn't hear you princess. No daddy, she said a little louder I don't want you to stop. That's a very good girl he replied.

By now he had 3 fingers inside of her Just sitting there feeling her warmth, her wetness. He pressed on. He knew he had big hands, very few women were able to do this but he had faith in her. She was a woman who was committed to impress and while impressing him he would be pleasing her.

Gradually he could feel himself going further and further in and out - finger fucking the GIRTH of his big cuban cock as she relaxed and allowed him To own her fully.

With one last push he could tell by her labored breathing That she was somewhere between anguish and ecstasy

Are you OK baby girl? He had to ask one last time

Yes daddy, she chimed in quickly that time.

OK sweetheart, you know what's coming. He wanted to push her limits but he desperately did not want to hurt her.

As he started a slow grinding pumping motion inside of her pussy he could feel her orgasm starting to Grow. Slowly, carefully he move just a little faster and he could feel her spasms begin. She screamed outPlease daddy please may I come please? He said not yet baby hold on, have some control. He wanted to get her just a little more wound up. He wanted a huge gush.He was selfishly also enjoying himself as she was hot and wet and he could feel and smell that excitement he didn't want it to end. He continued grinding and moving his 3 fingers inside of her until she started to double up begging him over and over and over to let her come. Go ahead princess give it to me he said to her with a smile. With that she screamed, a sound that was certainly being heard outside of this Room, as she clenched and squeeze tight on his hand. He could feel the gushing of her fluids. And as he thought it couldn't get any better, it poured all over him. That's it baby, now you're feeling it! He yelled to her. Come for me again I want more. He knew I didn't have to say it there was no stopping her at this point. This was a rocket just getting ready to go and now that he let her loose, he wasn't sure if she would be able reel it in on her own. After a couple of more orgasms and definitely a lot of drenched clothing, He decided that it was time to stop at least this part. He could feel her pussy tight around his hand almost like it was in a vise. He had to call me down so he could get out a. She was still yelling and shaking. It was like an orgasm that wasn't able to stop. So he decided he had to pop it out like it was a cork...he loosened his fingers all dripping.. And slowly withdrew

She was heaving now, it sounded like she was having problems breathing but she was just trying to get back to ground zero
He figured she probably need a little help with that period so he crawled up beside her and whispered in her ear, Are you OK princess?
As he asked the question the tears started to flow. She was sobbing. Every part of her body had been exhausted. He wrapped his arms around her and continued to say it's OK baby. He held her tight like that for a little while as she started to come out of that zone she had desperately tried to stay inside. She was feeling seriously depressed needed to occupy her mind.

She knew he would NEVER sub drop her - as it was the case - he was very much into her he held her and kissed her so softly - ' movie kisses ' he called them....He knew the best way to get her he took his fingers agaain and scopped the goo from her pussy and careessed his manhood with it - as he said

OK princess, come show daddy your gratitude....CLEAN ME!

As he lay back on the pillows, Her tear stained face and Sexy wet lips Went right for his never ending cuban erection...He closed his eyes as her mouth engulfed his cock..... as he heard her say - GOD i love this hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

to be lost in cock servicing bliss




To be continued...............

1 week ago. Thu 09 Nov 2017 07:59:14 PM IST

He knew she realized exactly what she was doing to him. She knew how to get him hard , how to make him want her over and over. He growled to himself knowing that he had no control as his dick started to rise and throb feeling her wetness. He decided to prolong the agony a little bit. He continued to stroke her hair and just run his fingers down her back while resting his pelvis tight against her ass.

She responded in kind by giggling, that little girl giggle she makes when she is aroused. He decided to make a game of it. So he lay next to her just resting his head on a soft pillow and feigned that he was Going to sleep. She began to grind against him A little bit at 1st, and then a little more obviously. He chuckled to himself. He knew how frustrated she got when her little taunts elicited no reply and no reaction from him.

He patted her behind and kissed her on the shoulder and rolled over as if to go to sleep. He heard her whimper and he smiled to himself. Just like clock work

She rolled over and hesitantly put her hand on his back and he said to her, go ahead sweetie you can caress it I love when your nails tickle my back. She ran her fingers down his spine and back again several times, each time going a little bit lower knowing that if she went over the boundary he would say something to her.

As she started going a little towards the front and over his thigh he began to twitch even more and now he was seriously starting to get hard as he thought about what he was going to make her do without even telling her to do it. And as expected, she started to caress him rubbing his shaft running her finger nails ever so lightly over his balls and down his thighs and playing with that incredible erection he was now sporting. So he could make it a little bit easier for her to reach, he rolled onto his back and just started caressing her shoulders and her breast..occasionally running his hands through her hair.

She started to move down towards the end of the bed facing his lap and, without a sound, began to lick and suck only the tip of his hard member. He felt the spasms running into his stomach and down his legs every single time she put his cock between her lips. Knowing that she was wielding an incredible power she became a bit more brazen and held his wrists and started to lick his cock with intent. She had to know that all he needed to do was to move just a little bit and he could very easily take his wrists out from under her. However, he decided to allow her this imaginary control.

As her excitement deepened, so did the depth of his cock. She would suck him in further and further every time she would go down on him. He could tell that she had a personal challenge. She had been trying for a very long time to take him in completely. Maybe tonight was the night.

