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A Scottish Perspective.....

What makes me giggle and just inane rubbish.....
3 days ago. Sun 13 Jan 2019 12:36:55 AM IST

5 days ago. Fri 11 Jan 2019 09:59:45 AM IST

“I hope you are on your knees - where I left you”

“Yes Mistress” she heard the gurgled replied

“Your legs better be open”

She heard some reply but couldn’t make it out.

He was definitely her type - a pretty boy - oh so pretty with muscles upon muscles, she was almost drooling - almost.

She came out of the bathroom and ruffled his hair as she passed. She bent and took his face in her hands and kissed the tip of his nose. “Do you want this out now baby?” She said tapping the ball gag - he looked up at her, those eyes - just beautiful, you could get lost in those eyes - he nodded, smiling she unbuckled the gag.

She stood and looked down at him “now baby it’s time to eat” she said as she turned around and bent over. He already had his back against the wall, he was going nowhere.

“Spread my ass and chow down baby” she said as she leaned backwards until she felt his head was hard against the wall. His hands moved slowly up her legs, stopping slightly at the edge of her stockings and rubbing his thumbs between skin and fabric. His hands moved all the way up, meeting at the top of her thighs as he spread her ass cheeks apart. She held her breath for a moment in anticipation of what was to come next.

She closed her eyes as she felt him nibble and suck her ass cheeks, moving in closer towards to her ass. She wiggled until she felt his tongue - he licked her from clit to ass, hard and soo slow - oh boy was she going to have fun tonight! She could feel his lips invading her very being, sucking on her clit, his tongue pressing inside her, probing her, he was nibbling her and biting and sucking - his fingers spreading her lips as he greedily ate her for all he was worth. She groaned and pushed back harder, she felt him respond by bringing his head forward with a ferocity that took her over the edge, he was unrelenting, she was lost in the ecstasy and fireworks were exploding around her. It took a few moments for her to recover, she turned and sat on the edge of the bed - bending to eye level she smile and kissed him hard “you are such a good boy - and because you’ve been sooo good I’m going to let you clean me up since you made me cum everywhere“ she maintained eye contact as she spread her legs, taking his head she pushed it back into her cunt, she lay back and relaxed into exquisite oblivion as he gently cleaned her from top to bottom.

6 days ago. Thu 10 Jan 2019 12:34:05 PM IST

I am ...

I am a Warrior Princess

I need to be ...

I need to kneel

I need a connection, I need to find my inner peace, for this is my self awakening, this is where my vulnerability becomes my power, intoxicating and bewitching.

He is...
(These are only a few of his many qualities)

He is my Sir

He provides for all my needs, makes me melt with desire and smile when I think of him. He touched my heart and I give myself over to him - in totality, no inhibitions, to bend to his will, to be consumed within his fire, rising like a Phoenix, never to be the same again. I am who he has made me.

We stand together
side by side
I am His and He is Mine

2 weeks ago. Wed 02 Jan 2019 11:06:40 AM IST

Disparaging and Offensive. A sexually promiscuous woman, or a woman who behaves or dresses in an overtly sexual way.

This a word I have always struggled with, a word that invariably has a negative connotation, a word reserved for not even bad girls, for dirty girls.

It’s just a word - four little letters - how could being called a SLUT hurt me in any way. In reality it can’t but, it does or should I say did. I wanted desperately to be Sir’s SLUT but I really struggled with this. Recently I read another post around the accronym of SLUT and it made me think and I mean genuinely think.

It’s a word that people use, who dont understand someone’s needs or wants or their lifestyle choices, to throw out as an insult, to put the other person down, to make themselves feel loftier and better about themselves, superior I think. Now the question is - are they better than me - just because I love sex, because I want to be spanked or flogged or restrained or because I want to be Sir’s SLUT - HELL NO!!!


They are scared and will probably never be truly free to be themselves, they will always be stuck in their little box, peering out at life passing them by. They may never realise this either which makes me feel sorry for them, sorry they don’t have the courage to seek out what makes them happy (this could be anything, not just related to kink) or to take the time to understand someone or something else that may just enlighten them. It’s ignorance and some people are happy to live there their whole life.

I have finally found a freedom through being Sir’s SLUT - I am able to express what I need and want and what I desire.

I Googled the acronym for SLUT and found

“Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing”

which is nice but not quite what I was going for. I found one other but didn’t like the U or T definition so updated it to suit me

“Sexually Liberated Unequalled Temptress”.

Then I thought I’m maybe not quite there yet - that could be my goal 😋 so I decided to make up a couple of my own, so depending on my mood I can choose who I want to be!!

