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The Love of Learning.

I've rather recently learned, that you cannot put forth your fragile life's faith, into a new relationship, without a confession of needs and desires. Perhaps, your desire is as simple as a bare hand on a backside. Perhaps, mine is a smidge more complicated, like that of the sting of a paddle. Don't hurt me, I love with care. ?
1 year ago. December 11, 2021 at 6:26 PM

I am currently nearly twenty-five years young, as I will age to twenty-five in January, here very soon. I don't feel as if there's ever a wrong age to finally discover a Dominant partner to engage in the beauty of the lifestyle. Perhaps, you may relate with what I'm going to explain next? Subspace. I'm going to be entirely honest with you, I've never experienced Subspace, personally. I didn't exactly dip my toe into discovering the lifestyle, as just simply another sort of kink. Obviously, the kinks you and your Domme engage in, are quite sexy haha. Though, what I mean is, I felt like engaging in the Dominant/Submissive lifestyle, was this intense pleasurable way of pleasing someone you care for. You may think, "oh, if you wished to please someone, just hand them a joint and a beer." It's not like that. Not at all. You (hopefully) place your trust into this individual, knowing that this person will care for you with all of their heart, at the same time as fucking you stupid, or taking a paddling to your arse, for examples. Obviously, if you become bratty, you may recieve a punishment dedicated to your needs. It could be anything, I'm just going to use spanking as an example. You recieve your spanking, you apologize, you both reach an agreement, all is behind you. There's a shit ton to it. I feel like what I'm attempting to say is, it's a beautiful thing to "work," with your Dominant partner, to fulfill a life of desire, needs, wants, and more for the both of you. Of course, something as blindfolding you, gagging you, handcuffing you, teasing you, for that sweet release in time, (when you're allowed to cum. *Giggles.*) is a pleasurable thing all on it's own. But, there's more to the scene than just simply blowing your load. 

FlitterFly​(sub female){Not Lookin} - Excellent Jace,
I knew that you had it in you.
Now that you are feeling a bit more secure, with your surroundings. You are spreading your wings.
Now You Fly
My Friend..:)

And Yes, I Compleatly Agree.
This is a lifestyle.
So much MORE
What Marrage is supposed to be.
And a shit ton of kinky sex.
1 year ago
BiBoySub - Thank you so much, Flitter. Haha, yes. :)
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
Welcome to bloglandia, and thank you for sharing 👍
1 year ago
BiBoySub - Thank you.
1 year ago
jorbaby​(sub female) - This was really cool to read. I'm turned on by yo minnnnd :)
1 year ago
BiBoySub - Thank you, dear. :))
1 year ago
Slpnot​(switch male){Haven't be} - Subspace is just a word it's a meaning of how you feel after you've had an orgasm and how you're treated I think your expectations are too high and that you are putting too much thought into this it's nothing that exciting have faith keep trying you will soon get what you ...
1 year ago

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