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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
4 years ago. April 14, 2020 at 2:25 AM

(This is part 2 of an ongoing story, scroll down in my blog for Pt 1.  They easily read independently but reading the first will give better insight to this one.)

((As with all my story post, this is based on my life with added fiction to preserver identity, locations, and for the pleasure of the reader.  You are left to figure out or assume what is true, what is not or if this is all just a decent read to kill time with.  Enjoy & feel free to post comments, ask questions below.))


We both had driven close to an hour from our homes to this pizza joint and despite her best efforts, I played the morals card of sleeping with a woman on the first date and how my Ma'maw would come out of her grave and beat me, if I took her home.  "Tomorrow" I promised. "We can make a day of it if you like." She agreed, thankfully and we went our separate ways. Not even half way home I get a text "Where do you live? lol", normally I'm not much for texting and driving as I've almost been hit by an idiot doing the same thing but it was dark out and the road was barren so I texted her back, giving her my home address, followed with how I looked forward to the time with her and how much I enjoyed our date.  Oddly enough, I really meant it.  The oddity that made her, her, was actually very appealing despite how I felt upon initially meeting her. The thought of bedding her, letting myself be open with her detoured the thoughts of the deal made and by the time I unlocked the front door, I knew porn was on the menu tonight especially with the scent of her slick still in my mustache.  Yup! that didn't take long.  I'd gotten home close to eleven thirty and was in the shower before midnight.The pup went to barking and I hollered at him to shut up as I got out of the shower and was drying off.  Stupid dog was probably hearing the neighborhood cats on the porch again but as I opened the bathroom door, I heard what had riled him up. Knock Knock Knock.  Who the hell was at my door this time of night?  I rarely keep lights on, as I really don't need them to get around in my own home and prefer the darkness.  I could see a silhouette outside my door window and me being me, walked into my bedroom grabbing up my .40 and a dagger. Instead of going to the door, I knew nobody could see me in the darkness of my home and slipped out the back door.  There is nothing in the world that get a persons attention like the sound a .40 chambering a bullet.  The figure dropped to the ground, hands in the air,
"Shit shit shit!" came the panic of a squeaking voice.
huh? what the fuck was she doing here? "Little rabbit?"
I'd come around the opposite side of the drive so I hadn't noticed her car.
"P..P..Pleeease don't shoot me, beast.." she pleaded in groveling fear. 
Now I felt like a complete smuck! "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked, lowering the gun and catching my towel before it dropped from around my waist. I could hear her breathing in gasp, her back pressed against my door, sniffling while trying not to have a break down. "I... I... you said tomorrow." sniff sniff, not daring to regain her feet. "It's technically tomorrow... after midnight, right?" I pinched the bridge of my nose, careful not to cut myself with my own blade. "Technically yes... but damn girl, you was almost shot. What was you thinking?" I started up onto my porch, setting the gun and dagger on the outdoor table and reaching down to help her up.  She hesitantly raised her hand to take mine, squeaking out. "I missed you..." I don't melt. I'm a freak'n man. I couldn't even remember the last time I cried, kinda man... but dammit, her innocents in the reply made something flip inside and that made me feel... weird.  Looking down on her, her small little hand in mine, I lifted lightly and sure enough she weighed nothing to me. However, I wasn't expecting the hand that went under my towel and brushed over my manhood as I brought her to her knees.

'What... the fuck?!?' Rang through my mind and even my beast shared the moment of surprise.

"Get up, girl." I tugged again but she instead parted my towel and took me into her mouth.  Morally, I should have stopped her. Ma'maw was gonna raise from the grave for sure but um.. yeah, no way I was going to stop what she was doing. The skill of her tongue was a blissful sensation and the way her teeth raked over me simply flipped a switch somewhere!

