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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
3 years ago. February 9, 2021 at 7:46 AM

The night was dreary with the threat of storms on the horizon as the lightening flashed in the distance.  Her short heels clicked on the pavement as she tried to quickly get just two blocks over to where the next night club was located.  This was a stupid route to take but her girl friends had already went on while she talked to yet another loser looking for a quick screw. 

"Men..." She muttered out loud, picking up the pace a bit as she cast a glance backwards from the sound of foot falls following her. 

"You got to be fucking kidding me." Her hand went into the small purse she carried and clasp around the can of pepper spray.  If that dickweed thought that following her would get him lucky, he had another thing coming!  Returning to look where she was going she started spying out places to defend herself just as her father had taught her back in the mountains that she'd left soon as she was legal.  She loved the city life with all of it's lights and splendor even if she had to deal with stupid fucks now and then.  The sounds from behind began to speed up and she silently cursed her choice of heels to go out dancing in.  Sure they wasn't those hooker boots but all the same three inches made it difficult to run and if she made a burst for it, she might just make it to the street she was heading to... Just another block, it's not that far, she encouraged herself as her pace quickened to match the ones behind her.

"HEY LADY!" Came the male voice from behind her, causing her to cast another glance back just as he broke into a run straight for her.  Something glinted in the flash of lightening, but everything in her screamed RUN!  His hand was high, it could be a knife, it probably was a knife, oh gawd, she didn't want to die for turning this ass hat down.  Pulling the can of pepper spray out she turned to face her advisory and held it out like a gun in both hands.

"GO AWAY OR l'LL USE THIS!" She warned as she kept slowly backing towards the street she was determined to get to. 

"NO, YOU MUST LISTEN!" He shouted back closing the gap between them quickly.  She pulled the trigger and the line of spray issued out like cobra's venom, seeking his eyes but he'd used his black dress jacket to block the searing liquid from doing its job.  Her hand smarted as he smacked the can  and slammed into her, knocking them both to the ground where he rolled with her until he was able to forcibly straddling her and stop her clawing at him. "STOP IT!" He growled at her, just before flying off into the wall with a hard thud.

"Not this time..." Came the smooth voice of another male, as he stepped over her and walked calmly to the man now laying against the wall, dazed and mumbling as his hand fished around for his weapon on the pavement.  Another flash of lightening was just enough for her to make out the mans eyes as they widened and his free hand pushed forward to stem off the new males reaching hands... but to no avail.  This one seemed to know what he was doing as he expertly blocked her assailants hands and quickly stepped in to take him around the throat and lift him to his feet.

"Too late old man, you failed." The smooth voice said so quietly that she almost missed it as she sat up on her hands, heart racing like a rabbit in her chest.  With a hard uppercut, her attackers head shot upward and just as quickly slammed downward as her new found guardians fist came back like a hammer.  The jerks body went limp and her guardian lowered him to the ground into a sitting position while he reached into his own black dress jacket pocket and pulled out his cell phone to type in a few numbers.  He looked at her and smiled comfortingly as he held up a finger to silently ask for a minute.  "Yeah, Pete... I think I found your guy." A few seconds of exchanged words along with the location was all that was said before he hung up and turned his full attention to her.  Taking just the couple strides to her side he reached down a helping hand as she'd been busy seeing if she could get the heel to reattach to the shoe.

"Bastard broke my heels." She said as she gladly accepted the hand up.  His arms were strong beneath his simi formal jacket sleeve as he hefted her up to her feet with little effort. "Oh!" She squeaked and teetered at the suddenness of his lift, before beginning to giggle. 

"Are you ok?" His smooth baritone voice asked in her ear as he steadied her.  He was quicker than his large frame belied about him and she suddenly found that he had moved behind her to hold her upright between the hand that held hers and the other arm firmly around her torso.  His body was like leaning against a flesh wall but his touch was gentle, telling her that she could step out of his arm at any given moment.  A small flush of heat shot up through her before she caught herself and blushed in the darkness.  Pushing out of his arms, he let her go yet still held to her hand comfortingly.  A flash of light and her eyes caught in his... such a lovely hue of green she thought as she took the moment to reflect on the strong face she'd caught the glimpse of.  

"I... I think so..." She said hesitantly.

"Can I walk with you to where ever it was you were headed?" He looked from her to the street not even twenty yards behind them. 

