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Roses are red, Bruises are blue

My journey of love and depravity.
2 months ago. Mon 04 Nov 2019 07:27:04 PM IST

Under “limits” on my profile it says “With the right owner, you don’t need any. I trust him completely.”


What does that mean? Does it mean that Sir can do anything and everything to me, without limitation, and I won’t end our dynamic?


No. It means that he has taken the time to get to know me. To really know me; inside and out; mind, body, and soul. He’s talked to me about my likes and dislikes, he watches my body’s responses and physical reactions closely, and he respects the sanctity of a safe word – always reminding me that it’s there to be used freely at any time. I don’t need to give him a list of things I won’t allow or that I’m not agreeable to trying. I trust that he will take what he’s learned from me and about me and use that knowledge to bring us both pleasure. Sometimes he pushes me outside of my comfort zone, but only when he knows that when I get to the other side of that barrier, I’ll be grateful that he took me there.


So being without limits, for me, doesn’t mean that I’d willingly walk over the edge of a cliff or jump in front of a bus. It doesn’t mean that I’d stand by timidly while I was cheated on, lied to, and abused. It doesn’t mean that I’m naive enough to think I’ve tried every kinky thing and have decided that I like it all. It simply means that I am owned by a Dominant who I know wants only to bring me to new heights, to break me down in ways that he is fully confident that he can put me back to together. It means that I trust him and his instincts more than I trust my own.




Kitten135​(sub female){Dragon11❤❤} - Thank you for this. I know my profile has limits listed, but as I tell my Daddy Dragon "I'd be willing to try anything". That's because I know he would only do things I'm comfortable with or only push me so far. If it went over a line, I know he'd be there for me too.
2 months ago
nawazakana​(sub female) - Love this. Well said.
2 months ago
Bunnie - Perfectly explained, thank you :)
2 months ago
JohnBond​(dom male){Kitten} - You give me too much credit kitten but I am grateful for you, your submission, and your trust. I will continue to spend my every day learning you and trying to make you smile, moan, and whimper (from pain or pleasure? Depends on the day.)
2 months ago
AKittenforSir​(sub female){JohnBond} - I think you just sell yourself short, Sir.
2 months ago

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