No, he decided it was not going to be that night. As she went for yet another deep throat attempt he grabbed her by the hair pulled her head up and said to her, did I say you could do that? She said to him no daddy but you didn't say I couldn't. She gave him that sweet little innocent smile and he decided it was time for some punishment.

Lay down on your back on the bed he said with authority. Her eyes lit up, not sure of what he was going to do but she knew in her head that he might be thinking of reciprocating. He went for the Box under the bed.

He could see the mixed feelings on her face, something between anticipation and maybe a little bit of fear. As he pulled out the soft brushed cotton rope, His cock reached full attention. He rubbed it against her left hand which was only about 3" away from the edge of the bad , and he bent over and whispered into her ear, that is the last time you might be feeling that for a few hours.

He tied each hand to the corner of the bed and brought the ropes up underneath her knees and tied the end of the rope to the same bed posts. Her knees were now up in the air legs spread wide with her pussy open. he pulled out the riding crop as well as his leather belt. He inspected her to see how excited she may be the top of her slit was moist and slick so he took 2 fingers and slowly inserted them into her. She moaned deeply almost in pain. He said to her, if you think that is making you ache just wait until you feel this...he grinned as he tapped his hand with the end of the riding crop.

He said to her, you remember your safe word right princess? She said yes daddy. He tied a blindfold over her eyes and heard her gasp in anticipation. He started rubbing her clit very very gently at 1st, Moving his finger in little circles the way he knew she liked it and as it started swelling he reached over with his left hand and just tapped her clit with the riding crop. OUCH she cried. He gently asked her, do you need me to stop? She said, no daddy I'm a good girl I could take it. Thinking to himself that maybe he started a little too soon, he continued to play with her pussy for a few moments just rubbing the riding crop against the inside of her thighs and down her legs.

He ground his teeth a bit and realized that he was the one that didn't have the patience to night. He was the 1 that couldn't wait and couldn't play. Hes the 1 that wanted him to sink his cock deeply into her over and over until she screamed with a violent orgasm, splashing her juices all over him.

Realizing that he had lost all control, he climbed up and straddled her so that his legs were on each side of her stomach and his cock was pointed downward so that as he sunk into her he'd be rubbing her clit at the same time

He whispered into her lips, princess You know I love you but I'm going to fuck you like I hate you right now.

Yes daddy she screamed yes daddy

In one full swoop,He sank His entire cock into her. My God there was no friction she was so wet he just slid right into her.

HE was like an animal. No sense of decorum no calmness no sweet caresses. He was fucking her hard and forcefully. She was whimpering and moaning so loudly he couldn't hear his own thoughts. And as she started to tense up and squeeze his cock with her muscles he knew what she was going to say next… daddy may I please bless you with my come please I'm begging you ?!!

He said to her, baby just hold on for a minute, just hold on I want you to come with me I love you baby girl.

He knew she wasn't going to last long regardless of what the punishment would be. So he started to hammer her , fucking her hard pinching her nipples knowing that excited him as much as it did her and as he moved towards her mouth and knew that he wasn't going to last much longer, he ground into her teeth and said, come now bitch come, I need you to squirt on my cock as I fill you up and breed you. Come with me you fucking slut....

He felt himself swell and start to shoot his hot liquid inside of her pussy. She began to scream, a serious wail that shook the walls. There was no doubt that she was coming hard! He felt her coming so hard that she was pushing his cock out of her. When she came that forcefully it took everything he had to go deep inside of her and hold it there until she was finished.

Her emotions were so spent as seratonin inundated every part of her body... she started to cry with release. He quickly untied her And crawled into bed next to her and just let her cry on his shoulder. That was his baby girl, his princess, his slut and his woman. He gave her everything she wanted and in return she took care of him in every way possible.

1 week ago. Wed 08 Nov 2017 07:21:39 PM IST


She was sleeping when I arrived home that night .  I watched her for a moment from the doorway . 

Her hair spread out against the pillow , her breathing soft , her arms and body open as if waiting for me to come home . 

I lifted the sheet and looked down at her ,,, 

She was wearing a new pair of socks and nothing else , her body smooth and soft and warm , inviting ,,

I quickly undressed and slipped into bed next to her ,,, pressing my hardness next to her and wrapping my arms around her ,,, mmm:" she murmured in her sleep , turning towards me ,,,eyes still closed,,, but awake inside ,, she knew I was there ,,,"no baby , " I whispered to her , "stay as you are,,, I want to feel you against me , this way ,,," "mm hmm" she nodded and murmured again in her sleep ,,, she pressed her ass towards me obediently and spread her hands out ,,I cupped her breasts in my hands ,,, and pulled her down towards me ,,, 

 My erect cock pressed between her ass cheeks .   She wriggled and moaned , feeling pleasure at the slightest touch. She spread her legs in her sleep , enjoying the feeling of my hardness between her cheeks . I pressed harder into her , entering her a few inches ,, and her eyes flew open ,,, she looked at me , " you want me baby ,,?" I asked .  " you want your masters's cock ?" 

