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1 year ago. Nov 29, 2018, 9:15 AM

Punishment. Babygirl. Brat. 


One more than one occassion, I have had people say to me something along the lines "since you are a babygirl, that must mean you are a brat." I would argue against that entirely. I am not bratty, I do not misbehave to get attention, positive or negative. 


Punishment is a word that strikes deep into my core. I know there are funishments which can range from flogging, spankings, edging and many more other  creative options. Then there are punishments that are more severe. Punishments can vary from physical to psychological. Any punishment I have recieved has always been psychological - abandoment or silence. These two ideas will send me over the edge, past the effectiveness of punishment. They create anxiety and fear. I imagine I am not alone here. I have recently had a thought regarding this.


Punishment is a sign of affection. If you were not being punished for doing wrong, does your Dom truly care? Determining punishment takes time, control and consideration. When my mind goes straight to punishment equals abandoment, I must recenter my thinking. It is hard. I have had this creeping anxiety within me for a long while. Perhaps you have too.


If you are like me and next time you are faced with punishment, look to see if your Dom is standing beside you. Breathe and know that his/her affection for you is emense and enduring. Show your affection towards your Dom by accepting their punishment without spinning out of control. It is a lesson to be learned not an action of destruction. 

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