After a few moments, with me throbbing hard as rock, she rose and draped her arms around my neck. "Now do I please you?" um, DUH! was what I should have said, what my brain for a fleeting moment did say, but instead I pulled her skirt up to find she came prepared.  Smoothly shaven, wet and ready... my primal instincts took over, lifting her off the ground and penning her against the door before I entered her with her legs wrapped around my waist.  Didn't care that anybody who dove up or down the street could most likely see us, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind as I took her with the dog barking on the other side of the door.  How long we was out there, I don't know but my body burned so hot we was sweating in the cold of the night.  When I finally did come to my senses I didn't bother to set her down. I wasn't sure she could walk anyways, feeling like a rag doll barely holding on. Around the house and back inside, I laid her on the couch and the dog figured it was his place to find out who this new person was while I went out the front door to recover my weapons. 
At this point, things had already gone further than I'd plan for the night.  I'd been up all day and was emotionally and physically spent.  Even getting the pup off her as she laughed to his licks of her hand and arm, seemed like a task.
"Alexa, Living-room light on."... "Dog, Bed." "You..." I looked at her and began to chuckle.
The buttons were missing off her shirt, her hair a mess, lipstick smeared all the way down her chin, mascara... well, to be frank, she looked like a cheap hooker coming off shift. "I don't know what to do with you." I chuckled and swiped my hand over my eyes in exhaustion.

"Aww, whats the matter? Did widdle bitty bunny wear out the big bad beasty?" she said, with those big doe eyes batting at me and fingernail on the bottom lip.


she didn't just...

"mmm girly you should really think before you speak."  I said as my voice become guttural.
I took a back seat behind my own eyes and let the darkness come forward. There it was... I could see it in her eyes... fear welling up as the change came on, and the growling snarl of hunger issued forth to the challenge.

"M, M, M, MAX?!"

"Don't kill her," I whispered to my darkness within the mind.  "Not tonight.  She wanted to know you.  She knows the safety word..." and I know she saw the grin when I whispered to him, "She's all yours..." She back petaled up the couch and against the wall, shaking like a Hitachi again. Her jaws clenched as tight as her closed eyes when he set upon her, ripping the flimsy skirt to the belt before pinning her to the wall with his hand between her breast. I expected to hear the safety word as she whined in fear, feebly pushing against his arm like she could get free.  Her knees snapped shut but it didn't slow him even a moment as he forced them back open and buried his head.  Normally I would pull him back, tell him to be gentler, but THIS is what she wanted, wasn't it? "Just say the safety word and it'll end..." I said within the mind as I watched through his eyes but taking no action to stay him. "Say it.. come on little rabbit.. Just say it before he truly hurts you."  While I waited, for what wasn't to come, her resistance turned to moans and thrust.  Small cries of fear more than pain as he bit her from time to time on the inner thighs.  "So be it trembling rabbit," I thought before slipping off into mental slumber and leaving them to their fate. "You're on your own..."

When I woke in the morning, my body ached as it often did when he was free to play.  My body was covered in scratches, shoulders and chest with bite marks and hickies but she lay there spooned into me, still as death and I began to wonder.  I scanned the memory of what all happened, skipping sections till a jolt pulled me out of my mind.  There it was... just one, not like the woman I knew awake but still alive and trembling in her sleep.  My hand skimmed her naked flesh, smooth as silk, criss crossed with welts, bite marks and broken flesh but he didn't kill her. 

"Not yet".. he whispered to me before fading into the recluses of my mind.

"Not yet", I whispered back.

However one might view the situation, in my core, I am a guardian.  A protecting provider. This is part of me and I fell into the role, slipping out of the bed and fixing breakfast with coffee. Usually I would go into game mode and spend hours on my PC but she was in my bed and my PC was there close by.  Her body needed the sleep so I didn't disturb her in the least as I went about my day keeping the dog trapped out of the bedroom.  When she woke, I was waiting for her in living room. My home isn't very big but she seemed to take her time in making her way to me on the couch and I didn't make an effort to start conversation.  Considering what she had been through, I figured coffee, OJ, food and bandages was more of a need than conversation and I set to task while she watched me server her in silence.  As she ate, I cleansed and bandaged her wounds, listening to her protest and smirking at her flinches.  Her porcelain skin was black and blue and I wondered how long it would take for these to heal.  When I finished all I could do, I sat across from her on the small futon that fit snugly in the nook of my living-room, turned up the t.v. and waited.  She is female after all and what female can go more than 10 minutes without saying a word? It was cute watching her eat and I know its a reoccurring thyme but she literally ate like a bunny.  Both hands on her food, clip, clip, clip, in little bites, her top lip folding over the bottom just like a rabbit.

