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A Scottish Perspective.....

What makes me giggle and just inane rubbish.....
5 days ago. Thu 08 Nov 2018 10:09:49 AM IST

She stood before him
Legs akimbo
Wearing nothing but heels and stockings
Hands bound in front of her
Eyes downcast
She secretly watches him as he moves around the room and comes to stop behind her
He uses a single finger to move her hair, which tumbles down her back, to the side, over her sholder
Bending slightly, he lays little butterfly kisses on her neck to her ear
He hears a soft exhale of breath as she shifts her weight slightly
He stands back and surveys his property
The curve of her ass
Her long legs
“Bend over” he tells her
She feels his hand on her, pushing her down into a bending position
He kneels behind her and grabs a handful of her ass, spreading her cheeks slightly
He slowly licks her - from clit to ass
Taking his time
Savouring her taste
His tongue rolls her pearl in circular movements, he hears her ragged intake of breath
He uses his teeth and nips and pulls
At he same time his fingers penetrate her
Moving deeply inside her
She moans, a low gutteral sound from deep inside
He feels how wet she is
How ready she is
He stops - as he stands he pauses to kiss the dimples of her hips
She waits for what is to come next
She waits for his command
She feels the couch dip as he sits down
He touches her arm and she looks at him
Her eyes filled with longing and the need for more
For him that look fuels his carnal desires
She lays over his lap, arms outstretched in front of her
Her ass in the air
She waits in anticipation
Holding her breath
She feels the first strike
“One Sir” she says as she releases her breath and relaxes into what is to come
He continues to spank her, moving from cheek to cheek, ass to thigh and back again
Her ass was stinging
She tried to keep count, she knew if she didn’t he would start from the beginning
He loved the look of her ass while she was bent over his knee
It was now a lovely shade of pink and his hand print was visible
A mark of ownership
His ownership
He spread her legs and could see the wetness of her arousal dripping down her thighs
“Good girl” he says
She can feel him circling her ass hole, nice and slow, dipping in and out
One finger, two fingers
She grips the cushion and pushes herself backwards to allow him to penetrate deeper
She was beginning to lose herself
She felt his hand come down and struggled to remember what number she was on
He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to the side so he could see her face
“What number”
“Fif... fifteen Sir” she managed to get out
“Have you had enough?” she shakes her head
“Do you remember your safe word” she nods
He smiled and gently caressed her cheek “you are my good girl arent you”
She smiled in return
He gently rubbed and stroked her ass and thighs, feathery light touches that further inflames the desire in her
She feels his hands slipping into her wetness, penetrating her, filling her - not only physically but mentally
Her breathing becomes laboured as she could feel an orgasm building
He felt it too - he could feel her body reacting
“Please Sir” she mananged to get out in a whisper
“Please what” he asks
She could barely speak at this point
She could feel him - pressing deep in her pussy and her ass
She was barely able to focus enough to speak
She heard herself moan, heard herself make noises that didnt even sound human
“Please, oh please let me cum Sir” she was begging
She knew she would never be able to stop what was building inside her right now
“You can cum baby” she hears
She cries out and lets the feeling wash over her
It was like a tsunami, all consuming
He let her lay for a moment after she had finished orgasming
He loved watching her body respond to his touch
He helped her to a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her - her feet inbetween his legs and beneath one of his thighs
He held her close and tight - not wanting this moment to end
She snuggled into his arms - feeling his warmth and his strength
He could feel her breathing start to slow and he lifted her head and kissed her - softly but deeply
“I love you”
“I love you Sir”

1 week ago. Tue 06 Nov 2018 11:23:05 AM IST

She lay in bed
Alone with her thoughts
All jumbled in her head
Emotions scattering like autumn leaves in the wind
She closes her eyes
Trying to quiet those stray, random thoughts
Pushing them back down
Down into the depths
The depths where she can box them up
Nice and neat, compartmentalised
Under lock and key
Where she need not think of them again

They lay in bed
Holding one another close
Quiet whispers
Opening the boxes they buried deep
Letting everything spill out
Opening themselves to one another
Laying themselves bare in front of the other
All their fears, their hopes and their dreams
Freeing themselves
Lifting each other to new heights