“Super Loving Uniquely Talented”

“Sexy Lady Uncompromisingly True”

2 weeks ago. Tue 01 Jan 2019 04:51:30 AM IST

This time of year makes people reflective and I suppose I’m no different. This year has had many ups and downs but I know I have much to be thankful for - I took that very hard but vitally important decision, to allow me to be true to myself, and started my journey - a journey which I thought may never materialise and would be something I could only dream about.

I have met many people, some wonderful and some not so much. 😋 They say there are 3 types of friendships - friends for a reason, friends for a season and friends for a lifetime. I firmly believe that you don’t meet people by chance - they cross your path or you cross theirs for a reason. I always try to appreciate the people who have come into my life - they have helped me, whether from a good experience or bad experience, and put me on the path to where I am now - somewhere I may not have been had it not been for them.

The most important person I met this year, who has inextricably changed my life, is my Sir @Intrigued73. I never thought such a man existed, someone whose patience and love and thoughtfulness shine through, someone who has been there for me in some of my more challenging moments and someone who has proven how much I mean to him.

Intrigued73 - my amazing Sir - I want to thank you for your part in my journey and I can’t wait to see what 2019 bring for us!!

3 weeks ago. Sun 23 Dec 2018 05:59:21 PM IST

I wouldn’t really say I was a feminist - not a staunch one at least. I firmly believe that women should be treated equal in and out if the workplace, they should be free from sexual innuendo and inappropriate touching/groping and a whole raft of other things but a part of me believes the word feminist has been a little hijacked these days - don’t get me wrong I think the world needs to change but we don’t need to make all men the bad guys.

Women my age will remember the “good” old days - the days where women had to wear skirts and heels (my daughter cannot believe this), they had to know their place and not talk back, had to put up with the nonsense that men thought was appropriate behaviour. I did not put up with that nonsense and always gave as good as I got - I used to get into trouble all the time at work for “talking back” read that as giving as good as I got!! Unfortunately men did not know how to react when I did this - they got embarrassed themselves and complained!! Go figure!!! At the time I didn’t think anything of my behaviour - didn’t think about what I was doing - just realised I didn’t want to be talked to / treated in that manner!

I am extremely lucky in that my amazing daughter - age 18 - and I have the relationship we do - we talk about everything and she is always very honest with me (sometimes scarily so but I would rather have it that way than not). Her latest adventure was on Black Friday (the last Friday before Christmas and the messiest) - she was hit upon time and time again by drunk men - not boys - but grown ass men old enough to be her father - propositioning her. This makes me soo angry and frustrated and makes the feminist (or mama bear) in me jump right to the front - I want to grab these so call men and bang their heads against the wall, amongst other things!! Why would they think propositioning a child be appropriate? My daughter being the mouthy descendent of her mother gives as good as gets - she asks these men if they are married - if they have daughters - asks their daughters age - asks how would they feel if a man as old as their father propositioned their daughters - asking their daughters for sex and a whole raft of other requests. Some of these men stopped and thought about that and apologised - I applaud those men because unfortunately- even in this day and age it is still seen to be ok to treat a girl/woman as an object for sexual gratification!! The men that laugh and keep going - you should be ashamed of yourself - utterly ashamed. I want my daughter to live in a world where she can go on a night out and not be pestered / propositioned every five minutes - where she can go out with her friends and drink and laugh and dance and have fun without feeling intimidated by men.

So while I wouldn’t say I was a staunch feminist- it is times like this I am infuriated at some men’s seemingly acceptable behaviours. It’s times like this I want to rise to my feet alongside my sisters and stand strong against these behaviours - I want to make sure everyone knows these behaviours are not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

We can’t change this overnight, it would be great if we could but, there is no magic wand for this. All I can hope is we raise our boys to know right from wrong in their behaviours and respect women,

Peace out dudes 😍

3 weeks ago. Fri 21 Dec 2018 10:10:08 AM IST

Her eyes were open wide, like a deer caught in the headlights, they darted from floor to ceiling and left to right, taking everything in. It was red and gothic, it was dark and atmospheric, it was chaotic, disorganised and organised all at the same time. She felt like Alice in some kind of alternative wonderland.

There were row upon row of equipment - restraints, collars, leads - she ran her hands along the row of paddles and floggers, canes and whips. She then noticed the St. Andrews Cross at the far end of the Dungeon and the hooks in the ceiling above her and couldn’t help but feel a shiver of excitement run through her.

He stood and watched her take everything in, watched her walk around the room and examine everything, watched how the expression on her face changed as she noticed something new, watched her in her innocence, trying to work out what each piece of equipment was for and then watched her smile as she turned to him, he could see the excitement in her eyes.