"What?" She asked, slightly annoyed at me watching her eat.

"You can't help yourself can you?" I asked.

She batted her eyes like something caught her lashes, placing her forearms on her thighs while leaning over her plate for yet another round of rabbit food.

"Whaaat?" She asked, dramatizing her eyes an making me chuckle.

"You are fucking cute as hell." I stated. "Look at you, butt ass naked sitting there eating like a dainty rabbit."

She didn't stop, nor did she even skip a beat. "I was butt ass naked before you covered me like a mummy." She wasn't use to talking like this, I could see her shake all the harder every time a bold statement came out, like expecting a back lash.

"He's not me." I stated to an unspoken question.

"Who's not you?" she quip.

"whoever it is that you're expecting to lash out at you for talking like that."

Food hit plate and tears welled up as she drew her knees to her chest.  Shit... too soon apparently... Good job dumb ass, I berated myself before I opened my arms and she looked at me, unsure in my motives. "Come on." I bid her gently. "In my home, you are safe. Nobody flesh or spirit will come into my home to hurt you while I'm here.  Not without your consent." again I beckoned to her with my hands and she slid over, timidly touched my chest and looked at me with those big doe eyes of hers.  Two episodes of Sword Art On-line went by before she tried to sit up and break my embrace.

"I need to go pee..."

I chuckled and pointed back the way she'd come. "around the corner to the right and um... thank you for the bladder update. Glad to know you still can." I'm not sure if you call what she did a real slap but it made me laugh and shoo her away.  "Go on, Go on, shesh... your gonna break a nail" I chuckled.

"Already did, last night." Flashing me her middle finger as she rounded the corner to go "PEE".  I just rolled my eyes smirking, shook my head and returned to my anime realizing that for all my internal complaints over her, she had a way of making my face hurt.

The rest of the day was spent acclimating her to my home, answering questions and watching as her energy levels would ebb and flow. Twice she'd taken small cat naps to recover and woke asking for him but I explained that he rarely comes forward during the daylight hours and when he does, it's rather painful as the suns heat burns my ginger skin faster and the light was blindingly painful.

When the sun set I could see the hurt on her face when he didn't come forward for her and I was left to explain the nature of a beast. She had stayed naked in hopes to please him, not that I minded, but when the questions enviably came I was forced to be the barer of bad new... He had fed. There was no more use for her.

"But" she began to protest.

"You're different?" I stated with unintentional sarcastic annoyance, more than questioned. "He loves you?... Are you really that naive? Just because a wild animal eats the food you offer, doesn't mean it gives a rats ass about you. Its survival instincts." I could tell that statement smarted as though I'd slapped her and I sighed..Great job asshole... "Listen..." I started out gently and pulled her onto my lap at the computer desk. "I've dealt with him since I was like, twelve.  He doesn't lie. He means what he says in the moment but in all the years of dealing with him, I've never known him to actually have that emotional connection.  I'm not sure he even can."

Unwilling to hear me she began again "but" and again I filled in the blanks.

"This isn't Disney, luv. When he fulfills his deal with you, it won't be in a lovers embrace. It'll be beneath the fangs of a top predator who's good at what he does. You may feel like he loves you right now and that's your choice but I'm telling you... what he loves about you is that you consented to giving him what flows in your veins... All of it." I watched as the light of hope went out in her eyes.  I cradled her head against my chest as she sat there trembling.  Why did I say that? Was I jealous? Trying to spare her more pain? Perhaps I've been so numb for so long, I've forgotten that truth doesn't need to be so sharp edged.  Didn't matter why I did it. You can't un-ring the bell. She didn't say anything, just crawled into the bed and buried her head in the pillow.

Well hell's bells.. wasn't I just the charmer?.

