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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
4 years ago. April 1, 2020 at 8:11 PM

(Warning: this is a story based off my life & how I became who I am.  It is out of order and without names.  Some of the content is very real, whereas some is quite made up for the readers entertainment.)

  Years, decades, had passed since last I laid eyes on my Tygress but I had embraced my beast as she bid me and come to terms with what I am.  At night my beast thrilled to the hunt, his darkness no longer over took me in my weakness but layed behind my eyes watching... whispering in my mind... and waiting for the permissions to come forward and run free.  We were no longer two spirits fighting for control of the same body which left me with blank spaces in memory.  We had merged, evolved & now worked together for the benifet of us as a whole.  Though this made me a bit colder in personality we desired real companionship once again and quickly learned to love the modern date scene.  Meeting new people, hearing their tales and enjoying the pleasure of the flesh as we feasted on the sexual energy.  However we attracted a certain type, from barely legal to the elderly... the mundane seeking a thrill in their boring dull lives or the masochistic seeking the pain, blood, and violence my beast was very apt at giving.  They seemed to be the extremes on both sides and this had become mundane to us, so we took a break from the dating scene for at least three months... but the hunger could no longer be ignored.

This little trembling rabbit was no different in my eyes but at least I knew that upfront.  She didn't try to hid her aliments or weakness but I figured, I'd tried everything that I knew we liked so perhaps seeking what I didn't like would yield better results or unlock something hidden from our eyes.  We longed to feel what we felt with the Tigeress, that passion and connection. So as I sat in a Simi-drunken stooper texting her through the latest dating app, she confessed some things that should have made me block her.  Instead, we agreed to meet her for a date.

