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6 months ago. November 18, 2022 at 1:12 PM

Safety and BDSM is a gigantic, broad-reaching concept. Your idea of safety may not match the idea of "safety" of the person next to you - especially in the world of kink where some people are willing to allow a little risk in order to enjoy new sensations.


Our latest CAGE Magazine article explores the topic of BDSM Safety Frameworks in depth including a look at popular safety acronyms, what they mean, and the pros and cons to each.


Learn more in our latest episode of BDSM Bites.



Please let us know your thoughts on this important topic in the comments section.  


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Jack in the box -
My thoughts? 🤔
She's cute 😏

But seriously, thank you for sharing this 🙏🙂
Very important topic indeed 👍
6 months ago

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