"Tha... That  would be fantastic." She sighed with relief, finally letting all the stress of the assault out and trying to fight off the case of giggles she could feel coming on.  "Thank you, so much." She said, letting go of his hand and brushing her fingers through her hair before quickly trying to straighten her clothing.  "That asshole..." She went to look at the man against the wall but this man in black caught her chin delicately in his fingers and encouraged her not to do so.

"Don't... my lady.  He's not worth your time." His eyes seemed to blink a bright green but then again, with all the excitement and storm approaching she was probably just a bit confused still.  Following his lead she let him wrap his strong arm around her and escort her down the remaining of the alley way, providing much needed support with her broken heel.  As they rounded the corner, she couldn't help herself and glanced back where the man would be sitting as yet another set of lightening shot across the night sky with a roll of thunder.  The drops of rain began to fall in sheets, hindering seeing anything of certainty but the glint caught her eye once again.  Funny how the handle and guard of a dagger looks so much like a cross, she thought as she gladly ducked beneath the outstretched jacket of her guardian.  They didn't quite make it to the club as he dashed them into the cubby of old fashion Victorian clothing store, over hanging awning and all.

"When it rains..." She chuckled as he withdrew his jacket and shook it off, pelting the large bay windows with the droplets.  Hooooly shit... she thought as she devoured his large muscled frame that his shirt strained to conceal.  Swallowing hard she looked back up to his face, now realizing that he was so much taller than herself, especially without the heels and his gaze caught hers once again.  As if on cue, he smiled just wide enough to see his pearly whites.  Her body flushed and she suddenly felt nervous for no reason. "I.. Uh..." She began and glanced through the edges of the bay windows towards where the club would be located further down the street. "I was going to Bangers..." She half motioned to the general location.  He looked and nodded with understanding.

"The night club, down the road." He stated, knowingly.  Holding his jacket up to use as an umbrella over his head, he invited her in, spreading it like a giant bat wing to keep her dry. "I know where it is." His accent was a little different from those in this city but not overly noticeable.

"No, No..." She motioned to her shoe. "It's pointless.  Let me just call my girls and I'll get an Uber to come pick me up, K?" She stated while digging into her purse.  He dropped the jacket back down and drooped it over his corded forearm which she couldn't help but notice and bit her lip lightly as her hand slowed in clasping her phone.

"Not to alarm you or anything but if you like..." His hand fished his pocket and withdrew his keys. "I could drive us." He perked a perfect brow.  "But I completely understand if you would rather take the Uber.  I'll just wait here with you if that be the case." If it was anybody else making such an offer, she'd be calling him a creeper and storming off into the rain but this man... wow... what a beast of a man...

"Oh..." She began to giggle as he notices her roaming eyes that had strayed a bit lower than they should have. "Um.." Blushing again, she pulled her phone out. "Let me at least call my girls so they don't worry about me." She pressed the speed dial and looked up into his swirling green eyes... for a moment her breath caught but the familiar voice of her bestie come across the phone, snapping her out of the gaze.

"Girlfriend, where you at?" Jacklynn asked impatiently.  "That man meat got you distracted?" Followed by the laughter of the rest of the group.

"Kinda." She purred, letting them think what they will.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Jacklynn teased.

"Whore, you do it all." She teased back, looking up at the man who stifled his own chuckle. 

"Exactly." Laughter again from across the line. "Call me in the morning so I know you made it home... or at least, still safe. K?" Jacklynn asked.

"Will due.  Good luck and tell them sluts that they'll never believe what I'm about to go home with." She teased back, turning off the phone and breaking off the questions that would surly have followed.  "There." She looked up at the man with a smile of renewing confidence. "How far to your car?"  With a click of his key fob, a chirp and set of light shown down the road in the opposite direction of the club.  Just as she thought, he had been most likely heading to the club when he'd heard the commotion in the ally and come to her rescue.  This made her smile all the more and with a slight twisting of her hips she stepped up into her good heel and flung her arms almost around his neck.  The kiss that met her lips was one of passionate desire, not exactly what she'd expected but with such passion she found herself melting into his arms as he leaned her slightly back with the kiss.  Was that thunder rolling or was he growling? Her hand touched to his rock hard peck and sure enough there was a vibration coming through that stimulated her to the core.  Losing her sense of caution, her other hand slid down his abs, over his belt and oh... Her eyes opened as she took a step back out of his arms, breaking the moment.  For surely that wasn't his cock?!  Innocently like he opened his arms, palms up, showing he had no intention of overstepping if she chose to discontinue.