I'd sat down in a Mom and Pops pizzeria waiting for her to show, and true to her word, she was late which gave us time to order drinks and rehash the plan that we had talked  over extensively.  It was my hope that this little rabbit would be like many of the others that come face to face with my beast and make some excuses to leave.  I understood why my darkness enjoyed these hunts so much, there is a thrill and power that comes with watching fear rise up as realization kicks in from all the tales we tell but I still have a moral compass.  Not a great one, no, but still better than what he taught.  To his delight we live in an age of over sensitization, where people make themselves prey by simply ignoring what is said.  Our movies teach us that love conquers all, yes?  The maiden can tame the beast, yeah? and besides, come on... who really believes this crap, right?
I heard the ring of the bell over the door and took a deep breath... aaah... yes... dinner is serverd.  We could smell the fear just as clear as the pizza being cooked in the back, she hadn't lied about her anxiety issues... nor about her misery and self doubt. "This is fucking laughable" I spoke in my mind to him.  I was tempted to call it off but... I had given my word, Simi drunk or not, it was there in black and white on the txt screen.  "Time for the show..." my darkness whispered and in the ways of the movies, we cast an aura of menicing dark seduction and stood.  Focused, we locked our gaze on her and scanned her from head to toe...  Her very aura screamed weakness, making me grin and chuckle. "Oh... this will be, yes, but horrible." I whispered back to him and together we laughed inside at this oblivious trembling rabbit who's nerves where so shot, she couldn't even text that she was here.  Shaking hands fumbled over the screen of her phone, pushing long black hair out of her face continuously.  She didn't hear me, not because of the den of noise of a restaurant, it was rather empty with only a couple across the room from where I'd chosen to sit. No, she couldn't hear me due to her own anxiety.  The closer I came to her the more I could smell of this prey... cleanly washed, light perfume, fear mixed with tears, oh this was just too good! Subconsciously darkness licked my lips as I come to stand directly before her, already growling with anticipation.  So startled at the ferril noise, she dropped her phone, her head shot up, eyes widened and I swear... a scream was hiding behind clenched teeth. Was she too embarrassed to scream or too terrified? Didn't matter... I believed I already won the bet with darkness as I viewed mascara already ruined, she'll run.  She shook before me and without waiting for even a proper greeting darkness scooped her into my arms and kissed her with all the raw passion that drove us.  She was mine!  Melting beneath the fire of our kiss just as she had said she fantisized about.  To feel the passion, meet a vampyre face to face... feel what it's like to walk in the darkness and be consumed body and soul by him.  Breaking from the kiss I held her upright as she stood there silent, processing what had just happened. Her suddenly still body in my arms, began to vibrate like a Hitoshi set on high as the anxiety returned.  Her hands clutching to my forearms for support, ankles half buckled in short heels. Oooo such a tasty little morsel... she was prey, but not just any kind... no, she was the kind I avoid on purpose because my darkness would consume them to the very core, strip them bare and leave them too weak to recover.  Despite all the alarms going off in my moral cortex I... We... were starving and I had agreed.  She was holding her breath when she slowly looked up at me with big brown doe eyes. An unbidden tear fell from the corner of her eye but before she could wipe it away I snatched her hand, letting darkness have his way as he growled low and menicing like a wolf sizing up its target.  The realization was obvious in her eyes... she should flee... there was witnesses... she should flee. "No." He snapped in a low guttering tone before taking a napkin from the table right next to us and dabbed the tear from her eye. "Mine." He spoke once again, more to me than her but she gasped, finally remembering to breath and upon exhale she nervously smiled "wow... do you greet all the girls like that?" Why that amused me so much is beyond me, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Here this trembling rabbit stood, looking into the fangs of her devourer and she had the audacity to make a joke! Ha! Maybe this night wasn't such a waste after all?  Perhaps she would come to her senses but instead her hand slid into mine as though we had rehearsed a scene and after I scooped up her phone she followed me clumsily across the room to our table by the wall. I pulled out her chair like a gentelman and she sat without command, letting me slid her into place across from where I would sit.  She was so little, barely 5'4" and 120lbs soaking wet.  I glanced over her body as I took my seat, noticing two things immediately. She wasn't really my type and she no long shook violently... a whisp of a trembling in her fingers was all that was left as we sat silently, hands over the table and fingers entertwined.  She noticed my eyes sweeping and let me look her over, even forced her head up to look at the ceiling, exposing her pale white neck with the veins so close to the surface that I swear I could watch in fascination as the blood pumped. "I didn't run..." she mused, breaking the silence and looking at me proud of herself... and why shouldn't she be? "You did well." I stated pulling her hand up over the small table and kissing the back. "I told you I could listen and wouldn't run." She pressed on the issue, making me smile. "As your reward, the menu is yours.  Pick whatever you wish." She lit up like a Christmas tree and put a hand over her snagle tooth smile, plump lips covered in bright red lipstick, hidden against her palm.  Holy Christ above, she was a living anime... and I pulsed in my jean's, with desire. Whoa! What the fuck was going on here... I hated people like her. Weak, whiny, pathetic and self absorbed in how life was so cruel to them.. even my darkness seemed to look at her as though this was a trap.  Wait, Was she intended bait? Was another hunter in the area?  Admittedly I didn't do all my normal scans like I would in a large city or crowd... our eyes shot around the room,  the anger bristled to a boiling point.  Come get me bitch! We stated with resolve inside the mind. "My last meal?" She continued to muse, unaware we was already checking escape points and the quickest way to dispatch those within. No camera's... well that's a relief. I simply nodded my agreement to the statement, with a quirk of a smile as I focused my energy out, letting darkness look for hints of violent intent beyond myself.  Through the room, around the building into the parking lot, my darkness scanned the area.  Shadows clear, though the sun had yet to set, trees empty, nothing to say this was a set up, but it placed us on edge as my darkness returned to settle behind my eyes. As he gave his report to me, she flicked her eyes to us and back to the menu unsure of herself yet wanting to ask a question.  "Would you have killed them to have me?" She asked in a nervous whisper unwilling to look into our eyes. A violent shake wracked her body and we thrilled to the energy... it was unbidden, and I could feel a primal need to take this rabbit, we were hungry and she had no intentions of surviving the night. She'd given consent, but to be done publicly means all witnesses would have to be dealt with. True to his nature, my darkness replied: "None would have survived to bare witness." He ment it, even if I wouldn't have let him. With the tip of my nails we lifted her chin to catch her eye... "but... you didn't run." I said.  "You saved their lives and they are completely unaware of it." My growling tone of darkness had finally come under control to let my voice be heard. "You should be proud of yourself, trembling rabbit." She rolled her eyes, darkness temper flared and we stood quickly, my hand had left her chin and gone to the dagger strapped to my lower back, in a heartbeat. Her hand clasp to my elbow as though she could stop us from drawling the blade. "No..." she pleaded in a whisper. "I didn't mean it like that." He looked upon her, fury burning.  With bowed head she continued. "I... I know you can. was Trembling rabbit... I can't help it. It's not a choice." Her head came up and she tried her best to look him in the eyes. "I can't stop and you're making it worse." Sure enough she jittered like a vibrator once again. "Please... please sit and let us eat my last meal." Again with the tear as she looked at me with black mascara running.... such a beautiful tear, streaking her porcelain skin.  Again I stopped her from wiping it away and dabbed the tear streak with a napkin.  I didn't want to kill these people.  The hunger made our temper worse and I knew this, so I sat back into my chair and huffed to let my anger vent in the guesture.  She giggled... the sound was almost missed in my anger but sure enough, she was a fucking anime in the flesh, with her light giggle and bowed head. "You really are a beast.. just like you said you was."  How the fuck could she be so timid and bold at the same time?! And more over, why was this shit turning me on?! Whether on purpose or just out of cutisy shit nature, she had snapped my attention back to her, sedated the temper and made us grin.