Yes Sir – then she caught hersself

"yes " she whispered , " oh yes , " I turned her over completely ,,,, pressing her down hard on the bed and spreading her legs with mine . She arched upwards , trying to offer her ass to me" No" I said ,  pushing her down . "lay flat princess" 

I laid down on top of her , and pushed the head of my cock inside of her ,,, 

" oooohhh,,"she groaned ,,, "yes baby" I said , "take all of it " fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk

 I entered it into her , all the way to the hilt , feeling the hot tightness around my cock .  

She was so hot and tight , I felt I would explode right there,,, but I controlled myself , 

withdrawing almost completely and plunging in again ,,, 'oww  ffffffukkkkkkkkkk – shit this feels so fucking good" she moaned  "take it " I said . 

" yes Sir " she sighed into the sheets ...

 I held her, kissing her neck and her back , holding her in my arms , our bodies meshed together .  I pulled her hair to get her face up,,, and I kissed her cheek ,, she reached back towards me returning my kisses with ardor . 

I held onto her , withdrawing and plunging again ,,, I took her over and over and over watching her squirm and writhe with delight , uttering incomprehensible words . 

 I pressed her body against the bed , as I was above her , watching my cock disappear in between her ass cheeks . 

 When I could no longer hold back ,,, I ordered her to reach orgasm , so that we would reach it together . 

"Now," I told her " Now , Now, Now , come for me baby" …bless me with your love. She screamed and squirted, grabbing the edge of the bed and pushing her body upwards into mine trying to make me go deeper,,,I shoved my cock into her pussy one more time ,, as I inserted my finger in her ass… before releasing my come into her .  

 I screamed in pleasure , "yes,,, yes,, my baby ,, yes ,, "   I grabbed her tightly and poured my love into her . Sealing our bodies together . I pulled out of her . "clean me " I said ,,, laying on the bed next to her ,,, 

 She knelt next to my still erect cock ,, and kissed the tip ,,, then slid her mouth down over the shaft and licked me from balls to tip on each and every side ,,, flicking her tongue over the top ,,, and putting all of it in her mouth again ,,, loving the taste of herself on my cock.  

 She moaned and licked , savoring my cock . " Thank you My Master" she said , " I love to please you this way ,, " " Thank you baby , I love to have you show me love this way ,, " 

She climbed up next to me and cuddled in my arms ,,, 

I kissed her forehead, her nose , and worked my way down to her mouth ,,, 

I tasted myself and herself on her wet lips,,, 

she hugged me and pressed the entire length of her body next to mine ,, almost spooning

I could feel her wetness against my thigh ,,, and felt myself harden again ,,it was going to be a long yet very orgasmic time,,,,,, as I saw her eyes close –as mine did soon after – as I heard her sigh

Hmmmmmmmmm – as she held onto me so tight lost in slumber!

2 weeks ago. Mon 06 Nov 2017 10:32:21 PM IST

She walks ahead of me and I watch her ass move through her skirt.

Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, how did I
get to be so lucky.  She opens the door and I close it behind us pinning her against it before
she has a chance to turn on the light.  She feels my body against her and she hears a clicking
sound as I lock the door.  Her heart is racing against me.  I lean to her ear and whisper in a
voice choked with lust and desire, "You planned this you wench, didn't you?  You know that I
will have my way with you and you will enjoy it. Now lift up that skirt."  Defiantly she says,
"Do it yourself!"  I spin her around and grab her hands in mine holding them above her head.  I
lift the skirt tracing my fingers up her legs to her ass.  Holding the skirt up with my upper
body I smack her ass hard enough to see the red hand print appear through her sheer white
panties.  She moans audibly.  I open her legs with my hand and run a finger tantalizingly along
her slit and tease her lips. Then in one swift motion I pull the panties to her ankles and tell
her to step out.  She reluctantly does as I lick up her legs, taking in her intoxicating aroma,
feeling her heat and moisture.  There is a small table in the supply room, I pull her over to it
as I work on releasing my throbbing hot, hard cock.  Bending her over it I spread her legs wide
and thrust deep into her.  She gasps but pushes back into my thrusts.  We are both carried away
and don't last too long before erupting in a climax.  As I soften and slip out of her, I slap
her again and then put her skirt back down.  She turns around smiling wickedly, "We better get
the inventory done before round two."  I smile back, pick up her panties, smell them, putting
them in my pocket saying, "You won't be needing these for quite a while."

The inventory was just finished and we were getting ready to leave.  She had just turned out the light and was moving to the door.  I caught her again and held her to me her ass against me and my hard cock nestling in it.  I reached up under her sweater and released her front closure
fondling and squeezing the nipples feeling them harden more and more in my fingers.  My other
hand slid down her stomach to her skirt and unbuttoned two or three buttons so I had an
unobstructed access to her hot wet pussy.  I reached in and grabbed it. Whispering in her ear,
"This is ALL mine."  She squirmed against me and huskily said "YES".  I plunged my fingers up
and down her slit then deep into her hearing her gasp. I spun her around and she deftly undid my pants as I moved her to the table again.  Laying her down, her head off the edge and my standing at her head, she licked and nibbled and sucked my cock like she was never going to get another.
I spread her legs, teased her with my fingers and then licked and sucked her clit making her
squirm and suck me harder.  Our asualt didn't last long as we wanted to get home and really
play - videos, toys, scented candles, music, etc..... "Leave the skirt open on the way home,
better yet take it off...I want to see and play all the way home in the car." I demanded.

he slips on a coat to cover her near nakedness as they leave the supply room and get into the car.  he keeps his promise to play on the way home........with one hand entwined in her hair, guiding her toward his hard cock, she takes him in her mouth, teasing, licking, sucking.....enjoying his pleasure in feeling her mouth around his cock......

