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Updates From THE CAGE Team

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3 weeks ago. Sun 03 Mar 2019 03:41:00 PM IST

We're happy to announce another new feature that we hope will improve your experience inside THE CAGE.  You can now search the forum for topics or comments of interest.  Just click the magnifier glass to the right of the "Forum" header and get searching! 


Here's are a few tips on how to use this feature:


Put quotes (") around a phrase and your search will return results for that phrase exactly.  For example, "apple banana" matches:  apple banana, not banana apple, apple, or banana.


If you want to find at least one of two or more words type without quotations. For example, typing apple banana will return results for both apple banana, apple, and banana.


If you want to your search results to include two or more words, add a + sign. For example, +apple +banana will only include results with both apple AND banana. 


If you want to omit a particular word, use a "-" sign. For example +apple -macintosh will show results for apple but not for macintosh.


Searches are not case sensitive, meaning it is irrelevant if you use upper or lower case characters.


Search results will be returned by date, with the most recent first.


More options to come!  In the meantime we hope you find this new Forum search feature helpful.  Apples and bananas for everyone!



1 month ago. Sun 10 Feb 2019 05:30:57 PM IST

THE CAGE wants to help you share the love this Valentine's as we celebrate all things kinky, sexy, and romantic!  You can now gift a friend Premium CAGE membership at a special 25% off promotional price! Just visit a profile and click on the "Gift Premium" button to get started.


Love and Valentine's Kisses from THE CAGE!

1 month ago. Fri 08 Feb 2019 02:43:35 PM IST

We're pleased to announce a small but important new feature.  You can now delete your comments from other's blogs if you so desire.  Please note that your comment will be replaced with the text "Comment deleted by poster".  


We hope you find this new feature useful!  Don't forget to share your thoughts about THE CAGE in our suggestion thread here:

1 month ago. Thu 31 Jan 2019 06:45:12 PM IST

We're pleased to announce our new multiple profile photo feature!  Basic members can now upload up to three photos while Premium members can upload up to ten.  Just go to your profile and click on the "upload picture" button. If you already have a profile in your photo you can click the + or - signs to add or remove photos.  Please note that photos will appear in the order you've uploaded them.  You can navigate through photos using the the left or right arrows.


As a courtesy to other users, we suggest you choose a non-explicit photo as your first image.  Not everyone wants to see a close up of your nether regions before a first hello :)  That being said, we are a community of BDSM enthusiasts. We encourage sex positivity and the shame free enjoyment of kink. Nudity is welcome and even encouraged, as long as you feel safe and comfortable sharing with us.  If you only want to share your photos with CAGE members, you can restrict viewing of your profile to registered members only in the edit profile section.  


Please do not upload photos that feature other individuals unless you have express permission to do so.  Minors (under 18) should never be included in photos anywhere on THE CAGE.  Please refrain from posting extreme photos that others may reasonably find offensive (scat, gore, racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc.).  Our Community Standards for all content, including photos, can be found here:


You must own the images you upload unless they are in the public domain.  Please see our rules regarding copyright infringement here:


Have fun with this new feature!



1 month ago. Mon 28 Jan 2019 07:00:08 PM IST

One of the best things about THE CAGE is the opportunity to meet kinky people from all over the world.  If you're looking for a playmate, pet, the love of your life, or something else, putting together an interesting personal ad can help you find your match.  Here's a few tips that will help you get noticed.


First of all, the rules:


  • Please do not include phone numbers, emails or other contact information in your ad.
  • As with the rest of the site - it is not allowed to publish offers or requests for sex or domination for a fee, or to advertise any type of financial transaction.
  • You may post a maximum of two ads in two forums of your choice.
  • Ads submitted on weekdays are usually approved and published within 24 hours. Ads submitted on weekends and holidays will be typically be published on the next business day.
  • The Cage editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish any ad as we see fit.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're looking for, but don't forget to include what you have to offer. This is particularly important for submissives. Dominants are likely not going to be interested in an ad that consists soley of a submissive's long wishlist of services they expect a dominant to perform to the sub's satisfcation. 