With only the timing of a waitress, our's showed up, causing us both to laugh for some stupid reason. My trembling little rabbit only half pointed to the menu item and tapped on what she desired to eat.  So soft and natural was the motion that had she not been my center focus, I may have missed the guesture. "please." came her whisper and I ordered what she desired.  Her fingers timidly sought mine and I yielded to her silent request, intertwining with hers as we sat, silently waiting for her meal.  What made her tick?  I wondered.  Sure I could have tried to strike up a conversation but I mean, I really had nothing to say and we shared little in common intrest.  In most situations the silence would have felt ackward but I was seriously thankful for it.  Only twice did she glance up, smile and look away agian but after the second time she hesitantly stood and stepped closer to me.  Intruged I sat and watched as she nerviously held her arms slightly outward and slowly turned around in place for me to view her.  Flushing red she quickly regained her seat, head bowed, trembling with hand to mouth. I said nothing about her body with her small pooch belly, an almost non-existent ass hidden in her blue knee lengh skirt. Nor about her breast that looked oddly out of place as they made up at least a quarter of her weight on that small frail frame.  However, I did admire her hair... a long thick curtain of thin black strans, straight as an arrow... "do I please you?" I perked a brow and shrugged. "You have no ass." I started in.."I don't mind the belly, but your frame doesn't support it... Nor, those" I guestured to her breast. "You're basically a bone rail with boobs." ... yes I could see her flinch to my critique on each statement and admittedly I was confused and torn about why I felt anything for this child. (Ok, she's not a child, she was in her upper twenties while I was in my mid forties). I wanted her to leave, he wanted her to stay, we both felt something different for reasons unsure which was SO NOT us! I sighed knowing what I done was wrong, no matter the intent and tried to recover from my bad mannors by leaning forward... "Stand up and turn for me again." I could tell she was fighting to hold back her tears, but she did as I bid.  Standing, feeling her own shame, turning for me. Why did this turn him on? How fucked up am I to let this be happening?  My darkness WANTED this woman! No sooner did she came around in her turn to face me than darkness had me coming out of my seat pulling her close to myself and growled so deep that it rippled through my chest so she could understand SHE was the cause of this.  In her ear he whispered in his gutteral voice: "Mine." He grabbed her little ass, pulled her hair back and kissed her again. Quickly I took back over before he could follow through with laying her out on the table as I'd seen him doing in flashes of intent images.  This time I helped her sit back in her seat, flushed with heat and lust. "So to answer your question..." My voice reflecting his intent. "Yes... you please us very much." She didn't ask why, I didn't understand why, but sweet lord above there was a scent in the air now and THAT I did understand. She didn't say much again until I tilted her chin back up at me from across the table. "Trembling Rabbit, you're not shaking." And I began to suspect her anxiety was only countered by strong emotions of pleasure. "Go on." I said, motioning to the restroom and she looked at me a little confused. I leaned across the table, taking her hand in mine and kissed the knuckles. "Luv... you're either ovulating or you made a mess in your panties. Go ahead and clean up because it's making me want to go under this table." I now understand how Crayola found so many shades of color. They made her blush and copied the ten shades of red! I swear there isn't an anime out there that hasn't drawn this reaction.. head up in shocked horror, eyes bugged, blushing deep, followed by hand over face as she marched off to the restroom mumbling and staring daggers into the ground. Ha ha ha!! It was so fucking adorable I actually heard myself sigh with pleasure, watching her go. Wait! I'm an ass man, why was we finding pleasure in this scene? I know my darkness has an odd sense of humor but huh?