2 weeks ago. Mon 06 Nov 2017 02:28:48 PM IST

For that special trainee

Who had her life so full of stress so full of emotion so full of hurts from men that wanted to abuse you wanted to take you wanted to belittle you mentally as well as physically but you won’t find that stature of man here 

Yes you are mine not just to have and to hold but you also admire

 As you are mine to protect and mine to fuck 

 As you are mine to text and mine to caress 

 Mine to inspect mine to take pleasure 

 As you are mine 

 As you will be that submissive in time will blossom to care affectionately for her  dominant 

 As you will be mine should be spread open no parts of you remain unseen not just your body not just your heart but your mind

Men may have broken up but yet you will be mine to rebuild

you will be mine to sculpt

you will be mine to cherish

 and yet you will be mine to gain that acceptance within yourself

 and to see what a priceless jewel that you are

 thrown away by others but yet found and to be that jewel of great price!

From a dominant that would never take you for granted

 but yet will acknowledge – Admire

 and build up that which was down in time you will see him for who he truly is one not just to mentor one not just want to surrender but  One who desires to give life 

 To my Cass






2 weeks ago. Sat 04 Nov 2017 05:50:01 PM IST

Dear Cass

My dominance is a gift
While it is deep and a part of me
I give it to the one I choose
It is not given freely


Like my love  over time it is held close
And with me everyday
Like a gift of your submission
It is earned through time - trust - respect

Only those who have shown me
Patience, loyalty and trust
Will be deserving of my gift
For it is the soul within me

Not just as a Dom or a Daddy but as a Man

Shared and given with affection 
To those who I allow see the inner me
And know that there is more
Than bondage and a firm hand

But to allow yourself to see the inner me

As to picture yourself knelt as you lookup to me  you have a mind to surrender 
And desire to please and submit

To hunger to caress and feel me 
As my dominance will grow within you

within the pit of your stomach 

to feel me deep inside- to verbalize yes Sir I want as i your best interest at heart
With each passing day

To be mentored

To know me and what my needs are

as I also learn your wants and needs
An as honest want 
As your heart will soon be mine
And we will exchange our gifts

yes we will

As you will show me - by your orgasm

Pure Bliss my Cass

Pure Bliss



2 weeks ago. Thu 02 Nov 2017 08:27:35 PM IST

She left for work before I got, snuck out quietly while I
was sleeping.  I could smell her in the shower, her
chanel coco soap lingereing, the kitchen smelled of deep expresso

As I grinded a small pot for myself …I smiled at
the thought of her tip toeing around, leaving me an
extra half hour of rest. There on the kitchen table was
a note. She had written."Hope you got good sleep babe.
Don't want you to be tired out tonight" and signed it
with a dark red almost purple lipstick print. I wondered what she had in mind
and my own imagination started to click as I went on to

Choose what to wear and then off to the train to work.

I called her abour 2pm, and she got it on the second
ring. "hello..."
"Hello baby",
"Hi love." her voice was happy, "I am glad you called.
I woke up early this morning, figured I could get some
paperwork done so I went in. I want to get home before
you tonight."
She was trying to keep a secret. "Why is that?"
Her voice took on a serious tone "I want to be ready
for you Sir ( when I hear her say Sir – I knew EXACTLY what she wanted to imply)

.  When I woke up I wanted you a certain way
and I want it to be...extra good. I want to fix you
something special for dessert."
"You aren't going to tell me what you have in mind?"
She purred "I want to do something you love Ro, it
requires a bit of preparation. Being your good pet takes work love."
"I always find you fuckable"

Why sweetheart
"That's because I want your deep dark cock so much my pussy
floods every time I think of you Ro.

Ahhhhhhhhh …ffffffuckkkk – I can feel it as I squeeze my legs so tight

You can inspect the crotch of my panties
when you get home."
"I am going to do more than check to see if you are
she giggles "Yes ro…er Sir, that's what I am hoping"
"I might be home by 7-8"
"I will be ready for you sweetie, get home to me when
you can"
"I will,bye love"
"I'll be there,  you too sir"
His mood brightened as he thought of what she might be
up to.

She left work early, went to the market and carefully
picked out the ingredients for their dinner, and made
her way home. She gave the whole house a once over,
she did the laundry and then she started to work on
her self. That morning when she woke she wanted him to
Top her. She knew there was only one thing she
needed tonight, his hot cock in her very wet yet open pussy.

She adored the feeling of her ass cheeks

stretched as he inserted his big
cock deep into her pussy, but she could not do it too often, as he has a
thick cock and as much as he enjoyed fucking her that
way he always waited until she was ready, until she
was craving it, so she could have time to recover...

