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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
1 year ago. January 24, 2023 at 1:39 PM

The following story has all rights reserved to myself and is a writing of fiction.  Triggers in abusive treatment and aggression.  Whether the story is finished in the Cage blogs of mine or not will be left up to the reader comments, and is meant for enjoyment of you the reader as well as getting this shit out of my head lol.  Only proof read once, so apologies for any bad grammar or punctuations.


Clan Wars:  The stage is set.

He could smell them clearly from the forest wherein he hid some twenty yards away as his nostrils flared in the cool night air.  Only the sentries stirred amongst the Vulg Tribe, who were to him, just another bunch of meat sacks for harvest.  He'd been hunting for years, prowling the night when his hunger began to burn and living in plain sight as a blacksmith for hire as he moved from village to village.  This particular one was of no renowned located between a forest and the swamps which should be by all rights, well defensible but that security has made the sentry's lacks.

"Ready, old man" he asked at barley a whisper as he spoke to himself.... The growl from within his mind was all the answer he needed.

He focused on the heartbeat across the field that separated the forest from the village...Thump thump, thump thump, thum.. the sound of heartbeat was replaced by the sound of the owners neck breaking and the slice of teeth piercing the artery.  The growl that escaped rolled through his chest in sheer ecstasy... his eyes rolled back for a moment as he drank deeply.  Dropping the lifeless husk to the ground, his breath came in heavy, heated gulps of air.  The hushed sound of a gasp caught his attention and his eyes snapped to the dark silhouette that happened to be in the wrong place as the wrong time.

[Shit...] Max mumbled within his mind as his form began to shift, bones snapping and elongating with small black scales ripping out to cover his pale skin. Within a second his loose fitting clothes stretched taunt, threatening to rip the seams.  Her scream left her lips just has his clawed fist smashed into mouth, casting her sprawling on ground.  Horns blared and torches lit up along the perimeter where they sentries jumped to their duty, alerting the village.

[Run!]  Max commanded just to be pushed down with a guttural "No." that came from the leathery lips, as his beast took up the challenge.  He flexed his claws, shifted in his stance and rolled one shoulders one before the other. "Mine!"

As the first sentry rounded the hut where he hid, Beast rushed from the darkness, claws slashing the mans the throat before he even had the chance to block with his spear.  The whistle of an arrow caused him to drop under it's flight to roll forward and spring into a zig-zag pattern to cross the gap between him and the archer.  

[BEAST!] He shouted from the confines of his own mind.  [We don't have to kill them all.  We got what we came for, now leave!]  The roar that escaped him was one of defiance and blood lust and Max knew that there was nothing he could do but retreat back into the darkness of his own mind and try to ignore the onslaught that was about to unfold.  The sound of steel glancing off scales, the sting of cuts and arrows lodging between the scales felt like fire to his hidden flesh but his body would heal nearly as quick as it was opened.  Every other kill became a new feeding; the blood rushing through him to regenerate the damage he took; Beast was nigh unstoppable as he reveled in the fight.  What should have never happened, finally came to a end as the last villager hung suspended from his claws.  He drew her in and feasted from her throat before discarding her like a rage doll.  Methodically Beast began to back track, using whatever weapons he found along the way to disguise the scene as an attack from another tribe.  Confidently he strolled back between the same huts that he'd started from, just to find the woman he'd laid out in the beginning.  She moaned and slowly rolled to her side, spitting blood from her lips.  Beast perked an eyebrow and crouched in the shadows as he watched her slowly rise to her feet, unaware of his attention. 
"Mine" he growled, causing her to whip her head up and notice his blazing red eyes staring at her.  She stumbled back, her legs trembling under her as her mind raced in fear.
"Go away" she mumbled as she tried to turn to run.. "leave me alone." she continued.  Her legs began to find strength as she stumble ran into the field, hoping to make it to the woods.  Frantically, she looked back as she ran just to see the monsters black frame lit up by the fire of her village burning behind him as he stalked her on all fours.  "GO AWAY!" she cried, giving all she had in her weaken state to reach the trees as she cast a glance back over her shoulder and coming to a confused stop.  Where did he go?.... she thought, casting glances around the field until she bumped her back into the first tree of the woods.  Where is he... quickly she turns to run into the forest only to smash her nose into a hard scaly chest of which she staggers back from, slowly raising her gaze until she meets those red eyes.  Her heart quickens, fear peaks and just as she's about to scream, his claws rake over her chest in a searing swipe as his other hand claps her soundly in the head, casting her to the ground in a daze.
"Mine!" He proclaims as he picks her feebly struggling frame up and cast her over his shoulder.  She tried to weakly protest but it's meet with another dazing slap to the back of her head, bounding her face off his hard pec as he dashes into the forest to be engulfed in the darkness....



Satindragon{Not Lookin} - Ohhhh damn Max!!! More please!! Great read
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Ty Satin. It's always good to hear from you. 😁
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Working on Pt 2 atm. 2/28/23
1 year ago
AngelBunny - I'm glad you are feeling inspired to write again 😘
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - 😘😘
1 year ago
Literate Lycan​(dom male) - Should I point out that I am patiently waiting for the story to continue? Have an excellent evening.
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - I'm working on it, I'm working on it, 😂😂 yeah I may have been distracted and maybe forgot but I ADMIT NOTHING!😂😂
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Ch 2 posted, ty for the encouragement LL, Satin, and AngellBunny
1 year ago
Literate Lycan​(dom male) - Time to read while indulging in an adult beverage of Epic proportion.
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - Hell yeah! 😂
1 year ago

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