2 weeks ago. Mon 29 Oct 2018 11:41:26 PM IST

You see me
All of me
Into my soul
Into my very being

Your are my breath
You breath life and love into me
Into my Soul
Into my very being

You are the stars in my night
Guiding my way
Lighting my soul
Lighting my very being

We are entwined
Both of us
Our souls
Our very beings

I am lost in you
Lost in the thoughts
Lost in the feelings

You are my beginning, my middle and my end
For all time

2 weeks ago. Sat 27 Oct 2018 10:41:18 PM IDT

She takes his hand, pulling him through the open door and shutting it behind him
Leaning in towards him, her breasts touching his chest, their lips millimeters away from touching, so close, so tantilizing
She removes his coat and turns to hang it up, rising on her tip toes to reach the coat hooks
He reaches out to touch her, running his fingers down her spine, caressing her, she doesn’t move for fear he will stop
He wraps his arms around her, pulling her close and holding her tight, burying his head in her neck and deeply breathing in her scent
They stand for a moment and just enjoy the closeness, enjoy the feeling of touching once again, it feels like forever since they had been together
She makes to move and he loosens his grip ever so slightly, allowing her enough room to turn around in his arms and face him
He takes her face in his hands and kisses her so softly, so gently, barely a whisper of a kiss
Pulling away slightly he looks at her, scanning her face
She smiles, raising her hands she places them on his chest, feeling his heart beating
“Hello my Sir - I have your drink ready” she says as she tenderly returns his kiss
Once again taking his hand she leads him into the livingroom
Stopping, she turns to face him
Undoing his tie and removing it
Unbuttoning his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and exposing his chest
She allows her fingers to trail down his torso, slowly and softly - from his collar bone to the waistband of his trousers, where she feels his intake of breath
Placing small kisses on his ear lobe, his neck, working her way down, tracing with her lips where only moments before her fingers had been
She moves to a kneeling position and making eye contact, she smiles as she undoes his belt and trousers, pulling them down so he can step out of them
She rests her head on his stomach, wrapping her arms around him, closing her eyes, feeling his warmth, his stength
He lays his hands on her head, stroking her hair, running his fingers through her curls for a few moments, then grabbing fistfulls of her hair, pulls her back and looks into her eyes, with a darkness and intensity that promises tonight, with all certainty, would be full of a fierce passion they both desperately desired and needed
He smiles, bends down and lovingly kisses her
“Now where is that drink you promised me”

4 weeks ago. Wed 17 Oct 2018 02:10:39 AM IDT

I lie here - just as you instructed - wearing nothing but stockings, suspenders and a blindfold. You asked me to lay spread eagle but I havent yet - feelings of self conciousness surround me, even though I’m alone.

Waiting, with no idea how today will unfold, I feel the anticipation building, my heart beating faster and my breath shallow, my body slightly tense as I listen intently for any little tell tale sound, anything to give me a clue that you are here and if you are, where you are but, all I can hear are the birds outside and the planes overhead. The warmth of the sun, streaming through the window, relaxes me and my mind starts to drift and thoughts wander through my mind.

Suddenly I am snapped out if my daydream - I’m sure I heard something - the faintest of noises. I hold my breath with the promise of what is to come and I can instantly feel my body stirring, awakening to the thought of what is to come. I did hear something - I can feel you - I know you are in the room.

“Hello my love” you whisper - I can’t help but smile, I love the sound of your voice - it sends shivers down my spine. The air feels electrified, you havent touched me yet but my whole body waits, aching for you. I feel your breath on my face - I instinctually move my head to catch your lips but I’m too slow and your gone.

I finally feel your touch - my body jerks involuntary, my back arches as I feel your lips on me - you gently suck my nipple into your mouth and for me time stops - I can feel your fingers trailing around my other nipple, pinching, tugging and rolling it inbetween your fingers. I moan - I cant help myself.

You stop. Suddenly there is nothing - I feel soo lost - soo left wanting - where did you go? I lift my head from the pillow to try and work out where you are.

“Relax Princess” you say and I feel your hands on my ankles, caressing my calves as you move up my legs, spreading them wide as you go, so you can see your property - see what you own and what you will use for your pleasure. You reach my knees and stop, you whisper “beautiful” as you lay light kisses on my thighs.