She was fine with me gaming while she slept but even a few hours gaming couldn't pull me out of my funk. Like it or not, he and I had to have a talk.  With a large glass of wine, a cigar and my dagger, I sat staring at the broken rabbit as she slept. A light of the match... the sting of the blade... the drops of blood mixed in his wine and I could feel him stir behind my eyes. "Darkest greetings my friend" I said in my mind as I formed a room within and placed myself standing beside the imprinted bed and chair.  I handed over the wine and lit cigar and offered him to sit next to her sleeping form on the bed.

His shadowy form took what he saw as his rightful place beside his meal. 'Toooo what... do I owe... all this?' His gravely tone of slow speech asked while motioning to the backdrop. "You know why I'm here.." I said nodding to the sleeping form. His laughter bubbled up through the billows of black smoke while his swirls began to solidify into more of a humanoid shape. "I... didn't... kill her." he stated in a now more solidified state that resembled a human mixed with bat, to communicate with. "Assss... we agreed, yessss?" 

"yes" I stated, bluntly. "As we agreed but..." 

"But you don't want me to..." and thus began the mind games, play with words, flashes of images and time went by in the mental battle for her death. After what felt like hours we finally came to the point of my request "I'm not ASKING you to Call off the deal.." I spoke more frustrated and upset at the continuous repetition that comes with trying to explain a concept in a language you don't understand. "Can you make her BELIEVE that you love her? I KNOW you can't MAKE her love you.  I know you don't actually love her... I GET THAT but dammit Beast..." I sighed and plopped down in my chair from where I'd stood in my anger. "She's not our usual kind." I rubbed my forehead slowly with my fingers to try to push away the small headache that was coming on.  "You're releasing her from the pain, giving her mercy, I understand that but... Is it really too much to ask that we make it look like a mushy goo, girly crap, anime ending to a miserable existence?" I looked to him knowing he at least knew that verbiage and set of images I flashed through our mind. "I'm not asking you to lie... she'd dying, beast.  I'm asking you to act.  Pretend.  Play the part of one who cares."
"How..." He looked at me curiously "Not jussst... One day.  Many... Many more." He spoke with his clawed hands as he himself flashed scenes through the mind, pulling the right words to try and convey his  thoughts.  "Too much.  Tooooo many."  Taps his head "Nnnnot reee memm berr it all." 
"You don't have to." I replied "I'll be right there, the whole time.  I'll guide you, like you guide me in the darkness of night. Together we may even pull this off... And if we don't, fuck it. At least we tried, yes? Can we make the amendment to the deal?  It'll just make the kill all the sweeter for you, beast.  She'll bare her neck and offer herself.. at which point... I'll release all the slack in your chains and you can do what you do best." He nodded his consent and that was that... now to find ways to make her want to stay alive just one more day... each day.
I opened my real eyes and looked at her still asleep in my bed before returning to my game while I finished off the cigar and wine.  Why did I care if she lived or died, why just one more day... Why? She wasn't like anyone I'd ever known, and that intrigued me.


The next couple weeks went by rather quickly and my vacation was coming to an end.  Our bodies were covered in bruises, claw marks and the fatigue of pleasing him and me was taking a toll on both of us.  She'd started watching me game on my PC, killing the idle time while trying not to annoy me, learning what she could and reading a book, never further than arms length from me.  The last night of my vacation I had to tell her she needed to go home in the morning.  She didn't ask nearly the amount of questions I assumed she would and stated she needed to take care of things at her place also, so that was it.  Though I enjoyed her being there, I was ready to get back to my normal home routine and not have her underfoot all the time.  In the morning everything went smoothly. I went to work for a 12hr shift, she went home and we text back and forth throughout the day.  This was normal , this is where the mundane takes over and we start getting bored with a person but apparently it was me who wasn't paying attention.  I'd went to the store right after work, assuming I'd see her sometime through this week so I'd picked up things I usually don't keep in my fridge... rabbit food.  Coming up over the hill to my home I slowed to a stop in the middle of the road. What.  The.   Fuck!?  There she sat, legs tucked under her, sitting up straight and waving... from under a blanket fort that was fully supported by boxes and suitcases.