Grammar and punctuation count.  Take a moment to proofread your ad.  It's your introduction and should reflect some care and consideration.


Allow your personality to shine through.  Include a few interesting details that might intrigue or amuse.  


Keep your ad snappy and succinct.  You can always direct people to your profile or blog for more details. 


Make sure your ad is in the correct category.  "Misc Ads", and "Kinky Dating Ads" are for those who are looking for something outside of a singular Dominant/submissive dynamic. If your ad doesn't fit elsewhere, these are the categories for you.


Duplicate ads should only be used if they apply to more than one category.  For example if you are a submissive seeking a male or female dominant it would be acceptable to post in both "Seeking Dominant Women" and "Seeking Dominant Men".


As mentioned in the rules above, outside contact details are not allowed in personal ads.  If you include your phone number, email, or social media account link, your ad will not be published.


We have new members joining us every day.  Don't be disheartened if you don't get an immediate response to your ad.  


Did you know you can "bump" your ad every day?  This let's others know that you are still actively seeking. Just click on "My Ad" and you'll see the following:



If you have tips about what you like to see in a personal ad, please include them in the comments. Good luck to everyone in their search!





2 months ago. Sun 30 Dec 2018 06:59:13 PM IST

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year to you all!  I was naughty and took some time off for the holidays, so apologies if you had to wait a bit to have your messages answered or your ads approved. We should be all up to date now.


Don't forget that our Premium Live Chat, which is currently open to all users, will revert to Premium Only at the end of the month.  If you have been enjoying live chat and want to benefit from all of our Premium features, it's easy to upgrade at anytime. And don't forget we now have a "Gift Premium" feature if you want to buy a holiday present for your kinky friends.


Thank you all for helping to make THE CAGE such a wonderful, supportive place! Cage Monkey and I have big plans to bring you lots of new features and improvements in 2019.  We've had thousands join us this year and look forward to building our community together.


Happy Holidays!


3 months ago. Thu 13 Dec 2018 08:20:07 PM IST

By popular demand THE CAGE Team is happy to bring you Premium Gifting!  You can now purchase a Premium Subscription Gift for a friend with six and twelve month options. Just visit any Basic user's profile page and click on the "Gift Premium" option under her or his name.  To make gifting even easier, we offer multiple ways to purchase, all of which are private, safe and secure.  To those of you who choose to support the site in this way, thank you!


Although gifts are nice, not everyone likes to receive them.  Make sure you only purchase a gift subscription for someone you know who you believe would appreciate it. If you're not sure, ask.  And like all soliciting on THE CAGE, asking others to buy you premium membership or other gifts is against our rules. If you see any soliciting, please screenshot it and report it on the user's profile page.


If you'd like to opt out of Premium Gifting just click on "preferences" under your name and toggle "Allow others to gift me a Premium subscription" from yes to no.  You can change this at any time.


Happy Holidays everyone!  We hope you enjoy this spanking new feature!



3 months ago. Sat 01 Dec 2018 04:08:51 PM IST

Because it's December and we're feeling festive we are opening our CHAT to everyone for the whole month!  Whether you have Basic or Premium membership, you can enjoy all of the warmth and fun of live chat, all month long.


Here's to a lovely holiday season at THE CAGE!

4 months ago. Sun 25 Nov 2018 02:45:38 AM IST

We've added a fun new feature that some of you have been requesting - a list of individuals who have loved your profile.  Visit your profile page and click on the 'heart icon' at the top to see your list.  Oh and this list is for your viewing only!  No one else can see it.

If you'd like to love someone's profile just visit their page and click the love button on the bottom.  Only the profile holder will be able to see that you've loved it.  It's a fun way to flirt or to just show appreciation for a thoughtful or interesting profile.


Have fun!

4 months ago. Thu 22 Nov 2018 07:43:21 PM IST

If you've been considering our Premium Membership, now is your chance to upgrade for a special Black Friday discounted price!  Our limited time Black Friday Premium Sale is on right now. Find details here:


Happy Black Friday shopping!