First she took a hot bath with scented oils in the
water, she scrubbed herself and shaved, carefully
making her legs perfectly smooth. She worked her way
up, next she took care to her pussy, she moaned
at the memory of his hand on her smooth sex, she
resisted the urge to play with herself as she did not

get his permission to do so. She shaved her
arm pits and rinsed in the shower, washed and
conditioned her hair. She finished her shower and
dried herself. She bounced around the house in her

red silk kimono robe, did
all the prep for dinner. She got together the things
she needed and went back to the bathroom.
She dried herself thoroughly,
applied his favorite perfume chanel Noir, a little on her neck,
her wrists, the back of her knees and the small of her
back, she dressed carefully, she wore the fogal laced
 thigh highs with the lacy tops and a matching laperla lacy bra
under the midnight blue a line dress with the swishy
skirt, she put on black ankle strapped heels, they were

a bit darker for the dress but she liked the way she looked,
kind of professional and yet innocent...almost. She arranged the
rest of her surprises.

She put light makeup on, sheer vamp red lip gloss.

She was putting seasoned medallions in the oven
on low heat when she heard his car. She closed the
oven and walked toward the door as he opened it. He
saw her as he turned from the closed door and stopped.
She had dressed up for dinner at home. He smiled at
her and said "Stop right there woman"

Holy shiT!
His stern tone made her stop short with a little gasp,
her arms reaching toward him for a second, not wanting
to stop and she drew a deep breath and stood tall,
straight, hands at her sides, her feet apart,
instinctively, the distance between her feet and the
look in her eyes were inventing him to touch her
freshly cleaned sex.

As he said God you look wonderful tonight – as she smelled his

Musk as he closed his hazel blue eyes and caressed her lips with his ever so

Softly – and yet sensually

As she loved how they kissed – movie kisses she called them

No tongue – just soft lips on soft lips as they snapped so sensually

As they parted

Hmmmmm…he sighed

As she saw him
He dropped his keys and was taking off his armani jacket as
he walked slowly toward her. She got goose bumps as he
walked around her. He came around and faced her,
inhaling his cologne she looked up at him. "Stay here
Julia, just like that, I have a suprise for you too",
she smiled sweetly at him, holding him with her eyes
"Yes Ro".

She could hear him moving around in the kitchen, he got
out a dish it sounded like and something from the
fridge, she heard him move to the bedroom where he
spent several minutes.   She was dying for him to
touch her, she loved these moments when he took over,
when he made her wait. He must have taken off his
shoes as she did not hear him until he was right
behind her.

"This is how you are going to surprise me tonight, my
love..."he placed the silk blindfold securely over her
eyes and she purred softly. " I found the berry salad
and the sweet cream you made for dessert and I want
dessert first, I turned off the oven, it was barely
started". He walked around her as he talked, her pussy
was aching for his hand. She stepped her legs a little
farther apart, her balance a little off without her
sight. She felt him step behind her, he brushed her
long hair away from her neck and leaned close to her
ear. She could feel his breath on her neck as he
whispered to her "My pet, you look beautiful, mnnnmm
you smell good too." He kissed her again now on her neck softly slowly
moving and kissing, she wants to collapse with the hot
shivers she feels in her cunt as his lips move on her,
she leans back and he reaches for her hips and holds
her steady and she can see the reflection in the window

As he kneels to bury his face against her pussy – as he

Moans of pleasure – feasting between her legs.

As she always since the first time she heard his sexy

Deep voice – telling her that as her sub – he did not find it un’dom like to

Orally take what is his to possess…as she feels his lips

Caress her clit as she has done many a time

Except with her fingers.

Right before she is so close …he stops

And stands as now she moans and leans into him she can
feel his hard cock with the small of her back.

She reached back and grabbed his ass, he had lost his
clothes and was naked behind her, cock hard against
her, she rubbed against him and his hands moved to her
breasts, he felt her through her dress as he spoke he
pinched her nipples through her clothes "I want you to
tell me what your surprise is. My cock has been half
hard at the thought of you since we spoke. What did
you do for me?"
" I got all the food and I bathed and dressed for you sir. I
chopped up a salad and spiced the meat. I gave myself
a good warm scented bath, did my hair and dressed up for you." He was rubbing his cock on the
back of her dress against her ass, he held her by the
arms as she ground herself against him.
"Tell me what you want me to do baby"
"I want you to play with fuck my pussy and yet play with my ass

 Daddy, I want you to
lick me and tease me and stretch me with your fingers,
I want you to squirt a pile of lube into my soft tight
ass and I want your index finger like the plug, I want you to fuck
my pussy and my ass. I have been thinking about it all day, will
you finger fuck my ass Daddy?"
"Yes baby, after I eat you for dessert" she groaned.
He led her carefully, blind and a little wobbly on her
heels. She could not see the big towel he had laid
across their bed, she did not know he had taken her
strawberries and fixed them with the cream and put
them on the nightstand with the bananas...he directed
her to stand and she stood legs apart and blind as she
had before.  He placed her hands on the wall in front
of her for support and she stepped into a more
accessible position.