"My lady?" He asked smoothly with his baritone voice, dipping his head slightly to try to pry her eyes off his rather well endowment.

"Lady?" She asked with a sultry whisper, stepping forward and running her hand down the massive cord beneath his dress pants. "Let me repay you for saving your "Ladies" life..." She teased as she undid his buckle and let loose the snap barely holding back his cock.  He glanced back only once, towards the streets but even if somebody was standing across the road, they most likely couldn't see due to his sheer size let alone the sheet of rain.  His attention was immediately returned to her as the warmth of her hands was quickly followed by the wet heat of her mouth, slightly raking her teeth over the head.  His moans of pleasure was all she was looking for as she slowly took her time trying to force all his girth into her small mouth.  Even when she'd slicked and stroked and become impassioned into her oral fixation she found she was gagging at only half his length.  His hands firmly clasp the back of her head, taking her hair up into a long black tail that he held to like a horses reigns.  Again and again she tried to go just a bit further but each time she found herself needing to stop due to the size.  He was so controlled, she thought as she could feel his muscles tense with want to thrust, what lies beneath that control?  she toyed for only the briefest of moments as she forced him further into her throat and there... there he held her for just long enough to start the tears.  Releasing her from the hold but keeping his hands firmly in her hair she quickly backed off, breathing deeply as she coughed and looked up at him with tears starting to stream down her cheeks.  She wiped her mouth in irritated resolve, grabbed his cock and plunged it just as quickly back down her throat till the need to breath became desperate but his hands held her firm.  As if they already had a code worked out between each other she tapped his thighs twice and he released her from his cock, pulling her up off the ground by the hair of the head.  She gasped for air, holding tightly to the wrist of the his hand that was suspending her onto her tiptoes.  She was glad she didn't wear her favorite panties beneath her knee high skirt, as his hand shot up under it and his fingers clapped around the moisture gathered between her thighs.  A ripping jerk, a pull and down they fell to her knees where she quickly did a wiggling squirm to usher them on to her heels.  Her foot no sooner left the nearly broken loop and she was hefted upward by a strong hand on her ass in tangent with the one in her hair.  Just enough pain to stimulate her on, as she clasped her knees around his waist and felt his member pulse at the edge of her entry.  She couldn't help but gasp and take a deep shuttering breath as he pushed in, stretching her further than she'd ever been before.  Immediately her hands snaked around his neck as his held her firmly to himself while supporting her from the cushion of her ass.  It was painfully deep when he stopped the downward motion and began to lift, drop her in a slow but building rhythm.  She could taste the blood of her lip that she'd bit through trying not to scream from the pleasure pain but she couldn't hide it as she squeak moaned.  Her modest sized breast squished against his chest as he caused the nipples to rake up and down his body through her light and flimsy bra.  She wanted to much all at the same time, and he seemed to sense it as his thrust became more pointed, driving against the wall wherein it no longer hurt but sent waves of pleasure racing throughout her body.  If it was possible to feel her doing so, her vaginal walls clutched tighter to his cock as she felt the urgent need to release but... he was... just... so... With a harsh thrust and pull, he lifted her off just as she released in such a manner that she could do little to stop herself as she bit into his chest and gushed all down his slacks.  Her body racked with release as the tips of his fingers found the entry to her slick from behind and relentlessly he urged her for more while lifting her up higher till her shoulder bumped against his mouth.  Had he not been holding her, she'd fallen backwards onto the ground but instead her head lollied back and through eyes barely slit open of complete bliss she noticed to late... His fangs had extended and quick as a viper thrust into her shoulder close to the neck.  The pain was intense, causing her to dig her nails into his neck but just as quickly a warmth flooded her senses, causing her to slowly go slack in his arms.  As the flashes of lightening started to fade to black, images come into her mind of the ally way... The Cross that had laid just out of reach of the man... The black garbs of a priest... "Too late" rung the baritone voice through the last conscious thoughts.


The end?

All content created for the purpose of enjoyment, all rights and privilege's to this story is solely reserved and may not be copied or duplicated in any way, without written consent of the author, Max Heathen.


Hope ya enjoyed it ^,..,^

Jack in the box -
Very nice story Mr Max. ☺
Thank you for sharing 👍
3 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - It's been a while since I made something up, thanks.
3 years ago
Master13​(dom male){MajesticLy} - 👏👏👏 thanks for accepting the challenge
3 years ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - There's been a lot of good reading from this one. Thanks for issuing it.
3 years ago

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