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2 weeks ago. Sat 06 Jul 2019 10:55:01 AM IDT

He opened the door, took her hand and drew her into the room. Babygirl grinned and flung her arms around him and they held each other tightly for a moment, drawing back she smothered his face in kisses - god how she had missed him! He smiled and took her wrists and pinned them behind her back with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other and kissed her hard, probing with his tongue and she instantly felt weak. He pulled away and asked “are you ready for today” “yes Daddy” she replied - her heart was beating soo fast, she was incredibly nervous but god how she was turned on.

She removed her clothes as instructed and stood before him in heels and stockings only. He used his forefinger to trace around her body, laying little kisses here and there, her breathing grew faster as she could feel the fear and the excitement building.

Daddy moved her to the window - the voile was still drawn at this point and she was glad. Daddy took her hands and tied them together at the wrists and then she felt them being raised above her head until she was almost on her tip toes.

“Ok” Daddy whispered as he softly ran his fingers down her back - she nodded, barely breathing in anticipation.

Daddy opened the voiles and she could see out - out into the street below - the busy street. All those people walking by, they could soo easily look up and see her - see her naked and tied up - see her for the slut she was - Daddy’s slut.

Babygirl was momentarily scared - she looked at Daddy and he came and stood in front of her blocking her view, he kissed her - slow and soft, playing with her lips - teasing her. Running his hand over her body, bending and taking her nipple into his mouth - sucking and biting - his fingers finding their way to her sweet spot - she was sopping wet at this point - she could feel her juices running down her legs.

“I think your ready babygirl” he whispered and stood away so she was exposed. He stood behind her and carried on kissing her and fingering her until she came, her head thrown back and and his hand around her throat
“whose slut are you”
“yours Daddy”
“Mine to do as I please with”
“Yes Daddy”
“good girl”

He smiled

He stepped away for a moment and left her there - left her tied up and exposed, her juices running down her legs - she was excited but also scared - what if someone saw her? She watched the people in the street below going about their daily business - oblivious to what was happening above them, oblivious to what was happening to her.

She wondered where Daddy was and tried to look around the room, she caught a side glimpse of him sitting in the chair just watch her and the people outside. She move slightly to rearrange her position and looked back out of the window wondering if anyone had seen her. She was startled slightly when Daddy came up behind her, swatted her ass and slipped the blindfold on. She tensed slightly as now she couldn’t see - this was definitely a new sensation - it’s one thing to be blindfolded in privacy with Daddy but, not where anyone could see you.

“Ok baby”

She paused and then nodded

“Good girl” Daddy said kissing her on her neck

She felt Daddy’s hands running down her leg and repositioning it - she felt the rope being tied around her ankle and she realised she couldn’t move her foot - Daddy did the same to her other leg so she was now spread eagle in front of a floor to ceiling window for all to see.

Oh god was she horny! She didn’t have to think about who would see her anymore as she couldn’t see them - it didn’t matter any more. She was nothing more than Daddy little slut and she would do anything to make Daddy happy.

Babygirl heard the buzz of the wand and instantly felt a jolt to her stomach - she could hear him moving closer and then she felt the vibrations - nice and low almost lulling her into a false sense of security! Daddy tied the wand to her, in position, and carried on doing stuff around the room. She could feel the first orgasm building, slow and sensual - she knew Daddy was watching and waiting. She felt the first sting of the flogger on her ass just as she came - the mixture of ecstasy and pain was something soo hard to describe, she was instantly taken to another level and could feel herself shuddering as another orgasm wracked her body.

Daddy had increased the vibrations.

Another strike to her thighs and then her back, Daddy was relentless and carried on flogging her, all in quick succession - again and again. She could feel the tendrils of the flogger sting her skin as it wrapped itself around her stomach, her thighs, her breasts. She was moaning and bucking but was held tight in position by the ropes, they were digging in now because she was thrashing around but she didn’t care, she couldn’t care, she was caught in the moment - not even conscious of being held in front of that window for all to see...

Daddy switched the wand off and removed it, she could feel his hands exploring where he had whipped her. He was kissing her and whispering beneath his breath how beautiful she was, what a good girl she was and how much he loved her. She smiled.

Suddenly she tensed as she heard a knock on the door - her head flew up and she tried to hear where Daddy was - he whispered in her ear “do you trust me” “always Daddy” she said but she was nervous about who was at the door. She heard movement, more than one person she wondered, she was listening intently for any sign of who had come into the room but they were so quiet she wasn’t sure.