The pizza came while she was gone and I found myself staring at the doorway eager for her to return.  She appeared with left arm across her midline, holding to her right arm above the elbow (basic signs of the psychologically abused and embarrassed humiliation.) Head down she came back and stood while I divided out the pizza, placing some on a plate and sitting it on the table before her seat. "Better?" She asked under her breath which made me grin and chuckle "No, but it'll do." I said teasingly, expecting her to sit and dig in. When she simple stood there I looked at her curiously. "Yes?" I asked. "Here. This is for you." she stated and held up her hand, thumb tucked under her middle finger, and cupped as though holding something small, with her index finger barely extended.  Now understand, I'm curious as a cat, I've told her this and had I stopped to consider, I'd never leaned in to see what she was holding. Everything about her screamed innocent at this point.  Threat level zero! In one swift movement she undid me... her finger darted into my parted lips fast as a viper strike and out again. The chemistry of what I had smelt earlier, chained across my tongue and struck in my brain like lightening in a Oaklahoma thunderstorm. She instantly sat and pushed a little ways from the table, head bowed and hands folded in her lap.  My hands had clasped to the outer edges of the table top while I fought for control and hoped to avoid another scene. "You fucking bitch..." we half laughed. I deserved that. I just didn't think she had the guts to do it and now I admired her bravo.  "Now? Do I please you?" She asked shyly, unmoving from where she sat. "I adore you, trembling rabbit." I replied honestly, and in that moment, watching this cowardly, anxious ridden girl of twenty eight fight for freedom from her fears... I really did adore her unexpected strength.  This... whatever it is... called to me and him. Piqued our curiosity and made us feel something beyond the obvious lust.