“This is only the beginning” you say as your mouth claims what is yours.....

1 month ago. Fri 12 Oct 2018 02:09:54 PM IDT

I’m not always good at actually verbalising my own feelings – I find that really hard. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s the innermost part of me and I’m a very private person. Not many people get to see “me”, they see a version of “me” the almost “me” but not the real, the actual “me”. Even with you I sometimes still find it hard to say what I want – to lay myself bare to you, but you are patient and I know you will wait until I can say what I need, what I want to say.

There was something between us from the start – we clicked immediately. You knew what I was feeling or trying to say without me saying it. I did something I thought I’d never do and let you in, trusted you and you have not let me down. You have been there for me, stood by me and supported me through my wobbles and insecurities.

When we are together (and even when we are not) I feel more love and adoration than I feel I deserve. I love the fact this is not all about sex – there are many facets to our relationship. I feel we have connected on such a deep and powerful level – you are like a drug to me. You are probably the kindest and sweetest man I have ever met and I love the fact I am on this journey of self discovery with you! We are both discovering our inner “D/s” relationship and I love that all my firsts are with you.

Don’t get me wrong the sex aspect is utterly fantastic and I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life, never experienced where nothing exists but the experience itself, my senses are heightened and my mind is in the moment, I’m not sure I’m aware of my surroundings, I’m not thinking about anything I am just wrapped up in our moment together. You said to me you can see the desire in my eyes – that’s down to the connection we have – down to how you make me feel safe and loved and needed – down to us knowing the other and what they need.

So I guess I wanted to say - I’m soo glad I decided to respond to your message, otherwise none of the utterly amazing experiences we have had would have happened and we would not have met. I love you and look forward to all the other firsts we will experience together and the special moments we will share. 😘

1 month ago. Tue 02 Oct 2018 05:17:34 PM IDT

She sat down at the dresser and looked at herself in the mirror
Taking stock of her appearance
Her gaze went directly to her choker
She smiled as she was now His
Her hair - wild and untamed, curls damp from exertion stuck to her face
She smiled as it reminded her of how He had grabbed her by her hair, pulling her close and controlling her every movement
Her lips - full and swollen
She smiled as it reminded her how He kissed her - gentle, tender and loving and then ravaging her - hot, passionate and demanding
Her eyes - the desire and passion reflected in them
She smiled as it reminded her of the lust she felt, the lust they both had felt
Her make up - her lipstick smeared - her mascara running down her face
She smiled as it reminded her of kneeling in front of Him, reminded her of Him holding her head back and looking into her eyes, using His thumbs to open her mouth before pushing His cock deep inside her throat - now His throat - the tears running down her face, her gagging and choking, and her pleasure at now being His
She leaned forward slightly, resting her elbows on the dresser and looked at her wrists - admiring the still visable rope marks
She smiled as it reminded her of being tied up, being helpless and being possessed by Him
Leaning back on the chair she winced slightly
She smiled as it reminded her of being ordered to bend over His lap and being spanked - reminded her of His instruction to count each slap to her bottom - 1 Sir, 2 Sir - she had lost count for sure
She took one last look at herself - disheveled and exhausted
She smiled as her reflection reminded her of the commitment that had been made and that she was now His - body and soul

Thanks to IntriguedSwitch not only for a memorable and amazing day but also for helping me with this writing ❤️❤️❤️

1 month ago. Fri 28 Sep 2018 01:55:46 AM IDT

Its cold, wet and windy outside
She sits on the window seat resting her forehead against the cold glass
Her eyes focusing on the rain as it hits the window
She watches the droplets as they trickle down the pane and traces one with her finger
She is concious of each drop making its way through uncharted terrain
Unknown territory
Sometimes struggling with the path it chose
Not always taking the easy route
The well trodden route
But never giving up
She feels a hand on her sholder
She feels his wamth
His strength
She looks up and into the eyes of her storm
She feels at peace
She knew she would never be the same again
He sits beside her and pulls her onto his lap
Wrapping his arms around her
Holding her tight
She snuggles into his body
Feeling his strength
His warmth
His kindness
His love
No matter the path chosen it had brought her to this point
To this place
A place where she felt loved
A place where she never wanted to leave