She heard a giggle and knew there was a girl in the room, she felt hands on her, soft and gentle, different from a man. These hands explored her body, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her ass, using her mouth to kiss and explore along the way, these hands moved their way to her pussy. She felt them spread her lips apart and gently stroke her from top to bottom, slow, languid, no rushing. The girl dipped her finger into her pussy and she could feel how wet she was, using her fingers to fuck her and her thumb to rub her clit, it was all so slow and utterly amazing, she could feel the orgasm building, taking over her body until she came hard, the orgasm wracking her body. She felt the girls two fingers at her mouth and the girl whisper “suck my fingers clean of your cum - suck them like they were your Daddy’s cock” and she did, she took those fingers into her mouth and greedily sucked and cleaned them.

She heard Daddy softly laugh in the background. She knew he was enjoying the show and that turned her on even more.

She heard some movement to the side and felt her hands being lowered - she felt hands on her shoulders pushing her to her knees - not the girls hands and definitely not Daddy’s hands - she struggled briefly until she heard Daddy’s voice “trust me baby girl” she relaxed onto her knees. She kneeled for a moment and wondered what was going to happen next - she didn’t have long to wait as she felt a cock at her lips - she pulled back slightly but heard Daddy say “suck it baby girl”. She opened her mouth and took that cock in - all the way in. It wasn’t Daddy’s cock for sure - not horrible just not Daddy’s. She used her tied hands to steady herself and she sucked this cock - moving her head back and forth, sucking, nibbling, licking until she heard a groan. Then from no where she felt hands on the back of her head pushing her head onto his cock - she gagged at the unexpectedness of this but she couldn’t move as he fucked her face - fucked it hard and fast - he drew out and came all over her face. She heard the girl giggle and lick her face, then kiss her, pushing her cum laden tongue into her mouth.

She was now being untied and pushed onto the bed and positioned into doggy - her head was pushed down and she realised it was the girls pussy. She had never gone down in a girl so was slightly nervous. The girl lifted her head and kissed her softly, gently, probing with her tongue and the kiss deepened - it was a beautiful kiss and made her forget her nervousness - her head was then pushed back down. She used her tongue to explore and taste and feel her way, deep inside her, the girl held her head and was grinding her mouth over her clit, harder and faster until she moaned as she came. Babygirl could taste the cum as it dribbled into her mouth. She felt her head being lifted and kissed deeply by the girl - their tongues playing catch with each other as the girl tasted her cum from Babygirls mouth.

There was no time to catch her breathe as she felt hands on her pussy and ass hole - probing - not gentle hands either. Her head was held up and a cock rammed in - not Daddy’s - he was thrusting in and out and baby girl was gagging and drooling. She then felt Daddy cock enter her asshole - he was gentle until she relaxed and then he was fucking her hard - no mercy - using her like the slut she was. She felt fingers at her pussy and knew it was the girl- rubbing her clit, she tried to moan but couldn’t as she was still being facefucked. She felt something getting pushed into her pussy as well - it was a vibe - the girl was holding it in place and letting the vibrations stimulate her clit even more. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening, the feelings, emotions - she was getting used for their pleasure and she loved it. She felt the orgasms wrack her body, time and time again - she was exhausted but they weren’t finished with her yet.

She was turned over and felt her hands being tied to each side of the bed, her ankles being tied to her thighs and spread open - she felt a cock thrust into her pussy - fucking her hard - banging off of her. She felt something being attached to her face, holding her mouth open and felt a cock being rammed into her mouth and the vibe being rammed into her ass - there was no gentleness here, this was animalistic need being gratified and she had no control - she was being used - it felt good.

She lost count of how many times she came, how many holes had been filled or how many times she had been used for their pleasure. She had no idea what they looked liked. She felt the girl kiss her goodbye and whisper “best time ever” in her ear. The door opened and closed and the bed dipped as Daddy lay beside her. He removed her blindfold and looked at her - stoked her hair and kissed her.

“How do you feel baby girl “

She smiled “tired and used but good”

Daddy took his Babygirl into his big strong arms and held her tight, kissing her and loving her until she slipped into a deep sleep, with a smile all over her face....

1 month ago. Fri 07 Jun 2019 04:13:15 PM IDT

So it’s been one full year since we met - not started talking but actually met!!! It’s been an amazing year and most of the time I still can’t actually believe we found each other!!!

I like a little celebration so, I asked Daddy if we could have two First Anniversaries!! Our First First Anniversary was when we started talking and our Second First Anniversary was when we met for the first time!!

