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Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
1 year ago. January 22, 2022 at 8:45 PM

We live in an age that alters words to keep one guessing and uncertain.  Personally it's a frustrating issue for a person who is analytical and requires words to have common definitions, that share the same understanding.

I'm going to address two because one is a love of mine while the other is misunderstood to the point of causing deep psychological damage.

Whore:  One who sells sexual exchange.  There is to me, no greater profession than to be a whore. I trained to be a whore.  I wanted nothing more than to be a whore every since I found out that people will PAY me to do what I love and study.  I have a saying that I've used often with broken hearted friends "A friend when in need, is a real friend by deed." Meaning if I'm your friend, male or female, & you're hurting... I'm gonna fuck someone up for hurting you, and willingly fuck you silly.  Nothing starts the healing of a broken heart like sexual release.  Hurt me, beat me, fuck me like you hate me, or cry in a lovers embrace... heal my friend, it's why I'm here.

Why I'm like this: I'm 2 steps shy from nympho, sadomasochistic, and there is no feeling that I know of that is better than the ones you feel after the sex you need.  I struggle with emotions so in my mind that sensation is what I see true love being.  Love is such a mix of emotions that nobody can put it in words for me to understand and that to me is how sex is... all consuming, all giving, pain, pleasure, take your breath and make you scream.

I've had pleasure with 20+ in my past and regret 0. So why didn't I follow my dreams... more than the reason I'm willing to tell but this is part of it.

I'm a light germaphobe... Not knowing who they are, what I may be picking up from a complete stranger 🤢 I couldn't shut off my mind causing issues with the libido when I needed the bastard the most!  My limit is extremely small but... it has to be clean!  Talk about having issues that contradict each other!  I'll eat your ass, swallow cum, take a pegging or cock till my ass seals shut and lick a pussy so deep the cream get wedged up my nose BUT!  You best show me a recent medical analysis or wear protection! I don't want what you got.  Its weird, I know but it's part of who I am.   Now, I'm not the whore I wanted to be, but I'm still a whore all the same.

Which brings me to the next word:

Worthless:  to have no value or use.

I hear this being used out of proper understanding... I feel like I'm worthless, he/she makes me feel like I'm worthless.  

Dirt, still has value and is still useful.

Trash, degrades into dirt thus once again has value because we grow crops from dirt to feed ourselves and others.

The person who calls you worthless is not saying you are without value, they are saying they can not afford you.  Why? Because they tried you and found that your value is most likely higher than theirs.  If you've done your part, they understood without knowing why; that they can not live up to their words so they deflect the blame of their own inability and tear at your self-esteem to hide your very value from yourself.  In doing so, you become without purpose fulfilling the role in yourself to designate a sensation of "worthlessness."

If you are ghosted, it's not that you are worthless but their character is beneath yours, thus making you of more value than they can afford.

If you struggle with issues, yes you need to get your shit together because you have a value and you are SooOooOo underselling yourself.  If you can not get your shit together, find another way to fulfill your purpose.  I couldn't be the whore I wanted to be so instead I was groomed to be a Master that can please any Slave without fearing for my own ego stroke.  General put: I do whatever it takes to get that cream out of you, hence I'm a bi-sexual, sadomasochist, switch.  I'll listen so I can help point you in a direction of self discovery, healing and growth.  I'll teach that you might fulfill your purpose all of which requires you to kneel at my feet.  I came to you for a reason, you came to me for a reason also.  If I'm not teaching I'm learning. If I'm not learning, I'm teaching and if you're too fukn stubborn I'll let you think you are teaching me so I can guide you to what you need to learn, all the while, thanking you for teaching me.


To me there are those who sell themselves to high, those who sell too low but your worth is up to you to determine.  Who accepts your worth and provides the cost of your worth is fukn hard to find cuz you are 1 in billions of other distractions but do not ever mistake... you have not ever been, you are not now, nor will you ever be "Worthless." 

Know your value, know your use and be used for it willingly.  A whore sells themselves, not just sexually, thus a whore is of immense value to me. A Master is the realm wherein I get to be that whore within the restraints set upon me due to my own mind. Be who and what you are, realign your reality, you've lived in an altered one for to long.

You'll find it's rather gratifying as well as illuminating.



Satindragon{Owned} - Great blog. Knowing ones self worth is a valuable tool.
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - We are programmed by society to be this to succeed or that to be acceptable, do this or you're a failure and if you're not exactly what someone thinks without real communication, you must be worthless. 😱🤯 We put way too much stress on ourselves
1 year ago
Satindragon{Owned} - I agree. I am a very bad girl. I know my worth. You either like me or you don’t. I stopped trying to please people a long time ago. Lol I guess that’s why I’ve spent most of my life alone.
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Why must you trigger my paddle response... 😈😂
1 year ago
Satindragon{Owned} - You and whose army?😜

Now I am going away cause I don’t want to distract from a great blog😜😜
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - 😂 title of it detours most people as I knew it would. But, this one has been locked away for over a year. Finishing up cleaning of the blogs that stay in draft
1 year ago
Satindragon{Owned} - I still have several in drafts. Like you said some will never see the post button.
1 year ago
Ingénue{VK} - I'm so sad you didn't go the clickbait route. But delighted that you liberated this one from blog prison. When's my requested blog up for release?
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - I already told you that is one that I can't release 😂 I'll get banned or have my post put into blog jail
1 year ago
Ingénue{VK} - Mm. You could always send it to me and I'll put it on mine. I'm getting better at blog jail without having any idea of why mine are put in there! People keep thinking it's about them. The paranoia is real! Poor kids who see themselves reflected in humoursnark mirrors. I wouldn't want to be them unless they enjoy it!
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - 😂😂😂
1 year ago
A Cloud​(sub female){Owned} - I love this post. I have particular thoughts about the stigma around sex workers and the use of the term whore for means of belittling (outside the play space and concented arrangements of course). I have utter respect for what sex workers do. They have very specific skills and their ability to read, empathise and give to people is phenomenal. Their business skills are usually savvy and they have the strongest character, but also it is common to maintain or tap into their soft, sensual side. I could go on but I have to restrain myself (Oooh that sounded good even writing it!).

Max, I particularly appreciate your views on the use of 'worthless'. There is a definite need to bring awareness to the contextual nuances of terms like this. I believe they are not to be used lightly or without shared understanding of intention and meaning.
1 year ago
Literate Lycan​(dom male) - Two comments . . . no scratch that . . . three comments. . . possibly four . . . Oh hell . . .

First: Well written I enjoyed this.

Second: I love the word Whore. It just sounds right.

Third: There are some individuals who I find are absolutely worthless to me and I wouldn't pay a plug nickel for them . . . yet they are worth something to someone, even if only their own mother. So it really matter that each of us discovers what we are worth and sometimes to who.
1 year ago
Purple Freesia​(sub female) - He couldn't afford me; I cost emotions, love, respect and a whole lot of other things ... shit, I should have gotten that currency up front..
7 months ago

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