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3 months ago. February 26, 2023 at 5:57 PM

Have you ever been in the middle of a hot and heavy BDSM scene only to have your partner accuse you of "Topping from the Bottom"? Or maybe you've been caught off guard by your bottom playmate trying to take control of the session.


Don't worry, our latest article in THE CAGE Magazine has got your back! In BDSM 101: Topping from the Bottom, we'll fill you in on what "Topping from the Bottom" means, why it happens, and most importantly, how you can avoid it (if you want to).  


We tell you more in our latest episode of BDSM Bites.




Jack in the box -
Its a curious thing, fantasies.
I mean, to indulge in the ultimate "sub space", doesnt one need to have their deepest desires fulfilled? In order to articulate ones deepest desires, they must "conduct" the scene, yes? Or at the very least, "spell out" what they want. Therefore, "topping from the bottom". I have always believed the sub holds the power. Save for those who upon relinquishing complete control, gain satisfaction, of course.

And so, I have used up my "quotations" for the day 😏
3 months ago

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