I wouldn’t recommend people meet for the first time the way we did - we didn’t meet in a public place first, neither of us considered the safety issues - I mean I might have been a psycho or something!!! We both totally dived in - 100% committed!! Our first meeting was sweet and amazing - it felt like we had known each other forever - it was like coming home. Don’t get me wrong there were fireworks - lots of them, but everything felt soo natural, there was no awkwardness.

We have come along way this year, our relationship has deepened into something I could only have dreamt about. I have experienced a love and an acceptance for who I am that I did not know was possible.

I’m not saying it has been 100% perfect as we all know that just isn’t possible. There is only one thing we have had “discussions” around and that is communication. It’s been me that has had melt downs about this, which I think is a lack of confidence in myself, always needing and seeking confirmation of Daddy’s feelings for me. As time has gone on I am definitely more positive and confident - I still have wobbles but remind myself how much Daddy loves me. Daddy is always aware of these wobbles even although I try hard to hold my feelings back!! He is always extra caring and it makes me feel bad, I get irritated with myself for being weak. This is a work in progress and is something I am dealing with - with the help of Daddy of course.

I’ve been reading a book called “The Warrior Princess Submissive”. It’s a really interesting read to be honest and I think what it’s confirmed with me is I don’t NEED to try and fit in box. Daddy doesn’t NEED to fit in a box either. I’ve always wondered the need some people have to put themselves into a box - I’ve never understood why would you want to limit yourself - it would be like eating macaroni cheese (see what I did Daddy) for the rest of your life - I love Mac cheese (a lot!!) but not sure I could eat it forever!! I have always worried I wasn’t submissive enough to be a proper submissive and I think I’m lucky to have found someone who won’t stifle me, someone who won’t force me into a category, someone who has allowed me to grow, learn and develop into who I am and sees the potential in who I can be and encourages that. He accepts me for who I am which is the really amazing thing!! I think he rather enjoys the journey to be honest!!!

Our relationship has developed, grown and naturally progressed into what we have today and I think will continue to flourish as we grow and learn. I’m excited to see where the next year and all the further years will take us.

I love you Daddy 🥰🥰🥰

1 month ago. Fri 31 May 2019 05:55:54 PM IDT

So ..... we’ve both been madly busy lately which is a nuisance to put it mildly!!

It gets in the way of you and I!!

So I write this to let you know how much;
I miss you
I need you
I ache for you
I yearn for you

I crave;
Your Body
Your strength
Your energy
Your presence

I want to;
See you
Touch you
Breathe you in
To remind myself you are real
Not a figment of my imagination
That I did not dream you up

I don’t want your calmness
I want the wild
I want the storm
I want you to bring those and break my door down
I want your wildfire coursing through me
Taking over so that I am not in control
I am yours
Bending to your will
Your desire
Fulfilling your every need
I want you to use me up until we are both spent
The two of us lying entwined and exhausted

1 month ago. Mon 27 May 2019 09:23:32 AM IDT

Sometimes life gets in the way - it just jumps up and bites you on the arse.

It pulls you in all directions and none of them the direction you want to go in. 

It’s hard when that happens - it’s happened to Daddy and I recently and I hate it.  We are both working too many hours and haven’t been able to talk or message as much. 

I admit I’ve had internal tantrums and that’s not fair because it’s no ones fault.  The rational side of me knows this - the emotional side - well she’s a pain and goes off half cocked and acts out before she thinks and then regrets it when she calms down because she realises she’s been a twat!!  

I just want to say how much I love you Daddy and thank you for being there for me ..... always 

2 months ago. Sat 04 May 2019 12:29:56 AM IDT

2 months ago. Sat 27 Apr 2019 11:00:46 AM IDT

So I was having a chat with a friend and we were talking about how important communication was in a relationship - proper open honest communication. We both said how sexy we find that and it started me wondering ...... what is it about good, decent, open and honest communication that is a turn on for me? 


For me there are quite a few different types of communication but, my main 4 are : 


Verbal - I love when he uses words to reduce me to a wet puddle, he plays with my mind and takes me places - away from where I am - he transports me. I love when he is vulnerable and open and honest and tells me his feelings - it makes me feel loved more than he could know - that he could trust me enough to open up to me with these feelings that are intimate and private and part of his inner self - just between us. 

