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The complications and triumphs of a sub living in a Dom’s world
1 year ago. Jul 18, 2019, 8:19 AM

There are many things about me that have always made me feel different. I have never fit exactly into one group, clique or crowd of people. I can still remember the first day of junior high school..lunch period..which table would I sit at? Obviously seems small now, but it sticks out in my memory because it is a significant part of life, the ability to conform. I remember talking with my good friend that year and pre-planning that we would be “drifters” going from lunch table to table. Ha. I have always been able to get along and be liked by all but never genuinely fit in with one.

it wasn’t that I was “defiant” to conforming or that I wanted to be offbeat, or eclectic or make a statement. I really just don’t conform.

I don’t have one specific genre of music I enjoy, I’ve never followed a denomination of Christianity, or religion. Even politics..I tend to look at the bigger picture.. We all come to our opinions or conclusions based on upbringing or experiences or nature AND nurture and the list goes on. 

There are things that energize me in life; meeting people with different perspectives, listening to people who have such great self confidence that they really just don’t care what others think, spontaneity, being around others who remind me of my youth. 

And there are things that suck the life out of me; closed-mindedness, quick judgement, the suffocating feeling that I must fit into a box that I was in no way shape or form meant to be in.


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