He ran his hand up the inside of her legs, up her
stockings up to her wet cunt and he spread her ass
apart and she moaned, she sounded as if she were close
to crying in ecstasy as he worked his fingers toward
her sex, her cunt was dripping, he teased her slash,
he ran the tips of his fingers along the glistening
lips, brushing her clit and moving back to her ass,
tracing the fine slick liquid around the tighter
smaller hole, she stood trying to claw at the wall as
he worked on her bare ass under her skirt, he drove
her mad with his hot soft lips, he kissed her close to
her anus and she reached around herself and grabbed
her own ass and spread it for him,  she leaned forward
against the wall, blindfolded, trustingly spreading
herself wide open for him to insert his massive manhood

Into her pussy – again claiming ownership.

He growled at her, his cock was full of hot blood, he
was very hard, he took her arm firmly and moved her to
the bed, blind she followed him carefully, her
movements slowed by lack of sight. He instructed her
to get on all fours on the bed, her short loose skirt
fell nicely, only half covering her ass as she crawled
into position, he adjusted her, gently pushing her
shoulders down to the bed and moving her knees so her
ass was in the air, moving the skirt out of his way,
she had reached up between her legs and spread her
aching wet cunt open, he stroked his cock and watched
her as she felt herself, running her fingers up her
pussy, she touched her asshole with a pussy wet
fingertip and watching he groaned as she opened her
ass for him with her finger, waiting for him.

She heard his groans, she knew he was watching her,
and she smiled as she felt his hands on her, he ran
his finger around her tight hole, then she felt
somthing cold and she involuntarily tightened up with
a wimper, the she felt his hot tongue and relaxed
again and before she could tighten up and shelooked into the bureau he was fingering her ass and adding
the juice of the lube was running out of as he fingered her, fingered her
as her blood rushed to her ass to warm her already aching pussy, he
gave her two fingers and she moaned he worked two fingers until
she felt ready and he gave her three fingers and her
breathing was harder as he eased his fingers deep
inside her ass already sensitive from the flush she
felt herself  now unseen to her he grabbed his cock and pushed the tip
slowly past the tight outer lips of her pussy as she groaned and
pused her pussy on his cock, he popped the tip in and
her lips closed tightly one him, he held her cheeks
apart and his rock hard hot erection slowly pushed the
fully erect big latin tool deep into her clean tight
pussy, the juice slowly oozing out of her as he pulled
his cock in and out, he pulled all the way out and her
and he pushed it back
in with his cock and she moaned as she was filled
again with his hot meat, she pushed her ass cheeks on his
lap to get in deeper – asshe now felt the head

Rud against her cervix and he started to fuck her harder and her told
her to play with her clit and she told him to fuck her
hard and he slowly picked up speed and soon she was
begging him to come, as she asked what she moaned many

Times befire …please Sir -- please, can I come, and he thrust
his dick into the sweet mess in her and he told
her to come and he told her he was going to come in
her pussy and he buried his cock as deep as he could,
she could feel his hot nectar fill her even more and
she was shaking from her now third orgasm as he slid out of her
he held her pussy open as the come like

Smooth cream oozed out of her stretched hole he kissed her pussy an
licked up his dessert, she moaned as his tongue
entered her, where had enough he pulled her toward
him and he told her to clean his cock and she was
surprised how good he tasted covered in his come and

 she licked and sucked his
cock until he was clean.

He held her on his lap, he took the blindfold off and
alternated kissing her and feeding her strawberries
and sweet cream as the nectar of his manhood was still coming
out of her pussy and dribbling onto his lap, her dress
was stained and she held him as he fed her purring in
his she looked at her as she said – I thank you

for being so wonderful – as she kissed him playfully

and sighed in his ear – now let’s have that dinner…im sore!

2 weeks ago. Wed 01 Nov 2017 09:24:23 PM IST

As your hands slide down your legs, I startle you as I grab hold of your wrists at your knees. A gasp escapes your lips as my tongue plunges into your offering. One long, wet lick, from clit to ass. a slightly sweat aroma and a taste to shame the best of wines. I plunge in again and again. You stay frigid, panting lightly; I doubt you even need me holding you there. FUCK…its been a long time since I tasted you. Our last encounter left you begging me to touch you, hot flesh instead of impersonal cold leather. Your panting turns into mewing, barely audible as I trace my tongue over your clit, drawing more of your taste.

A taste is good, but I want a meal." I tease you.

You didn't expect my teeth to rake against your clit at that point. Quivering from the sudden change of sensation, you grind into me, all the coaxing I need. Suckling on your clit, I let go of your wrists, still making sure you keep your hands where they are. I part your lips, giving me easier access to your treasure. Your lips aren't even spared: licked, sucked, nibbled; they get the same treatment. Shifting your legs further apart, you open up like a flower in the warm morning sun. Never one to pass up an opportunity, I dive in, drinking your nectar from it's source.

My hands roam your thighs and butt. I want more and you know what's to come. In one long lick, I reach down to your clit, give it a slow swirl and you feel a warm towel…as I clean…feel some thing dripping …its I NOW move back up to your ass. Your puckered hole opens up lightly as you relax and give in to my administrations. I don't dive in right away, only the uncivilized do so. No, I prefer to watch your torment as I draw circles around your rim. Your mews have stopped all together, instead replaced by your labored sighs of Fuck daddy and or FuckSir. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Your hips start swaying. Alas I know you want more, a deeper itch to scratch.

"Hold on tight!" is all the warning I give.