Non verbal - now these can be a little harder to pick up on or sooo blatant it’s unreal!!! Personally I prefer blatant, sometimes I have a hard time picking up subtle cues - I think this is mainly due to me being horny and  not thinking clearly!!! This could be when his hand grips my arm that little tighter - I feel the shiver and the throbbing start immediately- I know what’s coming. Or that look - you just catch his eye and boom - your there - right where he wants you and exactly where you want to be!!! 

Visual -  when I dress up - it’s as much for me as it is my Daddy. The thought of him aroused - by me - is a wonderful feeling.  Our surroundings - sometimes they just don’t matter, other times they are the crux of the scenario - the back seat of a car, outside bent over the front of the van, a dungeon, the kitchen - it’s endless really. 

Written - I love written - fantasy becomes entwined with reality, anything goes. Every detail laid out soo graphically for you to digest. To hear the dirty, depraved acts my Daddy is going to carry out when we next meet, to know what he is thinking. OH MY LORD!!! 

2 months ago. Thu 25 Apr 2019 07:39:30 PM IDT

3 months ago. Fri 19 Apr 2019 08:40:43 AM IDT

3 months ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 10:26:47 AM IDT

It was such a hot day and Sasha was stuck in the stationery cupboard - no windows and dull lightening. She was bored and had given up on being productive now the day was almost over!! She was on her phone listening to music and checking the talent out on Tinder.  

“Oi you - skiver ” Dan shouted from the door. Sasha screamed out as she got such a fright!! “Dan you are soo naughty” she said, turning and leaning against the desk, her breasts straining against her tight white blouse “you scared the living daylights out of me!!” 


Dan laughed as he closed the door and walked towards her “did you pee yourself- even just a dribble?”

Sasha laughed “almost “ she replied

“I think you should take your panties off to dry then - can’t have you going home in wet knickers” he said leeringly

“Are you going to help me take them off” she asked provocatively, putting her weight on her hands and pushing her hips forward 

“It would be my pleasure “ Dan said as he moved towards her. Their lips met hungrily and Sasha gripped his arms as he pressed her again the desk, spreading her legs and putting his fingers inside her panties “god you are wet” he said pulling back slightly 

Sasha just smiled and using a finger at a time she started to pull her skirt up, nice and slow and teasingly.

Dan bent down pulling her panties as he descended. Helping her out of them he lifted her onto the desk where he pulled her pussy and ass towards his face. He licked her from ass to clit and she gasped at the sensation. Dan pushed her legs back further and fingered her ass while sucking hungrily on her clit and tongue fucking her pussy. Sasha was moaning “oh god Dan - I’m going to cum” “fuck yeah baby” Dan mumbled back

Dan then pulled her off the desk and pushed her to her knees where she undid his trousers and took his cock into her mouth - she held his balls in one hand and stroked with the other - making sure she had lots of spit she took him all the way down her throat. Dan groaned and pushed her head down even further, she was fighting for breathe a little but she was soo fucking horny she didn’t care. 

Neither of them noticed the door opening until they heard someone clearing their throat. Sasha looked round Dans side - his cock still in her mouth - and saw Pete. She looked up at Dan and smiled. 

“Join the party mate” Dan said and motioned Pete further into the room

Sasha put her arms out and pulled Pete towards her by his belt - undoing it at the same time. Now she had two cocks - both delicious and she moved between them, making sure to give each one the attention they deserved.  Both were groaning and ready to come - Sasha stopped “I need fucked boys - ass and pussy - so you don’t get to come before I do several more times”

The boys needed no further invitation and cleared the desk - Sasha bent over and Dan spread her ass cheeks and rammed his cock into her pussy while she carried on blowing Pete. The boys decided to swap and moved Sasha so her head was slightly off the table - Pete fingered her ass to get it ready for his cock - which was fucking massive - one finger, two fingers, three and then four - god it felt soo good!! He had bent over and was tongue fucking her pussy - Dan covered her mouth as she was starting to scream as she came again and again. Pete showed Dan her gaping ass and Dan fingered her ass more as Pete sucked her nipples - he then got a bulldog clip and clipped her nipples - god the pain was freakin amazing. Pete then came back round and slid his cock in her ass - nice and slow all the way to the hilt - she was about screaming again when Dan rammed his cock down her throat - she could feel it hitting the back of her throat as he moved in and out. She was in ecstasy and coming again and again and again. They came down her throat and up her ass and everyone stayed where they were for a moment - what the fuck had just happened?? They all looked at each other and started laughing.

Sasha stood up and said “same time next week boys” with a cheeky wink as she left the stationery cupboard - leaving her panties behind. 


3 months ago. Thu 18 Apr 2019 12:09:33 AM IDT