He walked over to the collars, discounting the frivolous pink diamanté and red collars, instead choosing a black leather collar with a silver ring and matching lead, turning he moved towards her. “Princess” he said cocking his eyebrow - she raised her eyes to meet his, softly smiled and kneeled. He sat behind her and brushed her hair over to one side, out of the way, taking the time to admire the lines of her long graceful neck, bending he laid kisses along her nape to her shoulder before placing the collar around her neck. He fastened it nice and tight and moved to stand before her, tugging the lead slightly so she could feel the pull on her neck “ok” he asks, she nods and tries, but fails, to stifle an excited smile.

He tugs her lead so she is pulled into a standing position and then holds her close and kisses her - soft and gentle, the little whispers of kisses she loves, that excite her and make her melt. He unbuttons her blouse and pushes it over her shoulders, letting the silky fabric drop to the floor. His hands trailing softly down her arms, taking her hands in his, raising them to his face, he kisses her palms, then slowly his fingers trace their way back up her arms, moving to the mounds of her breasts and stopping he unclips her bra and frees her. He holds them in his hands and admires them - the weight, the way they mold themselves to the shape of his hands, fhe way her nipples react to his touch. From there he carries on, slowly and gently, down to her stomach, then her waist. His hands move to her leather skirt, unzipping and slowly moving it down past her hips, kneeling as he does so to kiss his way down from her neck to her stomach. She closes her eyes and tries to control her breathing, the next thing she feels is a tug on her collar and opens her eyes to find him smiling at her “Come along Princess” he says as he pulls her behind him, the lead draped casually over his shoulder. She smiles, in excitement, as she realises which piece of equipment he has in mind.

He holds her waist and places her in front of the cross, taking one hand at a time he secures her by her wrists, he then kneels and secures each of her ankles. Running his hands up her legs, stopping to kiss her thighs, working his way to her sweet spot, feeling how wet she is and how ready she is.

He stands and picks up the pegs, running them around her nipples and teasing her, she tests the restraints and he laughs, kissing her neck. His hand grabs her throat and they make eye contact as he places the first peg on her nipple, she winces slightly with the unexpected pain but she makes no sound. He kisses her hard and his hand caresses her other breast and for a brief moment, the pain lessens and dissipates, suddenly she feels a jolt as he pegs her other nipple, she moans as the pain fires through her and then settles.

“You are such a good girl” he says kissing her. She can feel his hands rubbing her clit, moving in small circular motions, she moans and moves her hips in a matching rhythm. He stops and momentarily moves away, she can hear a vibrating sound and opens her eyes - it was the wand - her eyes widen as he places the wand on her clit. Her head rolls back and she moans loudly, a animalistic guttural sound, her mind is a jumble of feelings and emotions and thoughts, the pain mixed with the pleasure was like nothing she had ever experienced. There were wave after wave of orgasms washing over her, leaving her shuddering with the onslaught of powerful emotions and feelings. She tries to process her feelings but the intensity of everything happening, all at once, gave her no time, no space to think, there was just pain, just pleasure, just the feelings taking over her mind and her body - owning her.

She felt herself being cradled in his arms, he was whispering in her ear, stroking her hair and kissing her. She felt tears running down her face but she was laughing, she had never experienced anything like this before but knew, just knew, deep down, that this was her homecoming.

1 month ago. Sat 01 Dec 2018 11:40:26 AM IST

The doorbell rang and she rushed to answer it. He was supposed to have been here over an hour ago and now she was late for a meeting - an important one at that. She opened the door and was immediately struck by how handsome he was - eyes you could get lost in and those lips - so soft and full and completely kissable. Get a grip she thought to herself “you’re late” she said as she ushered him in. He was about to respond when she cut him off “I don’t want to hear your excuses, you were supposed to be here over an hour ago and now I’m late. Can we just get this done and done quickly”

He smiled wryly and gestured for her to lead the way. He watched her ass as she sashayed her way to the kitchen, the way it swayed almost hypnotised him, god she was delectable - shame she was a bitch.

“Hello - are you listening” she was saying “I’ve cleaned the cupboard out to give you easier access” she leaned forward slightly while opening the cupboard door. He was mesmerised by her breasts - soft and plump, he imagined what it would be like to hold those breasts in his hands, weigh them up and watch them jiggle. He glanced up and caught her eye and was slightly embarrassed at getting caught out. She was standing with her hands on her hips and tapping her foot impatiently, she cocked her head and raised an eyebrow “well” she said “I’m waiting”

“Let me have a quick look and then I’ll need to get my tools out of the van” he said

“Good god man - I’ve not got all day - why on earth did you not bring the tools with you in the first place!”