My tongue dives back deeper into your bowels in circles as two fingers slide easily into your pussy. Thrusting in and out, twisting left and right, my fingers finally giving the attention your pussy has been craving since this morning. My tongue doesn't disappoint either, based on how you grind your body into me. Thrusting deeper, turning faster and matching the intensity of my fingers. Pulling away, a sliver of saliva connecting your ass to my mouth, I bite at your still sensitive ass cheeks., chomp, rake. You cry out ….ahhhffffuckkkkk,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.shiiitttt every time my teeth connects with your tender flesh. Unable to escape this torture, my hands back firmly around your wrists, you cry, begging me to stop. Had you truly wanted me to stop, you would not have teased me so today. My fingers emerge, covered in your sweet juices. I lick them clean as to not waste a drop. I part your lips and resume my attack. I intend to make your nice, full, pink lips even brighter and tender. Hanging your head in defeat, you resign to endure my attack, little cries still escaping your lips.

As the bites marks appear on your butt cheeks, I immediately set off to give you a matching set on your thighs. Moving from thigh, to lips, to the occasional nibble on your clit. I keep the pattern erratic, always keeping you guessing where I'll land next. Sometimes you guess right, swaying your hips away from a particularly nasty bite. Sometimes meeting my teeth dead on.

One finally lick of your pussy confirms you're nicely swollen and sensitive, an exceptionally loud cry can not be contained. I pick you up and cradle you like a baby, only to be thrown on the freshly made bed. You landed perfectly on your back, legs spread and arms to your side so you don't roll over as you bounce. I jump in place, between you legs, prop them up on my thighs My throbbing black Cuban cock screaming to be released from it's Armani clad prison. Rubbing against your pussy, it feels just like sand paper to you. 

Again I immobilize your arms so you don't push me away, if for no other reason. Looming over you, I set my sights on your jugular. I bite down, behind the ear at the base of the skull. Again, just under the jaw bone. Once again mid-neck, I can feel your pulse quicken against my tongue. I land my final bite on your collar bone. Nibbling down, I stop at your breast. There, nipples erect, just waiting patiently for their turn. A wicked idea crosses my mind. Gliding my tongue over my teeth, you shudder at the thought of what's to come. 

In one swift movement, I gather in my mouth as much of your right breast as I can and begging mauling. I don't care if I bite your breast or just the tip of your nipple. I'm nothing more than a predator enjoying his meal after his hunt. You writhe under my weight, trying to escape this new game. You're used to me gentle ways with your soft mounds, but not today, I don't feel so nice or gentle. I know you don't mind the bruises I'll leave after this, you keep them as reminders and mini trophies. Just look at the hand prints on your ass... and you thought I didn't notice you looking and smiling at yourself in the mirror. 

I move onto the left breast. Thinking I'd give it the same treatment, you shut your eyes tight. Trying desperately to escape the pain. It never comes. You gingerly peek from under your eye-lids. I'm lapping at your bud like a cat drinking a saucer of milk. Closing my teeth around your nipple, I slowly pull up. Your skin stretches as I lift my head, but I'm not satisfied by simply pulling on your nipple. I want to lift your entire breast. As the weight of your breast pulls down on you nipple, I tighten my hold, digging my teeth deeper. I can hear you gasping and groaning as I re-adjust my hold but my attention is fully on the task at hand... so to speak.

Just as your breast starts to lift off your body, your nipple slips from my hold. I won't be happy until I can actually lift your breast off you and hold it afloat. So I try again. It takes a few minutes and many, many painful tries later, I finally achieve my goal. Your entire breast is lifted off your convulsing body. I gently land your breast back to your chest, riding and falling in rhythm with your shallow breathing. All this time my cock has been pleading for release, it's time you gave it some attention.

 On your hands and knees, facing me." I order you.

As you move into place, my cock springs free from my wet jeans, caused by your ordeal, bringing you oer the edge. Lacing my fingers through your hair, taking a firm hold at the back of your head, I guide you to your next task.

"Show me how a true slut …how Daddy’s best girl worships her Daddies cock."

You barely need more coercion. With an open mouth and outstretched tongue, you hungrily accept the offering. Your tongue immediately goes to work, circling the head, licking around me cock as you slowly feel yourself inch after inch. You barely swallowed half my length when you start bobbing back and forth.

Your lips parted around my thickness, smearing what little lipstick was still fresh, is a sight to behold. You keep your eyes closed, relishing in my taste and texture. Your tongue dancing around my head, pushing my length to gentle rake against your teeth, giving even more sensation. You venture on, trying on your own accord to take more of me within your throat, concentrating hard to not bite down. Your eyes tear up just a little, opening them and looking up at me, pleading trying to take me all in.

Still tangled in your hair, my hand drives you closer and closer to my pelvis, forcing the final inches down your throat. With enough care not to choke you, I rummage through the near by nightstand. As I straighten, the "pop" of a cap is heard, followed by a warm, silky liquid running down your ass. Closing the lube and discarding it, I spread it around your anus and slip in a finger. You double your efforts on my cock as a second finger slides in through your sphincter to rest next to the first. Pumping both fingers in union with the dance of your tongue, I quickly reach back into the night stand. Oblivious to the world around you, you only feel my fingers twist and turn within your bowels as i readjust my hold.