I've dealt will all kinds of crazy.  I've been shot at twice, hunted, almost stabbed, cut multiple times, dealt with stalkers and a lot of freaky ass shit but this... this is a whole other level of crazy!

Parking my truck in front of her car I could feel my temper brewing up, I hopped out shaking my head and preparing a harsh lecture about personal space.

"What in nine hells..." I started

"Welcome home Master" she stated cheerfully 

"Wait. What?" Caught completely off guard I stopped at the bottom of the four steps that ascend to my porch.

"Welcome home!" She said again peeling her blankets away and standing up, shaking like a Hitachi in the chilly air.  Anxiety? Cold? Did not care!

There before me stood a porcelain doll, dressed in black lace garter and belts, thigh high black fishnets with a hot pink skimpy skirt and black t-shirt, wait... that's MY T-shirt! Same ripped pocket over the heart... her hands criss crossed in purposeful intention to flaunt her large breast between her arms.  Black Lacey bracelets adorn her wrist, a hot pink choker and hair up in a long ponytail held together with hot pink ribbons streaming down past her shoulders and rustling in the light breeze.  Anime...  my brain clicked the pictures into place, she had replicated the anime girls off my PC backgrounds.  Makeup, lips stick, everything almost to a perfection standing here cute as fuck and my breathing became heavy and wanting.