He smiled - he loved how pissed she looked right now - she was a little spitfire - gorgeous but totally caught in the moment, she was talking soo fast and her arms were gesturing - he wondered if she could even talk if she couldn’t move her hands. He imagined tying her up and shutting her up by kissing her hard.

She was suddenly soo nervous, she had caught him looking at her breasts and felt flustered by the sudden rush of lust, not to mention the wet patch in her panties! What the hell - she definitely didn’t have time for this! She was trying to hurry him up but he kept staring at her.

She turned her back for a moment to try and compose herself. She felt him right behind her but didn’t move - couldn’t move. She felt his hand touch a stray curl and it sent shivers down the length of her body. Oh my god she thought - she felt his hands move from her shoulder down to her waist as he kissed her neck. Those lips were soft, they felt soo good. Get a grip she thought and turned suddenly trying to push him away. “This is not getting the sink fixed” she said “go get your tools and do what you need to and I’ll put the kettle on”

He smiled as he looked at her flushed face “righty ho - back in a mo”

Then she was alone. What the actual hell was she thinking!! It was those damned lips - the feel of them on her neck drove her crazy. His hands - strong yet gentle- she could still feel the warmth of them as he touched her through her blouse.

He had retrieved his tools and had come back into the house - he stopped dead in his tracks at the kitchen door, once again taken aback at her beauty. He was mesmerised, she was the most radiant and alluring woman he had ever seen. She was biting her bottom lip and looked miles away in thought when she realised he was watching her. “There you are” she said flustered again “can you hurry please I have a meeting I need to be at”

She watched him work admiring the way his muscles flexed under his t-shirt, admiring his ass - her mind drifted and she imagine him in between her legs, his hard, throbbing cock penetrating her and fucking her mercilessly.

She suddenly realised he was no longer under her sink and was staring at her - had he asked a question? Shit - she wasn’t sure. “Wh.. wha ... What?” She stammered

“That should do it “ he said “Do you want me to bill you or do you want to pay just now?

Pay just now she thought - an idea flitted through her head of her bent over the kitchen table, her skirt around her waist, her legs spread wide and him bent down servicing her with his tongue.

He was still staring at her - waiting on a response.

“Um... erm... I can pay you now if you’d like - is cash ok”

She hurriedly turned to walk into the other room where her purse was. She felt him follow her and the tension she felt building up was almost unbearable. As she bent over to retrieve her purse, she felt his hand on her hips - felt him bend over her and take the hem of her skirt in his hands and lift it up, inch by inch, stroking her thighs with each movement. She stopped breathing and closed her eyes. He didn’t stop - her skirt was around her waist and she felt him move one hand into her panties. She opened her legs wider giving him the access she wanted him to have. She moaned as she felt his fingers graze her clit - circling it and then running down to her pussy. She felt his fingers enter her, every movement was soo slow and it almost felt like time had stopped - it was excruciatingly slow and exquisite, heavenly and totally delectable. She could feel everything building up inside her, she couldn’t stop herself and moaned loudly as she came.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her upright, ripping her blouse open, he grabbing those amazing breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples - he just had to taste her - he twirled her around and flipped her bra open releasing her breasts. Taking them in his hands, weighing them, admiring them he bent down and took a nipple in his mouth. He heard her gasp and her head rolled back as she held on to his shoulders to steady herself. God he thought - he just had to have her - he needed to feel himself deep inside her, thrusting in and out.

He manoeuvred her to the dining room table and lay her down on it - pulling her forward slightly so her ass was slightly off the table. He slowly entered her - she was soo wet. She raised her legs and placed them over his shoulders, smiling as she grabbed his ass pulling him deeper inside her. He leant over to kiss her, holding her arms above her head and sucking her nipples and felt her arch against him. She was most certainly a thing of beauty, of wanton desires and he felt himself harden further. He wanted her like he had wanted no other. He continued to thrust into her until he could no longer control himself, grabbing her hips with his hands, he gave one final thrust as he came inside her - she held on tight, digging her fingers into his ass - never wanting this moment to end.

Thy gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled “I love you” he said “I love you too baby” she replied.

He pulled out of her “get those panties up now” he said “I want all my cum dribbling out of you in your meeting”!!

“Yes Sir” she giggled getting off the table and rearranging herself. Grabbing her handbag and getting ready to leave she turned and said “remember and take the chicken out of the freezer for tea - love ya babes”

He smiled - what a lucky man he was to have someone as amazing as she was “will do - have a good day - love you too” he said as he watched her almost skip down the road.

1 month ago. Fri 30 Nov 2018 06:52:04 PM IST