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Ever Evolving

Expression of my thoughts, feelings, and me growing to love my side I kept hidden.
8 months ago. Sep 7, 2019, 1:11 PM

I adjust the temperature of the shower. Warm steam starts to billow out into the room. I glance in the mirror as I begin to undress. Gently one by one I slide my dress straps off my shoulders and slowly down my arms. The top glides down past my breast and I leave it to sit on my full hips. The mirror shows my peaches and cream colored nipples standing out against my milky white skin. Immediately they harden from the cold air. This week the rule is No Bra or Panties. I have found it highly erotic walking around, my clothing brushing my skin and nothing in between. I cup my breasts and roll and tug the nipples between my fingers. I am so sensitized now that the sight and feeling make me moan softly. The area between my legs quivers and clenches. Wetness begins to trickle out. I slowly stroke both hands down my sides to where my dress sits and push it off my hips. It gracefully flows down my legs and lands in a puddle of fabric on the floor. My one hand cups a breast again, while the other trails down my stomach to stroke over my mound. One perfectly manicured finger slips between my smooth hairless lips, zoning in on my little nub. The first graze causes me to moan. I close my eyes and images of you dance through my mind. It is not my hands on this body but yours. It is no longer my body, but Masters. The thought makes me bite my lip and I fantasize about your strong capable hands on me.

A noise breaks through my conscious. A firm clearing of a throat. I slowly open my eyes and they clash with a steel blue gaze. I gasp.

"What are you doing my little slut? Did I say you could touch my property?" You sharply bite out. There is something in your hands. You tap it impatiently against the other palm while you glare at me, waiting for your answer. I gulp and manage to squeak out.

"No master"

"TURN AROUND! ...Put your hands on the sink...Spread your legs and bend over!" As you bark the odors there is anger and disappoint flowing out with each word.

I quickly comply. This position leaves my aching mound wide open, you can see how wet and swollen I am. You reach down and cup me in your hand and give me a hard squeeze.

" This is mine slut. No one, not even you, gets to touch it without permission. Do you understand me"


"Yes what whore?'

"Yes Master I understand"

" I don't think you do my precious cunt,... but you will." Your fingers are softly stroking my clit, dipping inside me and making me moan and my eyes close. You withdraw your hand. I whimper missing your touch. There was no warning just the sudden sharp sting of the flogger on my sensitive clit. I gasp and cry out at the sudden pain. Tears well up in my corners of my eyes. I am hit again sharply on my clit. I instinctively try to close my legs to stop the pain. " Oh, no you don't! Open them wider!!!". I comply to Masters demand. The cruel snap on my clit from the flogger resumed.

I'm not sure when the pain began to mingle with pleasure. But slowly my cries of pain turned into moans of sharp ecstacy. The hits become less frequent and then taper off to nothing. I look in the mirror and lock eyes with you. Your eyes sparkle with lust and are filled with pride. You walk forward, unzip your pants and slide full force into me. No warning just sudden fullness inside me. You bend your body over mine one hand on my hip the other wrapped around my throat squeezing.

" Whose property is this?" Each word enunciated deeply with each thrust of your cock into me.

"Yours Master" I gasp, barely able to breath. Your fingers begin to dig hard into my hips as you increase your strength of your thrusts.

" That's right my whore and don't you forget it" You bite me hard on my neck. I know I will carry the mark for days, but right now Master's pleasure and claim on this body is all that matters.........



Kitten135​(sub female){Dragon11} - Those three memes are SO true 😊🔥🔥
8 months ago
DarkKitten​(sub female){ObsidianWo} - 😂 I know right! They remind me of things Master would say and do. LOL!!!
8 months ago
LILBRATTYASEVENX​(sub male){ProudBBW} - Very well written. Very descriptive. Make a novel pls I'll buy
8 months ago
LILBRATTYASEVENX​(sub male){ProudBBW} - Yes... petunia reads actual books lol
8 months ago
DarkKitten​(sub female){ObsidianWo} - Petunia!!!!! I have been looking for you! How are you?
8 months ago
LILBRATTYASEVENX​(sub male){ProudBBW} - You have bond right?
8 months ago

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