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A little about me

I'm a 25, switch, biological female. I am a mother of two under two, have a partner, and require discretion. I'm fun loving, fairly outgoing, love to laugh, and enjoy a good meal. I'm 5'5 230lbs. I'm curvy and chunky and I love myself. If you're not into a BBW, might as well stop now! I love all things star wars, Disney, and Sims. I love to smell flowers and look at the stars. As far as BDSM and me, on the sub side, I like a bit of pain and pleasure. Teased with a little torture. A little ass play. A lot of penetration. Also lots of aftercare.
As a dom, I love to tell you what to do, how to think, and decide things for you. Well within your own limits. I am soft leaning, but do enjoy a little humiliation and degradation as well. Just don't ask for it if you aren't ready. I enjoy SPH, sissification, feminization, and putting a little cage on your cock while I tease you. I am into findom, its one of my major turn ons. But not exactly a requirement.

There's more to me. I open up as the conversation flows. I try to keep up with the messages on here, but am more easily reached on my Snapchat. Message for my name!
5 months ago. August 19, 2022 at 5:10 AM

To Sub or not to sub. That is always the question. 

Not a small feat to be decided on one opinion.

It may be tedious, boring, or fun.

Get to know your Dom, they are a person.

It may not always be long term.

But the fun during the journey is worth some burns.

The right one will come along.

And all is right, well, and calm. 


The Kinky Poet - Great positive share
Love and light T.K.P xx
5 months ago
marcelave​(sub agender) - hello goddess
3 months ago

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