 With your attention split between my cock and my fingers, you are caught unaware when something thick and hard probes at you pussy's entrance. Just parting your lips, never quite entering and definitely teasing you mad. You've never heard footsteps or the front door opening... then again, my friends are known to be sneakier then cats. Between these three sensations, you aren't sure on which to commit. Your tongue trips in it's dance, your hips buckle, you even forget to breath, gagging on my length. Your ass is incredibly relaxed by now, I have no problems pulling out my fingers and plunging them back in. 

Your mewls and moans around my dick just encourage me to double my efforts on your ass. I know how much you crave it back there, I'll be sure to give to you right. The magic your tongue has worked on me is making my balls tighten. I'm nowhere near ready to finish now, and I still have two more holes to enjoy.

With all holes suddenly vacated, you look up with pleading puppy eyes. From out of nowhere I present you with the condom, your eyes light up at the pleasures this promises.

"Hurry and put this on, I want you on your knees, hands on the wall above the headboard."

You frantically rip the package and start unrolling the condom over my slick cock. Once it reaches the root, you hurry to place yourself as instructed, arching your back to present me with an easier access. As you turn, you glance around the room trying to locate what, and hopefully who, was prodding you earlier.


To your demise, it's only the two of us with nothing else on the bed then the bottle of lube and the discarded wrapper. In my rightful place, behind you and between your knees, my cock pulses as I grab hold of your hips. In one hard, quick thrust, I bury myself in you, hitting your cervix. Gentle is no longer in my vocabulary today. Your head rolls back and drops between your outstretched arms as I pull out, leaving the tip inside and force my way back in. You already lost count at my fifth thrust, preferring to feel this moment.


Pulling back on your hips with each thrust, I hammer in harder and faster. Below your hands, the headboard hits the wall in rhythm with your groans. The othyer guests at the hotel…and yet I don't quite care. Let them hear how much fun you're having, let them wish they could join. Breathing in unison; your grunting, my snarling. We continue on like the beasts we are. Without thinking, I grasp the back of your neck, arching your back, helping me thrust in deeper. My other wraps around your waist as my fingers race to your clit.


My job becomes easier as your pussy becomes wetter. Pinching, twisting and pulling on your clit, I feel your pussy walls close in tighter around my thickness. Your orgasm rolls over you on an earth shattering blast, clamping all the harder around my cock. The sensation is intense and takes me every ounce of self-control not to burst; not yet, one more hole requires my visit. I pull out of your collapsed body, still on your knees keeping your hips arched, I slide two digits back into your ass. Exhausted, your body barely reacts to my administration of lube. Satisfied your backside has stretched enough to accommodate my girth, I remove my fingers and sit back on my heels.


Taking a soft hold of your hips, I guide you to sit on my lap. Your eyes light up as you feel my cock poke at your newly slick entrance. Holding yourself up on my thighs, you slowly let your weight impale you. Inch after inch your buttocks finally rest on me. Sitting, you slowly rock back and forth, easing onto my girth. as my cock feels like it's wrapped in velvet. It's my turn to growl into your ear. Your head resting back onto my shoulder, gasping for air. We sit still, occasional shiver making us twitch.


Slowly, I push your hips off me and let you slide back down. Your nails claw at my legs with every lift as I continue to growl my pleasure into your ear. Our pace quickens with every lift as you push yourself off me. Freeing your hips from my grasp, my hands roam your body, wrapping around your waist and gliding up to your breasts. Your nipples find themselves between my thumb and forefinger. Pinching, pulling and kneading your breasts. Lifting them as high as they will go, you bend forward, biting your own nipples without any prompting from me. Your hands replace mine as they slide down your stomach to your swollen pink lips.

The prodding from long ago, the longing sensation you felt when your lips were around my cock has returned. This time, the prodding is deeper within you, nothing like the teasing you felt back then. 

"Leave your breasts and join me."

Letting go, but still biting on your nipples for a few seconds more your hands join mine around the girth of a dildo. My hands wrap around yours as I help you thrust it in and out being stuffed front and back. I time my own thrust, slow at first, to match those of the plastic phallus.

As I quicken my pace and you keep up with my tempo, I resume my play with your body. With one hand I spread you lips even further apart, offering easy access to rub your clit. My other hand wraps around your waist, keeping you close to me as you bounce up and down. Our movements are synchronized as a team of one. Harder and faster you match mine. You skip the beat now and again, pushing back unto me while plunging into yourself, enjoying the added pressure of a filled ass and pussy. I won't hold back anymore, I'm ready, I can feel it from deep within.

Clit, pussy and ass. All are being stimulated. Your pleasure is building once again. I can barely make out any of the sounds you're making.




Holy shit this feels so fucken good

Now I hear – can I BLESS YOU WITH MY CUM……… Thrusting in on final time, your head whips back in a silent scream…as I feel the nectar GUSH staining the crotch of my pants… I bite down on your shoulder muffling my own, slightly seeing teeth marks. We stay together, letting the final shivers of orgasm trail down our spines. Pulling you into me, we slide together to lay cuddling on the bed.


"You'll need to bless me again later baby" I whisper on your ear.

 Giggling you snuggle into me and drift off to sleep.