"Do I please you?" She asked shivering while lightly swinging her breast back and forth. My reply was instinctive and immediate.  I shot up the steps, plucking her off the porch and kissed her deeply. I had been trying to distance myself, let my beast have her. Let him woo her.  It was he that she wanted anyways, or so I'd thought but this... this was completely for me and nobody, not even my precious Tygress has done such a thing just for me in such detail.  Something inside me broke... swelled and flooded my senses as we stood there in passionate embrace.  I never asked her why she packed her stuff and brought it all to my house.  I never questioned why she'd called me master. Seeing her dressed like this I assumed she was playing the anime role of "Love, Chunibyo, & other strong delusions".  We had just finished that series so to me it was logical and adorable as fuck!  When we broke the kiss, my desires where anything but hidden and I nearly broke the door down trying to open it with her straddled around my waist. Fuck the stuff on the porch, it can wait.
A couple hours later and much more fatigued than the 12hr shifts I put in, she lay sleeping in my bed, covered in our passions and sweat while I trudged along on rubber band legs to hale her stuff off the porch.  No she couldn't stay but she'd defiantly earned a couple days rest and chance to explain herself.  As I walked from the spare bedroom into the living room I could feel him stir...
"Why?" He asked within the mind.
"She can't stay here, it's not proper." *I responded to his question.
"Why?" He asked again and I could feel his confusion.
"I didn't invite her.  We don't even know her and for fucks sake, don't you find this the least bit strange?" I retorted
"No."  He stated bluntly and I waited a bit for him to continue.
"Explain how this isn't strange..." I'm pretty sure I was talking out loud at this point and anybody overhearing would think I'm a loon.
"My Time.  Yooou like.  You Take. Uha Uha!  Sheeee Took.  Yooou bring heeer in. Take her back..." a chuckle... "twice. Why strrrange?"
"Because we don't live in caves, beast. We are more civilized than that." I crossed my arms in the darkness of the living room as the sun set.
"Yooou make, Harder. Stuuupid hu`man!  Think think think. Toooo much think. No Do. Want. No take. psh! stuupid. Blind. No ears. Fool!" I could feel his frustration and was trying to understand the images he pushed through my mind of his time.  Then the moment of her greeting us from the porch, the words faded except for the one...
"No.." I whispered almost hurt by thinking of such a thing. "You know I don't believe in such things, Beast. I don't own people. They come and go of their own free will, not of some kind of twisted contract.  She can't stay and that's that." Shutting off my mind to his words I stormed about, anger driving me to finish bringing her stuff inside and forcing me to clean house while I defended my beliefs, uncaring of what he had to say.
For about an hour I cleaned house in a fury of anger that should have burned itself out in the cleaning but the more I fought within the more enraged I became, knowing it was his rage fighting against mine I could no longer endure the war and lashed out, slamming my fist through the hallway wall time and again until I hit a beam. "FUUUCK!" I raged more because of the anger than the pain of possibly breaking a couple knuckles.
"Master?" I heard the squeak of her voice and that gave me focus.  I rounded the corner heading to the bedroom where I could see her in the darkness, holding to the foot board post of the four post bed I'd built for rope and chain bondage scenes.
"NO!" I barked "You DO NOT call me that! EVER!" causing her to flinch and bury her face behind her upraised arm while the other stayed wrapped around the post.
"P..P..Please stop, M..M..Master" Though I couldn't see the tears, I could hear her sob, fear thick in the air. My steps were full of purpose, if I had to shake the sense into this rabbit, by the gods, she was going to end this game!
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME?!" She fell to her knees, hiding her head as I took her by the wrist and went to pull her away from the bed.
"NoooOOOoo.." She slipped her wrist from my hand and wrapper herself around the post in desperation. "master...please.." her voice weak and shaking.
"OUT!" Fuming beyond thought I shouted at her. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, NOW!" Without thought and needing to release the rage, once again I lashed out, smashing my fist into the door of the bedroom.
"pleease master... pleeease... d.. d.. don't.." I felt her weight fall onto my arm and I stopped the motion to hitting the door once again... "please master.. hit me... don't h.. h... hurt yourself, anymore." I could feel the tears on my arm as I stood still and solid as stone.  I heard chains move as she ducked under my arm and lay her back against the door, holding to my fist for her support. "H..Hit me..." she feebly pleaded.
"I.. Can't." I half growled, listening to her sobs and sniffs.  Feeling her tremble through my fist as she clung tight lining herself up to it.  For a moment we said nothing to each other, her shaking at the end of my fist, my body tense and burning with anger.
"I'm not her..." she whispered.  I blinked and furrowed my brow.
"You're not... who?" I growled back, cocking my ear to hear her clearly.
"Wh.. whoever she is that hurt y.. you. I'm no.. not h. her...... master."
"ALEXA, BEDROOM LIGHT ON!" I barked and as the amber light cast through the room I looked into this trembling rabbits eyes. She had chained herself to the bed and though she trembled fearfully she held her ground, refusing to look away.
"I you master, and you love You j..just forget wh..what it feels like, master." I let her slowly pry my fist open and she stepped forward to place my hand over her rapidly beating heart. "W..When nobody would care about me. You did. You didn't have to fix me food. You didn't have to let me stay here all that time but you did." Her voice firm and all shaking gone from her voice.  "You didn't have to make love to me but you did.  You didn't have to take a chance on me, but.." She gulped and gasped for air, wiped tears from her eyes. "but you did." she moved my hand to her neck and the chain locked into place by a pad lock. "You know I'm dying and you love me anyways. You are my master. MY master. My Choice. Mine." She reached out to me, one hand over my outstretched arm. "I belong to you till the day you kill me." I tightened my grip around her throat and drew her to myself, wrapping my other arm around her till I held her solid against  my heaving chest. Beast words rang in my head.. No ears, I could not hear my own heart. Blind, I could not see it right before my eyes. A fool was exactly what I was. I'd been pushing my emotions away for so long I no longer felt most the time, yet she made me feel no matter the cost... a single tear rolled down my cheek. "you are a good slave, trembling rabbit." I whispered "I will not kill you.."
"Yes you will." She said and rose up on her toes to kiss me deeply. "you will and you will let him feed from me till we are one within you for always." She no longer trembled and I responded to her need, the scent of her slick calling to me.  Taking her off the floor I pinned her to the door where once again, we partook in love.

((To be continued in pt 3, the end of days.))

As always, feel free to comment below and I hope you enjoyed this read.

AngelBunny - I'm glad you found someone who opened your heart.
4 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Thank you AngelBunny.
4 years ago
SSG{ENM-TLP} - She was facing death in the face, and it was in loving that which could kill her that gave her the most life. Beautiful.
4 years ago

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