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11 months ago. January 3, 2023 at 8:33 PM

* A bunny's cheek against mine

* The smells of fresh coffee and/or bacon in the morning 

*Hitting the snooze button and realizing its saturday

* A crackling fire on a cold winter day

* The smell of wet leaves in the fall

* That last peek through the clouds as the sun sets over the water

* A hard dip on my fishing pole

* A hand made gift on fathers day

* Her hand gently taking mine

* The silence the world takes on as an eagle glides across the blue midday sky

* Genuine laughter from a child

* New shoes that feel like they were made specifically for my feet

* "I love you" with that certain sparkle that only true love can create

* Those last few moments right before you fall asleep - taking a nap when theres other things you should be doing

* Baby hummingbirds

* Grape fields in late fall

* Those feelings, how the world looks, when your falling in love

* Bubble wrap

* The waves the wind creates across an open field

* Fresh cut hay

* The smell of leather

* Your gift that makes her cry

* Tripple layer german chocolate cake

* Sand between my toes

* A happy ending in an "against all odds" love story

* The 1st flowers of spring

* An unexpected apology

* Splashing into the water after nailing the perfect swan dive

* My cat purring on my chest

* The first firing of an engine I rebuilt

* Winning the bid at an auction

* Music that gives me goose bumps

* Laughing to tears



Jack in the box -
The young and indelible cant see it yet,
But one day the songs you swore,
You'd never forget,
Become lines in the sand,
And distant regret.
As you pick up your glass,
And you raise a toast,
To the ones you cherished,
And held dear the most,
You realise time,
And you see the ghosts,
Of yesterday's waisted,
And you were its host.

11 months ago
Apkrodite​(sub female){ForeverHis} - Oh Mr Jack this has made me cry, hard. Just a beautiful list of some of the most precious things we have in life. Thank you for sharing and making us remember. Many sweet blessings to you 💜
11 months ago
Jack in the box -
Life is fleeting and so preciously brief.
One day we are here, the next, we are not.
I see you Ms Apkrodite 🌹
Thank you
Namaskaram 🙏
11 months ago
Bunnie - Reading such beautiful lists it makes you cry.

Thank you, Jack. My heart needed this :)
11 months ago
Jack in the box -
You are welcome Ms Bunnie 🙏🌹💕
11 months ago
Ingénue{VK} - You should rewrite the lyrics to Maria's nursery number. It'd be great.
11 months ago
Jack in the box - 😏
11 months ago

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