The next hour went by in hushed conversation with constant contact as though if we wasn't touching something bad might happen or we'd break an illusion.  The sun was now setting, and the temperture had dropped to a little chilly but I'd determined that I wasn't willing to devour this trembling rabbit.  Nor was he... Not yet anyways. Oh, she had to be devoured, that's just the nature of things. Hunters hunt, predators eat prey, prey run and hide till they get caught.  That's the way of it, nothing personal.  Its what's expected of us, right?  Who am I to change the natural balance of things? From this trembling rabbit that had surprised and made me think past the hunger... wait... why wasn't I hungry still? Meh, I'll figure it out later.  Right now, there is a quivering little rabbit to keep warm and I really didn't want to let her go. "When will it happen?" She asked as I held her, belly to back, gazing at the setting sun. A moment of silence was met with an impatient tap on my cheek. "Hey. Pay attention to me, beast." She spun around and her anxiety was in full effect, possibly due to the question. She looked into my eyes fighting the desire to look away. "Tell me." She persisted.  Well fuck... there goes that moment. "Three ways this can go down. I can stalk you through the woods which gives you a chance to escape as well as the thrill of being hunted." She instantly shook her head no, stating she'd be lucky to make it twenty feet without killing herself. I couldn't help but chuckle and moved on to the next options. "Instantly, right here an now or we can go somewhere less noticable." Which isn't the option I was wanting and thankful not hers either. "I don't want to know its coming, nor do I want it to be brutal. Can you do that beast?" I nodded consent "let me take you to my bed then." No not my best pitch but nor did I care. She wanted to feed me, wanted to feel herself being drained by my darkness. A romantic who couldn't find romance due to her own ailment. (Hello... tortured women, form a line please.. esh so tired of this scene) Her ailment you ask? Surgery after surgery, meds enough to choke a horse but helped her stay alive but for what? Soon as men found out she was so frail and on a limited time, they bolted.  She was tired of fighting, tired of trying, so really... how I felt about what she disered him to do was irrelevant. "Lets go." she said, but I refused to be defeated so easily. "Tomorrow." I stated, holding her tight so she couldn't protest physically.  To smooth it over I nodded to the setting sun. "Can we not enjoy the sunset and let ourselves go instead of trying to do something so beautiful and wonderful, on a cold start?" Yes I was manipulating the situation, preying on her romantic side in hopes that she would reconsider. She looked into my eyes and sighed, asking: "Are you running away from a trembling little rabbit?" I had to laugh! How could I not?  Instantly I broke into the Monty Python skit of the killer bunny, making her laugh and finially easing the tention that had built up.  Till the sun disappeared, we sat on the tailgate of my truck, snuggled beneath a blanket I kept on hand. Her little trembles, the way she smelled, that cute giggle... this shit is rather addictive even without much conversation...

((To be continued))

Feel free to comment below.  Thoughts? Curiosities? Predictions? Just needing to get it off your chest and call me an asshole? lol

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SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){Pizza+☕} - Omg! Just bite me already!!!!!
4 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - lol Now that's fantastic reaction! Ty. I'm glad you're enjoying my write up's. *growls low and winks before settleing back into the shadows.* Perhaps the next part will be complete within the next couple weeks. Work has been hectic since the outbreak
4 years ago
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){Pizza+☕} - I'm a think that measly little growl is gonna scare me? Pleeeeeease! Gonna have to try harder than that.

Stay safe out there. Something tells me you are either front line or a driver for
4 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - BAHAhahaha! I'm not that brave to drive for Amazon right now! Bullets, psh! Blades.. w/e.. bring it on... Deliver packages in this zombie apocolypse OH HEEEELL NO! lol *lower his head with a smirk and licks his fangs.* Oh... did you think I was trying to scare you? Every prey has its own bait... ( lol RP in the comment section. This is a new one for me ^,..,^)
4 years ago
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){Pizza+☕} - I just read your profile. I do believe it would BEHOOVE you to read my blog entries regarding Brats. I feel that you have a misperception of us.

Every animal working the food chain has a purpose....
4 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - it would BEHOOVE me, you say? lol I've not heard the word behoove in a coon's age! Mayhapes I have lumped them all into one big bag of "you'll hurt these mice" but just for the use of wonderful verbage I'll take a read with an open mind. Ty
4 years ago
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){Pizza+☕} - I have lots of big words. Would you like to know my favorite?.....

Loquacious......there is something so sensual about that string of alphabraic connections that stirs me..... :)
4 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - lol, I think you just like to hear yourself speak but yes... I do agree it is a wonderful string of alphabraic connections. Todays communications seem so drab with the txt words. Erythng str8 fwd and lacking substanance. I am, by the way, enjoying your blog. Interesting read.
4 years ago
SirsBabyDoll​(sub female){Pizza+☕} - I may enjoy meeting myself talk but since the only other person here with me is the cat....also, I'm a gemini so really, there is two of us here and when you take into consideration that I have a Libra moon sign, that's four makes for a fantastic conversation.

Thank you kindly. I was wondering what your thoughts were on it.
4 years ago

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